"One of the saddest stories in rock & roll history surrounds the Tornados, an instrumental group from Britain. Although there were other groups with the same name (see listing fo..." Read more

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  • The Tornados - Telstar: The Sounds of the Tornados

    Telstar: The Sounds of the Tornados

    0 Tracks
    "Produced by the legendary and enigmatic Joe Meek, this album is a showcase for both the artistry and limitations of Meek's productions. "Telstar," the first British number one single..." Read more
  • The Tornados - Yesterday's Pop Scene

    Yesterday's Pop Scene

    0 Tracks
    Label: Decca
    "When Tornados compilations were extremely scarce, this was one of the best bets around if you were determined to find something by the band. All of the 12 songs, though, were reissued on CD in the ..." Read more
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