"Pierre Dørge has gained some fame for his work with his New Jungle Orchestra, a band that plays fresh interpretations of some classics (particularly by Duke Ellington and Thelon..." Read more

Album selection

  • Pierre Dorge/Njo - At the Royal Playhouse

    At the Royal Playhouse

    7 Tracks
    Label: Steeplechase
    "Pierre Dørge's eclectic approach to jazz draws from many styles of music throughout the world. This 2008 concert with his New Jungle Orchestra begins with "Mbizo Mbizo," a wild piece..." Read more
  • Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra - Whispering Elephants

    Whispering Elephants

    10 Tracks
    Label: Steeplechase
    "Pierre Dørge always creates provocative, often fun music for his New Jungle Orchestra. The guitarist introduces nine new originals on this 2008 studio date, with the unusual "Whispering Elepha..." Read more
    • 1.
      A Night in Hong Kong
    • 2.
      From the Same Tribe
    • 3.
      Whispering Elephants
    • 4.
      Oda Eugenia
    • 5.
      Moonlight in the W...
    • 6.
      Malamin Jobarteh
    • 7.
      Wedding Music
    • 8.
      To Mr. Dolphy
    • 9.
      Malam Lagu
    • 10.
      Sunday in Zürich
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