"Nik Freitas first found his mark in the entertainment industry as a skateboarding photographer. His work for Thrasher magazine helped him travel the world, where he started writ..." Read more

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  • Nik Freitas - Heavy Mellow

    Heavy Mellow

    9 Tracks
    Label: Future Farmer Recordings
    "On Heavy Mellow, Nik Freitas comes into his own, expanding on the instrumentation of his debut for a true-blue pop album that grafts the indie smarts of Quasi to '70s AM rock and mellow gold c..." Read more
    • 1.
      Be Honest
    • 2.
      Careful What You C...
    • 3.
      Summer Hearts
    • 4.
      Treat Me Right
    • 5.
    • 6.
    • 7.
      Nursery Street
    • 8.
      Bad Dream
    • 9.
      Sentimental Life
  • Nik Freitas - Sun Down

    Sun Down

    10 Tracks
    Label: Team Love Records
    "For his fourth album, Sun Down, Nik Freitas creates an incredibly intimate atmosphere, a gentle setting for his musing, mostly introspective songs. The consummate singer/songwriter, Freitas can def..." Read more
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