"Although she didn't score as many pop crossovers as groups like Exposé or the Cover Girls, Safire's string of late-'80s club hits helped make her one of Latin freestyle's most p..." Read more

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  • Safire - Sa-Fire


    11 Tracks
    Label: Mercury
    "The debut album by the hyphenated vocalist who was physically short (assuming the photo on her album wasn't deceptive) but vocally imposing. She had range, power, and soul, and wasn't afr..." Read more
  • Safire - I Wasn't Born Yesterday

    I Wasn't Born Yesterday

    10 Tracks
    Label: Mercury
    "An erratic, but sometimes arresting second album by a vocalist with little name recognition but above-average talents. Safire had done some session work in the mid-'80s before getting a shot a..." Read more
    • 1.
      Made up My Mind
    • 2.
      Love's Gotta Be There
    • 3.
      Whatever Happens
    • 4.
      Taste the Bass
    • 5.
      I Wasn't Born Yest...
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