"The father of Brazilian soul music, Tim Maia never hid his true nature from his fans, his prospective employers, or the law. Iconoclastic, ironic, outspoken, polemical (but alwa..." Read more

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  • Tim Maia - These Are the Songs

    These Are the Songs

    0 Tracks
    Label: Universal Distribution
    "Tim Maia already had a strong passion for American rhythm & blues and rock & roll before he embarked for the U.S. in 1959. While his teenage chum Roberto Carlos was covering the King's..." Read more
  • Tim Maia - Soul Tim

    Soul Tim

    14 Tracks
    Label: Som Livre
    "In his last CD before his death, Tim Maia, a cherished soul singer in Brazil for several decades, delivers his personal style surrounded by the always competent, if a little soulless, arrangements ..." Read more
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      O Adeus de Quem Ta...
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      Pra Que Vou Record...
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      Só Você
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