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rosamusic's Notes
One of my nieces thought i could do "Mr rock and roll" because i am one. So i tried to sing not exactly the same but with some variation. I must say i love the songs of Amy Mac Donald. She is one of my favorites between the young ones. You can listen the MP3 on.. http://rosamusic27musicbox.yolasite.com/midomi-mp3.php
Woah, I always come and listen incredible voice performances
here, those high notes all perfectly hit!
It's always good to keep an eye on young music artists, there's
nice new stuff out there ..and yes young nieces do help on that
Posted by Heracleum on 02/07/2011.
Thank you my friend ...yes my nieces...they call me the old uncle
sometimes and than i am not so happy...you see time fly's
but still feeling young ...lol...
Posted by rosamusic on 02/12/2011.
Wonderful Gege. Keep on singing mon ami. Greetings for 2011. Andy
Posted by AndyKing on 02/07/2011.
Merci beaucoup mon ami...
Wish you the same
Posted by rosamusic on 02/12/2011.
Very good result for this song my friend, I should say one of the
best but...you have so many "bests" :D!!
The song is new for me, but it sounds like a "fast-wind" version
of a song I do know very well and that would like to sing some
day hehe (so I won't say which one right now;)) Anyhow, I like
Already gave you all stars a few days ago...I hope they are
still brighting!
Oh and : "Ik vind de dansende poppetjes in je musicbox zeer leuk
Posted by misspronce on 02/04/2011.
Thanks Lara ...and yes, yesterday evening didn't need light here
with so many stars....
My dancers haha ..i had them from Mitchie..i copied them in SS
but i didn't thought they would work on my website...so surprise
Posted by rosamusic on 02/06/2011.
Indeed you are Mr Rock'n roll
Rap? why not, I think you take any challenge!
5* my friend
Posted by Mike_P on 02/01/2011.
Oh yes and certainly with Howard together....Dutch French English
Thanks Mike
Posted by rosamusic on 02/01/2011.
Thanks for letting me know of this recording Gege.
A very very good job you have done of it.
Posted by fonzie on 01/29/2011.
Thanks so much my friend
Posted by rosamusic on 01/29/2011.
..che bel rock,e tu sempre bravissimo,una interpretazione
super,complimenti e stelle
Posted by kryspaul on 01/28/2011.
Graxie mille Paolo
Posted by rosamusic on 01/29/2011.
I mean grazie
Posted by rosamusic on 01/29/2011.
Gege, you are Mr. Rock & Roll!! (^_^) Your niece did well to
point you to this song.
Posted by HowardH on 01/28/2011.
They have often suggestions but almost "rap" and i don't do
Thanks Howard
Posted by rosamusic on 01/29/2011.
They will surely get you to try a rap song someday. Try it!

Hey, did you ever listen to my recording of "Grateful Days"?
It's kinda rap-style.
Posted by HowardH on 01/29/2011.
Ok one day i try it,
I gona listen your song first
Posted by rosamusic on 01/29/2011.
French rap! Dutch rap!
Yeah, Midomi needs to hear some of that.
Posted by HowardH on 01/29/2011.
Yes may be i make a mix
Posted by rosamusic on 01/29/2011.
\o/ Excuse me, Gégé...
@ Howie: yeahhhh, about Gégé trying a rap-song someday,
'signing below', :P
Beijosss to both. :D
Posted by diva-br on 01/29/2011.
bellissima versione!!
, sei bravo con il rock!!!!
Posted by giglio on 01/28/2011.
Grazie mille Liliana
Posted by rosamusic on 01/28/2011.
greet song!!! cheers...
Posted by sing4fans on 01/30/2011.
Thanks so much....cheers...
Posted by rosamusic on 01/30/2011.
So good Rock in your wonderful voice my dear***** Je
Posted by pagarvi on 01/29/2011.
Thanks my dear.
Yesterday we listened you and we all agreed very wonderful voice
Posted by rosamusic on 01/30/2011.
Woohooooo, my vriend Mr Rock'n'Roll! - You got me 'chair-dancing'
here with this, wow! :D
Delicious listening, danke je wel for that, amigo! :D
Brazilian very shiny stars are now being sent to Holland, your
dream place (Ohhh, remembering the pictures... Rieu's back
garden!) ;) - And, pls, thank your niece for having you into
this! :))) - You're are and have always been TOPS, my vriend, you
can dare to try ANY style you feel like, and succeed, I'm sure of
that! :P
Kusjessss and knuffelssss, from a fan of yours, and a friend
Posted by diva-br on 01/29/2011.
Muito obrigado meu caro Stradivarius. E sim, os jardins de volta,
você tem que ver em dois meses (Primavera)
Posted by rosamusic on 01/30/2011.
Oh, dear, my pleasure! ;)
Ahhh, yes, Spring!!! - And your Country turning to be a real
'fantasy-land', myyyy...
Buáááááááá... I 'still' can't afford such a trip, mijn
vriend... :*( - But we all must think in a positive way, and
dream, because someday, some of our dreams can become real, can't
they?! :))
Once, you said that you and Ton wold be waiting for me at the
airport, wowowowow... Then, in my thoughts, I instantly start
'singing' "Oh Happy Day / oh haapy daayy..." :D
Muahsssss, because I'm now heading for your ELO song, ohhh,
yeahhh! ;)
Posted by diva-br on 02/04/2011.
One thing is shure....when you come i will be there on the
airfield with or without tom.....
Posted by rosamusic on 02/04/2011.
And I do believe in you, mijn gentleman vriend! Ton is a
looong-time friend, he does not sing, but I consider him as a Mr.
Know All, because, when he and I played the 'pactchwork', as
Howie says, using the song-titles, or sentences of songs, to
'communicate', I used to get astonished at his knowledge!!! But
my vriend Rizzman (Ton) has 'brought me down', lol, ELO, by
visiting me only once or twice, I can't remember.. To say that
'my cracked voice' would harm my friends' speakers, hahahahaha -
Besides, the song I tried in Dutch and dedicated to him, was
never listened to by him, 'Ik Hou Van Jou'... Ok, I have YOU! To
receive me at te airport, and that'll be fabulous, for sure it
will, my true-beloved friend, talented friend :D - Let's pray
and... When we least expect, it happens!!! :D
Kusjessss, tenderly,
Posted by diva-br on 02/04/2011.
Could you do the Dutch song for me? I would like it........
Posted by rosamusic on 02/12/2011.
Ohh, so sorry, my darling... I hadn't seen this reply before. :/
The Dutch song is on my page, 'Ik Hou Van Jou', by Maribelle...
I recorded it long ago, and it's sounding even worse than my most
recent ones, hahaha... But... In case you feel like helping me by
'judging' my pronunciation, I'd be really thankful to you,
querido amigo...
You're great, thanks a looooot for being always so kind to me.
Posted by diva-br on 03/06/2011.
ok i go listen and send you the right prononciation with my
voice......Simmy could do it so you to
Posted by rosamusic on 03/06/2011.
Hoi Gerrit, kende dit nummer niet...
Klinkt weer goed.

Posted by gert1 on 01/28/2011.
Dank je Gert...Dina heeft hem wel in haar Jukebox.....
Posted by rosamusic on 01/28/2011.
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