D'Nash, Spain's answer to the Backstreet Boys, were rocketed to international success thanks to their appearance on Eurovision's 2007 Festival de la Canción. Though the program introduced the band to a world of soon-to-be fans, D'Nash were already well-known to dance music fans throughout Spain. Comprised of members Mikel, Basty, Javi, and Ony, the group formed in 2005 under the name Nash. Thanks to producers Carlos Quintero and Mar de Pablos, the group quickly signed a five-album deal with Jamm Records. The group looked to influences such as Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Luis Fonsi in forming its sound. Nash's debut single, "Capaz de Todo," was released in January of 2006. The single sold more than 20,000 units, hitting number 23 on Spanish pop charts. That same year a full-length disc by the same name was released, still not achieving the widespread success the group hoped for. In an effort to bring its music to a worldwide audience, the band (taking the name D'Nash) entered the 52nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, in hopes of representing Spain. Singing the song "I Love You Mi Vida," D'Nash advanced to the finals. Though D'Nash ultimately took 20th place, numerous radio stations and fan sites named them the one of the competition favorites. Having won great public acceptance, D'Nash set out to record their sophomore effort, Todo Va a Cambiar. Album single "Amanda" climbed the Spanish pop charts persistently, earning a spot in the nation's Top 40. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi

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