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rosamusic performs
Amazing Grace [Live]
André Rieu
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rosamusic's Notes
In the morning you wake up you go outside. A little wind trough the trees, the sun is coming up and birds are singing......amazing grace
Always a pleausure come here my dear Gege :)
Big stars to your sky...
Posted by pagarvi on 04/02/2014.
Thanks my d......
Posted by rosamusic on 04/03/2014.
I think Simmy is right. Its the browser
Posted by rosamusic on 03/31/2014.
You're welcome :D
Posted by simmy on 04/01/2014.
GeGe :)****************
Posted by perdoname on 06/17/2012.
Thanks so much
Posted by rosamusic on 06/17/2012.
Thank you Maria!!!"!! Bisous
Posted by rosamusic on 07/19/2014.
Yes you wright Howard, that's why i continue to upload songs
here. It is like a big database for me in case my computer
crashes. Strange i had no email of you'r message.
Anyway thanks....
Posted by rosamusic on 02/22/2012.
Yes, don't leave 'home' ...
For quality we go listening to YT and for the old family talk we
go to midomi, right?
Btw: I'll talk to you soon;)
Posted by misspronce on 02/22/2012.
And we did....haha
Thanks Lara
Posted by rosamusic on 06/17/2012.
Oh!! Old reply I missed. Got it now. :-)
Posted by HowardH on 03/28/2014.
Er zijn zelfs 3 nieuwe uitgaven van laat me vivre Lara.
Wat doen we?
Posted by rosamusic on 07/19/2014.
Vertel ik je via PM ok ;)
Posted by misspronce on 07/21/2014.
From FB and back to Midomi!

I think I still like listening at Midomi best, even though the
sound quality can be better at FB. Midomi still feels like home.
And old rundown house, haha, but still home.

Beautiful song, Gégé.
Posted by HowardH on 02/11/2012.
thanks Howard. I,m comming home now but doors are closed it seems
Posted by rosamusic on 03/28/2014.
And the windows are boarded up!
I don't know what's happening with your attempts to record
recently. I read that you tried more than twenty times but
couldn't connect. I remember that I've had problems sometimes,
too. But the last time I recorded it went fine. No problems!

My advice: try again in a few days. The glitches here are
mysterious and frustrating, but eventually they resolve
themselves, it seems.
Posted by HowardH on 03/28/2014.
Je peux registrer un 'recording'.
Posted by HowardH on 03/30/2014.
Posted by misspronce on 03/30/2014.
Lara, tell Guégué to keep trying. :-)
Posted by HowardH on 03/30/2014.
hy Lara hoe is het?
Posted by rosamusic on 03/31/2014.
Rommelig :P
Posted by misspronce on 04/01/2014.
Well and I tryed Howard but.....no way. I tryed 5 computers even
one in Amsterdam. a friend also on Midomi has the same problem.
So we think we (Holland and the north of Germany) are simply cut
Posted by rosamusic on 07/19/2014.
Look down on the comments....thank s Howard
Posted by rosamusic on 07/19/2014.
It's so weird! Other Europeans quite near you are recording. I
wonder what could be the problem.
Posted by HowardH on 07/19/2014.
We hadden het over laat me vivre.
Er is een backingtrack.....wat doen we?
Posted by rosamusic on 07/19/2014.
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