"Though he's known mostly (if at all) for his early membership in N.W.A., the Arabian Prince had been a producer and DJ since the early '80s, which undoubtedly helped him sustain..." Read more

Album selection

  • Arabian Prince - Tha Underworld

    Tha Underworld

    0 Tracks
    Label: EMI Music Distribution
    "Arabian Prince doesn't discuss anything that hasn't been talked about numerous times by other gangsta types. But his commentaries on drugs, violence, sex, and such are done in such a dead..." Read more
  • Arabian Prince - Brother Arab

    Brother Arab

    11 Tracks
    Label: Orpheus Records
    "Hard-hitting hip-hop with an unrepentant gangsta tone. Arabian Prince angered some in the middle class community with this unrelenting condemnation of inner city life. It was vicious and vulgar, bu..." Read more
    • 1.
      Sound Check
    • 2.
      She's Got a Big Posse
    • 3.
      Get on Up
    • 4.
      Let the Good Times...
    • 5.
      Never Caught Slippin'
    • 6.
      I Got a Big Bonus ...
    • 7.
      Situation Critical
    • 8.
      It's a Dope Thang
    • 9.
      It's Time to Bone
    • 10.
      Now You Have to Un...
    • 11.
      Gettin' Down
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