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Saffy's Notes
Fairytale - in the style of Sara Bareilles. This is my favorite song. I'm hoping to do a second recording of it with me on piano singing - but I need to learn how to play it first. I hope you like it!
I listend to this once.. (i was listening the holl sara album)
its very beautful and full o meaning

anyway ur voice is amazing ! ! ! i just love it.. u should do
something with it.. (its beautiful and u really no how to use it
i mean the notes and all that stuff)

Anyway i rated it 5 stars

com comment/rate some of my renditions plz if u have time... i
recorded Love Song.. ;)
Posted by BigLover on 06/30/2009.
thank you :) I'll be sure to look at yours
Posted by Saffy on 07/01/2009.
lol you ddin't..... lol just kidding its normal cuz i just
recorded it... just for fun..

well i would LOVE to have your opinion on it !

Thanks ! :)
Posted by BigLover on 08/25/2009.
I meant I'd look at your recordings, not just that one song :)
But I love all your recordings, you just flow out the music.
Posted by Saffy on 08/26/2009.
you are soo goood!
omg, i wish i could sing like that.
Posted by soniaa on 01/25/2009.
You have a gorgeous voice! You've really put a lot of soul into
it! Brava!
Posted by Elliekins on 01/20/2009.
oHH my goodd!! i like it very muchh
Posted by 00rackel00 on 01/20/2009.
Amazing voice!!! You have an excellent sound for one so young.
5 stars!!!!
Posted by Zhilly on 01/15/2009.
viviane thinks you have a pretty voice...=)
Posted by Beauty1287 on 01/10/2009.
Thanks everyone =D I really appreciate it.
Posted by Saffy on 01/07/2009.
What a lovely voice. Very strong for someone at your age. =)
Posted by Strawdaby on 01/05/2009.
Linda sua voz!
Posted by VivianeS on 01/03/2009.
Eu sei não sou ele though?
Posted by Beauty1287 on 01/07/2009.
omg Lilz, this is like the best song you've ever recorded! I love
Posted by Beauty1287 on 12/30/2008.
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