"A pioneering force behind the evolution of minimalism, violinist and composer Tony Conrad introduced the idea of "Eternal Music," a droning, mesmerizing performance idiom that e..." Read more

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  • Tony Conrad with Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate

    Outside the Dream Syndicate

    3 Tracks
    Label: Table of the Elements
    "Recorded over a span of three days in 1973, Outside the Dream Syndicate was Tony Conrad's first official release; though also credited to the celebrated Kraut rock band Faust, it's primar..." Read more
  • Tony Conrad - Slapping Pythagoras

    Slapping Pythagoras

    2 Tracks
    Label: Table of the Elements
    "Violinist and theoretician Tony Conrad was one of the leading lights of the minimalist school revolving around LaMonte Young in the early '60s, but had not released a studio album for 23 years..." Read more
    • 1.
      Pythagoras, Refusi...
    • 2.
      The Heterophony of...
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