"O Terço was one of the most important Brazilian rock bands of the '70s. Putting together several different styles like gutsy rock & roll, prog rock, folk rock, heavy metal, and ..." Read more

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  • O Terço - Tributo A Raul Seixas

    Tributo A Raul Seixas

    0 Tracks
    Label: Movieplay Music
    "O Terço was formed in 1969 as a rock band. In its several formations after disbanding, added more and more pop elements to its sound, flirting also with progressive rock, but always kept its altern..." Read more
  • O Terço - Compositores


    0 Tracks
    Label: Velas
    "O Terço is a band that came out in 1969 in Rio, organized by guitarist/vocalist Sérgio Hinds. Initially influenced by the Beatles, they had a penchant to progressive rock, funk, and danceable rock ..." Read more
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