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hey! quite good actually :P I like that you sang the song in a
deep voice since that is you. really good work! :)
Posted by Manga.rock on 02/23/2012.
Deep voice!!
I love deep voices, so you got another fan!!
Posted by MahoCamui on 01/22/2012.
your awesome
Posted by joshua14 on 01/18/2012.
Hi, Rockalt.
At last, I know one of your songs! Haha!

We have different taste in music, but it's all good. Well done,
Posted by HowardH on 01/17/2012.
yeah i love this music style and im lucky my voice is the same
style too.. Děkuji za komentář :)
Posted by Rockalt on 01/17/2012.
Are you Czech? I thought I heard something like that in your
accent. Je jsem česky potomek, haha, but I don't speak any
Czech, only a few words, like "Pozor!" and mostly food like
"jternice", "knedliky" and "zelí". (Yummm.)
Posted by HowardH on 01/17/2012.
hhehe ^^
Posted by Rockalt on 01/18/2012.
I was a bit surprised by the guy voice, cuz I hadn't ever
listened to any of your other things XD But I really liked this
song with your voice. Great job, two thumbs up!
Posted by animegirl on 01/14/2012.
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