"With their slinky, horn-powered grooves, impeccable musicianship, and eye-popping album covers, the Ohio Players were among the top funk bands of the mid-'70s. Emerging from the..." Read more

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  • Ohio Players - Skin Tight

    Skin Tight

    6 Tracks
    Label: Mercury
    "Skin Tight was a major turning point for the Ohio Players, who had enjoyed several hits on black radio (including "Pain," "Funky Worm," "Varee Is Love," and "I Wa..." Read more
    • 1.
      Skin Tight
    • 2.
      Streakin' Cheek to...
    • 3.
      It's Your Night/Wo...
    • 4.
      Jive Turkey
    • 5.
      Heaven Must Be Lik...
    • 6.
      Is Anybody Gonna B...
  • Ohio Players - Fire


    8 Tracks
    Label: Mercury
    "After greatly increasing their visibility with Skin Tight, the Ohio Players became even more visible with Fire -- an unpredictable masterpiece that boasted such explosive horn-driven funk jewels as..." Read more
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