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Hi Fonzie,
I am myself in a "Police" nostalgic period...
yesterday, I commented you but it seems it was not recorded...
very strange midomi nowadays.
Anyhow, I congratulate(d) you for this rendition. Really
impressive. And I said I had no doubt about the next one "so
Well, I was right. that one is great too.
ready for more,
Posted by Mike_P on 11/02/2009.
Thanks mike. Comment most appreciated as always.
Posted by fonzie on 11/03/2009.
WooW.. good rendition: I LOVE IT ^^
Posted by HiroCamful on 11/02/2009.
Thank you my friend
Posted by fonzie on 11/02/2009.
Hey f.!
Aaah ok, a teacher.. a classroom.. History of Music is the
lesson I suppose ;)
Yess great stuff really, I especially felt goose bumps on the
attack of 2nd verse going up one octave higher than 1st verse
(1:05 wow!)
Posted by Heracleum on 11/04/2009.
Another great comment from you Herc. I really look forward to
them. They really make my day. Cheers mate.
Posted by fonzie on 11/05/2009.
Very good singing, F.!!!! Great performance of you!!!!!!! 5
Posted by Rayo on 11/02/2009.
Bless you my sweet.
Posted by fonzie on 11/02/2009.
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