"Soha is a French contemporary R&B singer who released her debut album in 2007. Born of Algerian heritage, she hails from Marseille and cites influences ranging from American jaz..." Read more

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  • Soha - D'Ici et d'Ailleurs

    D'Ici et d'Ailleurs

    12 Tracks
    Label: RAPIDO
    "Born in France of Algerian parents, Soha has a bit of a love affair with R&B and dancehall, but with just enough of a twist (apart from the fact that she sings in French) to make it obvious the..." Read more
    • 7.
      Vu de Là-Bas
    • 8.
      Le Café Bleu
    • 9.
      Mon Rêve à Moi
    • 10.
      Drôle d'Idée
    • 11.
      Rue de la Croix Ni...
    • 12.
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