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Ciao Shanya, nn cnosco il pezzo, però tutto sommato te la sei
cavata bene, lo sai ke la tua voce ormai è bella, riguardo alla
registraz potresti migliorare.... ciao...
Posted by Lomby on 10/21/2009.
fucking ace
Posted by neonlight on 01/30/2009.
you sing so good!
and really good song ^^
Posted by Khyma on 06/27/2008.
Posted by ESTINA on 06/22/2008.
Straordinaria!!!Bellissima....5 stelluzze!!!Grande Shanya...
Posted by fania on 06/04/2008.
:) GREAT!! :) 5 STARS!! :) Muito bem!!
Posted by Newhouses on 05/12/2008.
Muy muy bueno! Very very goood!Big Stars!
Posted by normar on 05/05/2008.
dai ma sei grande!!ankio ho provato a cantarla e so ke è abba
difficile!!beh a parte un po di mezzi toni calato hai grande
estnsione poi il migliore è il pezzo alla fine senza
base..!complimenti !rx rx..
Posted by _elly_ on 04/15/2008.
whoa!!!you definitely blew me awaaaaay!!
your voice is super power!
Posted by xBlinkyx on 04/07/2008.
wow that is great! you have a really strong voice
Posted by ZaraXXX on 03/10/2008.
Amazing voice!
You have just earned yourself a fan :)

Posted by Scalawag on 01/16/2008.
excellente bella... io amori la musica...
Posted by nicollette on 01/15/2008.
No words for this! Super awesome voice!
Posted by gaetaneo on 01/07/2008.
Posted by selena on 12/31/2007.
beautiful voice!
Posted by vitaswj on 12/19/2007.
Posted by Shanya on 12/19/2007.
Posted by LuciaDrave on 12/17/2007.
im usando un traduttore in linea così spiacente se la grammatica
è errata… ma ha desiderato dirgli che che aveste una voce
grande così quando comented sulla mia canzone esso realmente ha
significato mólto in modo da grazie e spero di sentirmi ancora
da voi
Posted by JoseRamon on 12/17/2007.
YOU ARE A FANTASTIC SINGER!!!.... you have really good tone... i
don't know what language you speak but the accent is taking out
of the song at some parts... your voice is beautiful though and
i'm sure it sounds even better in your native language... i loved
the background sounds and how you added some personal twists to
the song... if you work on your english a little then you have
the potential to go really far!!!!!
Posted by _--BOB--_ on 12/16/2007.
Come quando suonavamo insieme...

Posted by Fossi_figo on 12/13/2007.
Posted by orlandoola on 12/12/2007.
brava...mi piace cme l'hai fatta...^_^
Posted by SIMO1988 on 12/11/2007.
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