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jasbaut's Notes
i love this song... its an oldie but a goodie pls. give me some feedback i'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
nice rendition good that
Posted by kryspaul on 08/28/2009.
that really good. as you grow older your gonna be able to control
it more too!!
plus your pretty. your like set to become a singer ;]
check out mine
Posted by authority on 01/02/2009.
i luv it!♥lol
Posted by azil014 on 12/26/2008.
Hey this is really good :D You're voice is mature for somebody so

rate me back please :)
Posted by m00shy on 08/11/2008.
Omg! Are You only 12??!! You;re amazing! I love Your voice! ;)
Posted by Cycu1492 on 07/28/2008.
And of course 5*'s for You ! ;D
Posted by Cycu1492 on 07/28/2008.
You have a really nice voice!! I like it : )
Posted by Lilybeat on 07/12/2008.
amazing great job again :) five stars for you my friend hehehe
i have my own rendition of this song if you want to visit hehehe
:) god bless you.. you have a great voice :)
Posted by joshua14 on 07/03/2008.
thank you sooo much!!!
Posted by jasbaut on 09/28/2008.
gd and keep up
Posted by lovely-gir on 06/29/2008.
Thanks sooo much for ur amazing comments!!! they really light up
my day...xxoo
Posted by jasbaut on 06/28/2008.
i really like your voice...very much
Posted by kiechi on 06/22/2008.
wow, amazing
great voice
Posted by didodream on 06/21/2008.
sooo pretty girl! i love the curlicues and color you put into the
music. twelve years? that must be twelve years of experience (;
Posted by carmabelle on 06/21/2008.
i cant stand the song but ur voice make the song better to me
Posted by Blue-toxic on 06/21/2008.
awesome singing!!
Posted by Adeline1 on 06/01/2008.
You sound beautiful and you did really GOOD!!!
Posted by fallaria on 06/01/2008.
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