"Although Tony Hatch had success in various segments of the entertainment industry from the '60s onwards, he'll be best remembered for his work as a producer and songwriter for s..." Read more

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  • Tony Hatch - The Two of Us

    The Two of Us

    0 Tracks
    Label: Pye
    "Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent were married at the time of their 1967 album The Two of Us. While Hatch had released some instrumental easy listening albums under his own name, this was the first time ..." Read more
  • Tony Hatch - Hit the Road to Themeland

    Hit the Road to Themeland

    0 Tracks
    Label: Pye
    "Although Tony Hatch might be most famous for producing Petula Clark and the Searchers, he was no stranger to the world of film and television themes prior to this mid-'70s release, having work..." Read more
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