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HowardH performs
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HowardH's Notes
When I bought Noriko Sakai's album "work out fine", I fell in love with two songs in particular: this "O-Hayou no Fuukei" and "Shiawase ni Deau Houhou". It turns out they were both written by the same Fujita Emi and her (then) husband. Which was how I discovered another great Japanese performer, Le Couple. The lyrics are about how, after she breaks up with her boyfriend, the days are kind of the same as before, except he's not there. She sleepily starts to phone him when the alarm goes off in the morning, she looks for him on the train platform, she peruses a book in bed at night by the light of the TV, but he doesn't call. . . . . . . . 夕べのあなたのかなしい声が 降りしきる雨に似合いすぎてた
sugui!watashii mo kono uta hajimete...
yoku kittara tottemo ii kyouku dese ne?
Posted by cheko on 04/13/2008.
Ee, CC. totemo ii uta da to omoimasu. Ano Fujita Emi to yobareta
onna wa takusan ii uta wo kikimashita yo.
Kiite, komento shite arigatou.
Posted by HowardH on 04/13/2008.
Gatita-chan! (^_^) Thanks for listening and commenting. My
status-banner brought you here? うまくいった!Hurray!!!

Yeah, Le Couple had a certain magic, didn't they? His guitars
and her lyrics... I am planning to sing a few of their songs
soon, as well as 「幸せに出会う方法」、the other one
they wrote for "Norippii" ahaha!
Posted by HowardH on 04/10/2008.
Le couple magic...how nice!
You're gonna sing their songs?
Tanoshimi ni shitemasu^_^
Posted by gata on 04/11/2008.
Oh~so deshitaka~!!

Anata dake ga inai...kanashii desu...
This is a sad song but your voice comforts me.

I didn't know Le Couple wrote this song for Nori-p.
It's sad to say they are no longer "le couple"...
Posted by gata on 04/10/2008.
oh,Howard san ga sakai noriko wo utatteitaヽ(^○^)ノ

kono uta wa hajimete kikimashita♪
Howard san no utagoega setsunasa to samishisa wo yasashiku
tutun de kuremasu.
totemo suteki...
Posted by typing_ayu on 04/08/2008.
Kiite kurete, komento shite kureta, arigatou Sweet-Ayu!

Oh? You'd never heard this before? Yeah, it was just an obscure
track from a CD. It was not a big hit. But I love Fujita Emi's
Posted by HowardH on 04/08/2008.
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