"Paulinho da Viola was born in a musical environment. His father, the acoustic guitar player (violonista) César Faria, worked in the renowned choro group Época de Ouro, whose lea..." Read more

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  • Paulinho da Viola - Bebadachama


    0 Tracks
    Label: BMG
    "After eight years out of the recording studios, Paulinho da Viola released in 1996 Bebadosamba, which sold 100.000 copies and motivated a show with the same name, acclaimed by the critics as one of..." Read more
  • Paulinho da Viola - A Dança Da Solidão

    A Dança Da Solidão

    0 Tracks
    Label: EMI Music Distribution
    "This is a reissue in CD format of the excellent classic LP released in 1972, now remastered at Abbey Road, London, England. Paulinho Da Viola, a genuine bearer of the samba do morro (samba of the h..." Read more
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