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manishjags performs
Gulabi Ankheen
Rafi Saab
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manishjags's Notes
Please listen to this song and give ur feedback... sorry the recording was not proper...
manish...you sung very well...pitch and breath control
superb....please improve your recording....god bless you
Posted by abubakarpk on 09/26/2011.
very nice singing dear.recording ka kya hai wo toh aise ho jata
hai per guru gaana gaaya bahut achha full feelings ke saath.aaya
sahi mein bahut hi maja aaya.
Posted by vikramkuma on 05/25/2010.
Thanks a lot Vikram Bhai..i really appriciate ur comments... aap
ne mera dil khus kar diya dost...
Posted by manishjags on 05/27/2010.
Your voice is so good that only with a poor recording we feel
like listening it from ur voice. Otherwise it seems like the
original.I want to enjoy your voice without a track.
Posted by trailokya on 08/23/2009.
Thanks a lot sir...sure i will try to redo this song....
Posted by manishjags on 05/27/2010.
as mentioned by you par manish bahut hi mazaa aaya yaar... full
stars for you my dear....
Posted by moses123 on 04/26/2009.
Thanks moses bhai.. recording kharab huva... i tried to do my
best.. app ko acha laga muje khushi hui..
Posted by manishjags on 05/02/2009.
Wah Wah Manish !!! Even though the recording was noisy your voice
came thru nicely. Great voice. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by iyerjay on 04/06/2009.
Jay saab thanks for ur compliments.. m happy
Posted by manishjags on 04/06/2009.
Posted by sk.sikar on 04/03/2009.
Thanks Sikar Ji.. i will take care of the recording next
time...ur right there is lot of disturbance
Posted by manishjags on 04/06/2009.
Very talented and a gifted voice singer U R my friend, liked
it...except for all other comments reg. noise in music.
Posted by bapia1 on 04/02/2009.
Thanks for ur compliments Bapia Ji... yes i agreee there was
noise and the recording was not proper...
Posted by manishjags on 04/02/2009.
Hey Manish...what a song yaar..you have sung it so well!! The
song had full josh..i got a feel as though.. u were driving
through a mountainous range and belting out this song!!! Ha ha
I liked it so much,Manish.
Posted by priya70 on 04/02/2009.
Hey Priya Thanks a lot yar... you have really convyed a lot in
few words... m happy that u enjoyed the song... keep listening
and give ur feedback...
Posted by manishjags on 04/02/2009.
Dear Manish, like you said the recording is bad. Yet, I could
appreciate the josh with which you sang this number. Your golden
voice gives that additional zing to whatever you sing. Super, my
farmayish is Huyi sham unka khayal aagaya.


Posted by utthara on 04/02/2009.
Hi Utthara,
thanks for your lovely words... feels gud when music lovers like
you comment with sweet words... app ka hukum sar ankhoon par...
aap ki farmayish zaroor puri karenge... take care....
Posted by manishjags on 04/02/2009.
Hi Chand,
Thanks for your lovely comments.. yes there was some prob while
recording in midomi... next time i will take care of the
M happy to know that u enjoyed the song
Posted by manishjags on 04/01/2009.
great manish,sweet 2 gane ko sweet 2 gaya h aapne. lege teho bhai
Posted by anuu on 04/01/2009.
hey annu,
thanks for ur comment... hopefully next gana bhi sweet sa choose
karke sweet sa gaunga... m happy that u liked the song
Posted by manishjags on 04/01/2009.
next song kab aa reha h
Posted by anuu on 04/03/2009.
record kiya hai... dil kya kare.. i have uploaded it... pls give
ur valuable comment anuu
Posted by manishjags on 04/03/2009.
nice song manish.bahot acha gaaya
yar.expressions achi thi.enjoyed th
roughout.lot of disturbance,please a
void it.all the best n keep them com
Posted by shrini76 on 04/01/2009.
shrini Bhai thanks for liking my song... next time i will take
care of the recording... its very encouraging when good singers
like you comment good .
Posted by manishjags on 04/01/2009.
Your singing is wonderful dost. i wish i could also sing like
you. full marks for this one
Posted by Kays on 04/01/2009.
hey thanks m sure u can also sing like me and may be with
practise you can sing better than me. thanks for adding me to ur
list and thanks for ur comments.
Posted by manishjags on 04/01/2009.
Bohot khoob Manishbhai! singing baDiya hai. Jaise ke sabne
already bola hai, there is a lot of noise in the recording. That
doesnt take away much from your talent.
Posted by indiaretro on 04/01/2009.
Thanks Anoop bahi... m happy ki aap ko mera gaya acha laga.. app
jaise gr8 singers aise comment kare to acha lagta hai... next
time i will try to record it in a better way..
Posted by manishjags on 04/01/2009.
excellent singing and selection is just superb.
Posted by a_m on 03/31/2009.
Thanks a lot...
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
My Dear young friend Manish Kumar Saab,
You are singing simply superb.
You have great voice and sing with heart and soul. Aur kya
chahiye...Mujhe aap ke singing bahut achhe lagi..Thanks for
singing and sharing with me..
Pl keep singing...regards..
Posted by koku on 03/31/2009.
I agree with Mahmood bhai saab. He is very reasonable and
practical. I see you have agreed with him and I want to agree
with him too. Practice makes man...got that right?
Posted by koku on 03/31/2009.
Thanks for such lovely comments... dil khus ho gaya aap ke pyare
lines pad kar...
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
very true...
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
Bahut Acchaa gaya hai Manish.....try to select a better track
......aur maza ayega
Posted by kpramod on 03/31/2009.
Pramod bhai i agree with u... agla gana aur track behtar hoga,
yeh wada hai... thanks for ur comments..
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
Manish... Pl. Rerecord this one...singing is too good but not the
Very well sung Yaar!!
Posted by ashavijay on 03/31/2009.
yes asha i will rerecord.. thanks for appriciating...
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
Bahut khoob,Manish.
As you have said audio a bit bad-may be mike problem.But
singing,superb.Keep it up.
M V Devraj
Posted by mvdevraj on 03/31/2009.
thanks Devraj Saab, ur comment is very imp for me... M happy
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
all bangalorians in midomi family are superb singer .very nice
Posted by anushkab26 on 03/31/2009.
Thanks Anushka, yes all blr ppl in midomi r gr8 singers
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
superb singing. 5 stars
Posted by mggopal on 03/31/2009.
Thanks Gopal Ji, I am elated was waiting for comment from ur side
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
********************for gulaabi aankein jinke liye aapne ye
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/31/2009.
Sarita Ji yeh gana too mere sare midomi doston ke liye hai, all
of them encouraged me a lot... and rahi baat aap ko gana pasand
ane ki, woh tooo app ne yeh keh kar dil khus kar diya...
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
Wow!!! very impressive and Brilliant performance Manish!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/31/2009.
Thanks for liking my performance sarita ji... m elated app jaise
brilliant singers ke comments kafi imp hai mere liye
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
manish,,aap en bahot accha gaaya recording aur music se mujhe
koye farq nahi padta aawaz aur gayakee khud batati hai ki kaun
kahan hai aap accha gate hai diction accha hai,,aur acchi baat
hai aap ne comment ke liye kaha,,warna kuch logo ko kamiya batane
se narazhone ki adat hai,,ha music acchi hoti to gana nikhar kar
aata hai choti choti baato ko dhyan me rakho aur Mast ho kar gao
Posted by mahmoodhaf on 03/31/2009.
Mammood Saab, app ne bhaut achi baat kahi... I am glad that u
liked my singing and diction... aur rahi baat kamiya nikal ne ki,
mein uske liye ek dum taiyar hoon... aap mere gane mein defects
bhi nikal kar bata sakte hai, m open for it... ek acha gayak wohi
hai jise log acha bole.. na ki woh khud ko apne aap acha samje...
m happy that ppl like u are around midomi.... thanks and keep
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
are wahhhh!!kya baat hai .excellent!singing.
Posted by vikramkuma on 03/31/2009.
Thanks Vikram Bhai... app ko acha laga bhaut khushi hui...
Posted by manishjags on 03/31/2009.
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