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Guillermo_ performs
Cha-La-La I Need You
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♪♫ chalala I neeed youuuu♪♫ chalalaaaa I loveee you
♪♫ <3<3<3
Me encanta!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/28/2014.
cha la laa..I need you too! <3<3<3
Posted by Guillermo_ on 04/30/2014.
cha lá lá :O) belo guillermo!muitas estrelitas para ti
Posted by caracois11 on 07/18/2010.
Gracias Mary!!
Hace tiempo que no te veia por aqui..jaja gracias por las
estrellitas hermanita, un abrazo fuerte!! :D:D:D ya grabaste una
cancion? :) animate!! :D
Posted by Guillermo_ on 07/18/2010.
Hi !
I'm a little late this time :P
The CD-cover made me a bit confused, I thought hé this is not a
song of Simon and Garfunkel UH ?
And when I look at your new avatar I thought hé this is not
Guillermo ? lol, joking, I like your "new look" =)
And before I forget : I liked the song too of course !
Posted by misspronce on 07/17/2010.
Hi Lara!!
It's ok, what matters is that you are here now listening! you
arrived late but you're not sleepy...about the song, its from
1969 and I believe is by The Shuffles...what made you believe it
was Simon and Garfunkel's? LOL
Now that I've just seen your new avatar... I thought.... "is she
going to sing Cat Woman? (Gatubela en America latina) jeje
gracias amiga !!! :D:D:D
Posted by Guillermo_ on 07/18/2010.
Because....on the CD-cover (in close up I saw it is a mix-album)
it is the picture of Simon & Garfunkel...see ?? ( The man with
the hat and moustaches and the blond man )...
nono no catwoman, worse :D
Posted by misspronce on 07/18/2010.
Oh yes!!
Now I see the pic haha yes they are S&G...so, worse than
catwoman? mmm? we`ll see that...saludos!! :D
Posted by Guillermo_ on 07/18/2010.
Canto y guitarra...preciosa y dulce canción querido Guillermo,
saludos y abrazo para tí!!! y estrellas por supuesto :O)
Posted by pagarvi on 07/14/2010.
Muchas gracias Patty!!
:D que gusto me da que pases a escuchar amiga...gracias por las
estrellitas y PL, recibe un fuerte abrazo!
Posted by Guillermo_ on 07/14/2010.
there you are haaaaaaaaaaa that's so nice :) hi!!!!!!!!!! how
you're doing ? i'm happy to see you here with a nexw beautiful
song.rendition and playing both wonderful .satrs and
Posted by sweetsoni on 07/04/2010.
Hi Sonia!
Thank you very much! I`m so glad you like it!! I`m fine, just a
little busy, I´m sorry becouse I am late...Thanks again and for
the stars too.. :)
Posted by Guillermo_ on 07/13/2010.
Hola, Guillermo!
Não conhecia esta canção, mas gostei muito dela. Muito suave,
muito bonita!!

Parabéns pela sua voz!

************ Estrelassss!
Posted by Rayo on 06/29/2010.
Hola Rayito!!
Muchas gracias, que bueno que te gustó, tambien gracias por las
estrellas :D:D:D
un abrazo fuerte muy fuerte!!
Posted by Guillermo_ on 06/30/2010.
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