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I got something to say to you that someone told me when I was
your age(I was in a choir and we went to a competition with
famous judges)I made a solo and one of the judge told
me:"You,there,never stop what you are doing.You will go far".The
following year,I stopped...It was a bad choice from me but
hey...It's life.

So all I'm saying.Keep going and never stop what you do!

You deserve a five star!

Would you like to be my friend?
Posted by Tiamia on 11/04/2008.
ow.. ow .. verry cute and great voice.. you have the real talent
and ow . your a Filipino... Filipinos are so talented ... god
bless curie
Posted by joshua14 on 10/30/2008.
you have an excellent voice!
you aree ahmazingg lol.
i wish i started singing when i was your age.
keep it going.
you will go farr (:
Posted by SummerL0v3 on 09/25/2008.
Very excellent Fallaria!!! Keep singing!! This is a hard song and
you did a great job.
Posted by cootieof03 on 09/23/2008.
OMG *O* so cute >/////<
5 stars for you little singer ^^ you have an awesome voice for
your age ^^
Posted by Nono. on 09/22/2008.
Wow! Just imagine what you will sound like when you're 10, 20,
30! You can be a rock star!
Posted by DV8 on 09/17/2008.
You are great!!!!Wow!
Posted by fania on 09/16/2008.
wow ur amazing! ur definately going to favorites!

Posted by mileyC on 09/10/2008.
Great!You are really a little star!It's amazing!!!
Posted by Jessie2Jay on 08/26/2008.
Wow, your really great!! I wasn't half as good as you are when I
was seven. ;P
just ceep going and aim for the stars ;)
Posted by Manga.rock on 08/17/2008.
Wow... 7 years old and you can sing like this!? Well done girl.
Keep on singing.

Rate me back please :)
Posted by m00shy on 08/11/2008.
R u only seven?? Completely amazing and WOW!!!!
Posted by mj72995 on 07/13/2008.
Good job!!!!!! You good for a 7 year old!!!!
Posted by Hsmfan on 07/12/2008.
amazing. girl, why aren't you famous:]

keep it up
Posted by mca1995 on 07/09/2008.
great singing ...i'm only like ten plz comment me back
Posted by musiclove4 on 07/08/2008.
wow your realy good for your age and just awesomely awesome!!
Posted by meme0001 on 07/02/2008.
wow... just seven!
you have a great voice so keep singing.. <3
Posted by laurxoanna on 07/01/2008.
u hav a very sweet voice and ur just 7 and so gud already keep it
Posted by cutesonali on 07/01/2008.
keep singing darl... xxxx
Posted by kalee on 06/30/2008.
nice voice, keep on singing girl! Loves you!
Posted by florances on 06/10/2008.
i love your song, you are great! keep on singing girl! loves you
Posted by florances on 06/10/2008.
i love your voice, didn't know you had a great voice, hope to see
you soon in the Philippines , that's my cousin I'm so proud!
Posted by maryfranz on 06/10/2008.
Wow!! great voice !! keep it up..
Posted by erlinda46 on 05/29/2008.
Your voice is adorable!
Posted by BlueFish on 05/24/2008.
wow great i like your voice...so cute and you are a great singer
too...just continue singing.
Posted by lenaorli on 05/17/2008.
Aww your soo cute!! YOu sound awsome!Keep up the good work
Posted by penguin_11 on 04/19/2008.
aww ur soo cute and great vocie u can do awesome when ur older
Posted by Emma_bella on 04/10/2008.
I loved it. =] Great job girlie.
Posted by ccglam64 on 04/08/2008.
You've got a very special voice but I really like your version
It's sounds very cute :]
Posted by blackberry on 04/02/2008.
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