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nice voice would sound much better if u played the guitar along
with it.
Posted by elvis_12 on 03/11/2011.
Wow - I don't know how I've missed your version of this, but it
is beautiful! YOu have a gorgeous, note-accurate, sweet and pure
voice. I'm going to listen to more! 5 stars. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/27/2008.
you work a lot, and even you have time to sing.I love this
song.you have a beatiful voice and you sing this very well,
congratulations.Killin me sofltly with his song, what a romantic
phrase!5 stars for you.
Posted by Iren on 10/05/2008.
i like your voice
Posted by johndanah on 05/28/2008.
Posted by mikeysmom on 05/27/2008.
nice voice listen to my song tears in heaven
Posted by shmoo on 05/27/2008.
loved it!!! great voice!
Posted by l.henrique on 04/13/2008.
Posted by Chrisly on 03/14/2008.
you have a great voice !
Posted by ssongbird on 07/13/2007.
You have great control over your vioce, it is very soothing and
I love it! Keep on singing!
Posted by Kathleen on 03/30/2007.
You are amazing!! you didn't sing one note wrong!
Posted by Bschu on 03/09/2007.
Clear, soothing voice... you did an excellent job.
Posted by coolchik4 on 03/09/2007.
^^^ yeah i read it too :) but i cant answer on these stuff in
fear of amkin' sombody mad or sad :)
but how can u delete ur reply i donno how ???
Posted by Blue-toxic on 03/09/2007.
LOL my comment was about somebody who has had their comment
removed - I am not trying to be rude about Jtoon!
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/09/2007.
What a stupid and pathetic comment to make. Jenna looks
absolutely fine, and your comments about her appearance are
irrelevant in any case.
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/09/2007.
wow you have a great voice! i hope to hear more like this one!
be sure to check out my recordings and rate them!
Posted by Jtoonice4u on 03/08/2007.
still amazed :O 5 stars :D
Posted by Blue-toxic on 03/06/2007.
wow,this is amazing!! i love your voice. this is really beautiful
Posted by Jahoda on 03/05/2007.
Very nicely done!! I love your voice.
Posted by Kathleen on 03/03/2007.
Very WOW! Ur killing me softly with ====> this song ;)
Posted by Blankshot on 03/02/2007.
Wonderful! Gorgeous voice!
Posted by Jenna424 on 03/02/2007.
Very, very nice!
Posted by Pritchard on 03/01/2007.
You are a great singer. I love the song.
Posted by HDMC on 03/01/2007.
I like that you don't do too much. Good voices can just sing the
song straight out and sound good.... I really like your voice!
Posted by AnnaC on 02/28/2007.
I agree with you about doing too much..
Thank you for the input....and the compilments
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/28/2007.
yes!!!!!!!that is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by nikole on 02/28/2007.
Thank you
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/28/2007.
You have a wonderful voice
Posted by Siobhan on 02/28/2007.
Thank you very much!
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/28/2007.
Your voice is very gentle - that's what's good about it.
Really enjoyed it!!!
Posted by singer on 02/27/2007.
I appreciate it!
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/28/2007.
nice i like this song :)
Posted by Blue-toxic on 02/27/2007.
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/28/2007.
You've got an amazing voice =)
Posted by Naz on 02/27/2007.
Thank you very much.
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/27/2007.
Posted by prirox on 02/27/2007.
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/27/2007.
Posted by jeff_duck on 02/22/2007.
You win version wise :P ...................... I will give you
this one for sure! :O
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/22/2007.
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