"Viper is a Brazilian heavy metal band formed in 1985, when brothers Pit (bass) and Ives Passarell (lead guitar) joined up with guitarist Felipe Marchado, drummer Cassio Audi, an..." Read more

Album selection

  • Viper - Theatre of Fate

    Theatre of Fate

    0 Tracks
    Label: Victor Records
    "Theatre of Fate shows tremendous growth for Viper. The songwriting has become much more original and exciting, and Andre Matos really shows what a great singer he is. A soft guitar instrumental, &q..." Read more
  • Viper - Soldiers of Sunrise

    Soldiers of Sunrise

    0 Tracks
    Label: Garland
    "Viper's debut is a raw-sounding album somewhat reminiscent of Iron Maiden. It has very consistent songwriting, which isn't as dynamic as it would become on future albums. The title track ..." Read more
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