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Mike_P performs
Almeno Tu Nell'universo
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Mike_P's Notes
Hi friends, this one is my first attempt to sing in Italian, a language I don't understand...(I am not even sure about what I sing... although I have a rough idea thanks to Google translator... LOL).----- Now, this is dedicated to both Diva, to celebrate her return and because as she always dares to sing songs in foreign languages, and also dedicated to Simmy, my Italian "teacher" for the occasion and who does not hesitate either to try other cultures. Thanks to both of you. Mike
Dear Mike, What a beautiful recording!!!! It's great!!
So emotional!! I love this kind of song, and your voice really
made it more beautiful!!!
I Loved it!! Congratulations!!
5 Staars*!!!!
Posted by Watashii on 05/06/2010.
Thanks Patricio,
Emotional? I don't know, I do not speak Italian at all...
But if you like it, I am happy I recorded it.
Posted by Mike_P on 05/06/2010.
Yeah, I felt it!! I dont speak Italian! Then I just couldnt
understand so much... I understood some words, because its a
Latin language, after all (hahahahah), but it sounds really great
to me!!!
Posted by Watashii on 05/06/2010.
Je n'arrive pas à croire que tu aimes mon chant quand tu
chantes aussi bien! Une très belle voix, bien posée et une
façon de chanter très pro. Je crois écouter un CD. Et ton
italien sonne très bien.
Posted by smabe on 02/05/2010.
Ca fait beaucoup de compliments au centimetre ca!

Fait un saut chez mes amis midomi, tu veras que je suis loin de
la qualite de certains.

Toi c'est l'aspect nature et spontane que j'apprecie. Tu
t'assieds, tu joues, tu chantes et hop c'est dans la boite ... et
c'est du tout bon.
vraiment, j'aime.

Posted by Mike_P on 02/06/2010.
mon micro est sur une boîte posée sur le piano. Ne me demande
pas comment ça tient.

A propos du "hop dans la boîte", c'est mon objectif. Pour le
moment, je dois quand même recommencer 50 fois l'enregistrement
parce que je commets toujours une erreur à un moment ou un
Posted by smabe on 02/06/2010.
Si tu peux, evite d'avoir le micro sur le piano. Je pense qu'il
recoit les vibrations quand tu frappe les touches.
Le pendre a un fil venant du plafond?
A bientot
Posted by Mike_P on 02/06/2010.
Hi Mike!!! I'm glad for listning you sining in Italian. I love
Italian songs (although I can't understand lots of
Love your song, dear!!!
All the stars for you.
Posted by Rayo on 01/30/2010.
Rayane, you are much too kind.
I never had so many comments in a row.
Today was not the Bon Jovi festival, it was the Rayane festival
for me.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
I have no words anymore
Posted by Mike_P on 01/30/2010.
I've benn here before!!!!!!
So, I'm listening again...this wonderful song...shhhhhhhhhh,
don't disturb!
Posted by Rayo on 08/25/2010.
Myyyyyyyy! What a surprise, what a sweet, kind surprise, Mike! :D
- I logged in, saw you on the front page, came straight here to
celebrate that with you, and read the recording note - dedicated
to Simona and 'to ME' :))) - Wow, I don't have words to thank
you, mon cher ami! Such a wonderful gift, makes me want to
'disappear' for some time and come back again, only to receive
precious presents, warm-welcome(s) like these... ;) (KIDDING,
I've come back to stay).
I can't judge your Italian pronunciation, but who cares if it's
'perfect' or only 'nearly perfect'???!!! ;) Your voice here
reminded me a bit of Josh Groban - you're amazing here! :D
Posted by diva-br on 01/28/2010.
Although I can't speak Italian, I listned to the song more than
once, and managed to 'grasp' some meaning from the context, some
words, some sentences, it'd be impossible to write then in
Italian, but I can try to write here in English what I think I
understood: At Least You In The Universe / You, you who is
different, a sun that shines for me, at least you in the Universe
won't change, tell me that for always you'll be sincere, and that
you'll love me truly, etc... Ahhhh, beautifullllll, looooved it,
really did! :D
Posted by diva-br on 01/28/2010.
Dear amigo, sorry for kind of 'flooding' your page with my
loooong comments, but, lol... can't avoid that, can't be brief,
no matter how much I try... :(
My treasured present is on the front page, yeahhhh!
So, here goes:
C|_| PROST!!! :D
Bisous, bisous, bisoussss,
Posted by diva-br on 01/28/2010.
PS.: sorry, I loved so much this song that I coundn't resist
trying a short part of it along with you (hope the lyrics are
correct, lol)... :S
Posted by diva-br on 01/28/2010.
So happy here.

Now, it is probably on the front page because it is dedicated to
you my dear.

And you last comment, this will be my treasure. A double one
with Patty also singing with me.

I already playlisted my own page here to retrieve easily and
remember it contains a special gift for me.

Thank you for my ... C|_|
Ahh Midomi feels so good again!

PS... you are always welcome to flood my pages with such
Posted by Mike_P on 01/28/2010.
Mike, you're out of this world, boy! :D Your reply filled me with
joy, merci. :D Bisoussss,
Posted by diva-br on 01/29/2010.
Hahahahaha, Simona! Grazie, amica, but I don't even know whether
the lyrics I tried are right, hahaha... But, well, you said
'experts'???!! :O Wow, maybe our 'French Josh Groban' is, but
I... :O
Heyyy! Duet??? No, definitely not, I'd hate to spoil any of my
dearest friends pages, LOL They do not deserve such a disastrous
partner like me, hahahaha...
But as you're his teacher, well... maybe you could support us
all, the ones who try to sing in Italian, even not being able to
speak the Language, heh?! ;) Per favore, consider me an
applicant. :D
Bacci, amica,
Posted by diva-br on 01/29/2010.
French Josh Groban :)))

Disastrous partner???
Are you crazy? Any of us would feel honoured to have a duet
with you!

Posted by Mike_P on 01/30/2010.
Hey Teacher,
looks like you have more students...
But... not too much home work ok?


Posted by Mike_P on 01/30/2010.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! J'ai des larmes tellement c'est beau
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:( ....
Posted by sweetsoni on 01/27/2010.
et moi non plus...je ne l'aurais pas cru.
Moi j'en suis a la 20eme ecoute (ben oui, chaque fois que je
viens repondre, le player se met en route...)

Ah non, tu ne peux pas etre sans voix. tu dois chanter encore et
encore (encora encora encora)

Merci de tout coeur.
Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
fantastique merveilleux splendide tu es
**********************************************************G ROS
Posted by sweetsoni on 01/27/2010.
Ben ... c'est pas un tantinet exagéré ca?
"Super" est de trop je pense ;)
Et la gratitude, c'est moi qui en suis rempli et te remerci
Gros becs,
Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
Italian Plasticine ! :D
Fantastic, how did you do that, huh ? You have "transformer"
skills ? A song I never heard of, a language I don't understand,
a voice I hardly recognize....but I am soooo impressed ! I love
it ! May all stars and PL be with you ! Oh and thanks to Simmy
Posted by misspronce on 01/26/2010.
Transformer skills...
Do you mean I am a kind of Optimus Prime of the midomian
cyberspace? http://www.transformersmovie.com/

In fact I travelled space and recorded the song on another
planet where gravity and air density is different. As simple as

And yes, thanks thanks thanks to Simmy.

PS, a language you don't understand?... welcome to the club ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
Oppps I almost forgot the most important:

Thank YOU Lara for your support, comment, vote, and playlist.
Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
Not enough words to explain what i feel listening this
rendition...that's amazing... :D keep singin on mikeeeeee :P
Posted by yle on 01/26/2010.
Hi Yle,
So glad I found a song that brought you back here.
Thank you for finding the time to listen and comment.
And yes.. I'll keep singing... but only if you do... ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 01/26/2010.
Wow, Mike.
Your singing keeps amazing me more and more with each song you
sing. (No whistling needed.) And in Italian, too! Sounds great.

(I'll give you just a hint about a future track I'm practicing:
My part in a Bollywood "duet" of sorts is: a few lines in
Posted by HowardH on 01/25/2010.
Bollywood ??
Shall I carry the luggages?

Duet...Indy...Divya?, Prirox? but with Italian ... => Simmy???

I am impatient...curious...

Meanwhile, I am just grateful for your kind visit and comment.

No whistling on this one...
I sang in a foreign language like Diva does often.
Meanwhile, she started whistling...so we are just trading jobs
Posted by Mike_P on 01/26/2010.
Trading jobs, lol!
Not Divya. Not Pri-rocks. Not Simmy.
Soon. I should be practicing now.
Posted by HowardH on 01/26/2010.
Mike, sei BRAVISIMO!!!! cantando en italiano singing in italian
languaje this song that i love love love!.....Tu tu che sei
diverso...allmeno tu nell universo un punto sei....MERAVIGLIOSA
CANZONE Con una voce DIVINA.......
Posted by pagarvi on 01/25/2010.
Hi Patty,
I think you came here first and I hope you did not have issue
with the link towards the page. I again faced upload issues and
had to delete and rerecord and delete, etc.

You knew and love this song?
Happy I could please you.

see you on your next comment... lol
Posted by Mike_P on 01/26/2010.
O yes Mike i knew in youtube too, really lovely this song...i
dont speak italian, but i want be a little in this singing here,
you are amazing!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 01/26/2010.
Whaw, what a present!

Thanks Patty!
That went right to my heart!
I will playlist my own song to easily retrieve this 1 minute of
I feel honoured.
Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
Yes, Simona, the song is half yours, sure! Hmmm... Hey, let's
'divide' this... Okay, I'm fair, you do deserve more than only
1/3, since you helped Mike with the pronunciation and so on...
But I'm pretty happy with... hmmm... 1/4? 1/5... ??!! :P
Ahhhh, here, yesssss, Patricia is the right partner for a duet
with anyone, she's tops, this angelita of mine. :D
Muahhhhhhhs to you three. :)))
Posted by diva-br on 01/29/2010.
Permiso Mike:
Simmy, tu devi dire a Mike un duet con te :O)
sara Favoloso....io aspettero hehehe!!
Posted by pagarvi on 01/29/2010.
Hi Ladies,
A real conspiracy going on
...I LOVE that!
I am reading all of you for a while, and I have a lot of fun
I lost the count of who has which part of this song :)) LOL
And of course, I like all these duet ideas you had!
Posted by Mike_P on 01/29/2010.
no, you didn't yet...
Posted by Mike_P on 01/29/2010.
Ok this, is, a, masterpiece! (spoken putting a lot of dramatic
pause between a word and the other :D)
And you used a very solid singing method (I'd say "ben
impostato" in italian, and I say it since the song is italian
aha) I can't explain well but you sound almost lyrical/opera
singer here, but not "that serious/formal" :)
I know Simmy and she has a wonderful voice but I didn't know she
was such a wonderful teacher, since she really tought you
perfectly how to sing in italian! I couldn't really tell in most
of the passages you're not Italian, you let pass just a very few
slightly "francophonised" words, like one or two, for instance
that "mai" (at 3:32) like a french "mais" =) Incredibly, I can
hear only ONE "french-R" in the whole song, which is "Ruota", I
mean I expected to hear them all the time but no, only there.
I really like everything about this song, plus que super!
Posted by Heracleum on 01/26/2010.
Eheh fanciulla dalle mille risorse! Sei così "stupefacente" ..
da risultare quasi .. illegale :D

About the little word I mentioned, I didn't mean to be
over-meticulous (tatillon) :) I wanted to mention it to remark
that the rest is great! You know sometimes, when you try
something in another language and friends say "it's good,
charming accent :)".. but you are curious to know a little bit
more in detail :D

To go on being "tatillon" (I love this word I discovered today
ehehe) may I add the song was written by Bruno Lauzi and
originally sung and its most famous version is by Mia Martini
Posted by Heracleum on 01/26/2010.
Hi Simmy
I am so happy reading all these super comments. Thanks again for
your help and good advices.
And I agree with you... in this case, "perfection" is the enemy
of "good"
I do not pretend to be a pro, just to have fun.
That was a very nice Italian lesson... I might decide to pursue
now that I have THE teacher...Lol
Posted by Mike_P on 01/26/2010.
Hi Hera,
What can I say...
1) Thanks of course... for the above comments AND for being
It is thanks to such comments that we can progress.
(although I would not re-record this song for that, I will pay
attention to the next one)
2) stop drinking! (Martini) ;)
3) Be ready to accept Mia HAD the most famous version, it want
Posted by Mike_P on 01/26/2010.
just suppose,
I could speak Italian perfectly...

I think I would still deliberately do mistakes...to benefit from
your expert advices again...;)

Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
Meanwhile, I think I will have a sun burst ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 01/27/2010.
...How much time you needed to learn this song? really
Posted by pagarvi on 01/25/2010.
hehe... lets continue here.
How long? not too long.
A few days listening the song while driving to work, just
warming up the rhythm and voice singing LALALA.
Then found and downloaded the karaoke file on youtube.
Then sang the original lyrics
and sent to Simmy for help and modification of the text. (so
that it is a man singing for a women and not vice versa.)
4 more recording to rehearse Simmy's advices and lyrics.
then upload. Total of 8 recordings, few hours to setup the new
sound card parameters and mixing.
Ciao ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 01/26/2010.
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