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thiiis is ammaazzzing.
Posted by ariellek on 06/08/2008.
You sing very interesting, best regards from ADAM
Posted by ADAMB on 03/17/2008.
Great choice really well done. More please
Posted by UKPhil on 03/12/2008.
ooh! I got chills! Love it!
Posted by dimplemonk on 02/18/2008.
youre incridibleee!
Posted by bella_baby on 09/22/2007.
adore you and want you so i m just a no one with nothing to give
you but oh i love you
Posted by rock333 on 08/02/2007.
Thank you!
Posted by kristyv on 08/02/2007.
I wouldnt say that your better than Jordin Sparks. She really
rocked that song on American Idol, even better than the original
to me, but u sing it well too, i like the note u sang at the very
end of the song. Good job!
Posted by playboy on 07/19/2007.
Actually, I remember that song being done by Terry Knight & The
Pack in the late 60's
Posted by tlk11067 on 06/15/2007.
please record mre and email me becasue i want tips from you....
ps- sing the whole song PLEASEE
Posted by bella_baby on 05/27/2007.
well. yo udeserve it! omg! U ARE AMAZING. pelase email me so u
can give me [email protected]@
Posted by bella_baby on 05/25/2007.
Thant is WAY too kind!
Posted by kristyv on 05/25/2007.
Posted by bella_baby on 05/25/2007.
Your voice is absolutely beautiful! I was already scared to try
this one because of how wonderful Jordin sounded but now I'm
really terrified. Please keep recording. I would love to hear
more from you :)
Posted by babu25 on 05/17/2007.
Thank you!

I have 7 other songs on my profile.

Thank you again!

Posted by gir on 05/17/2007.
OK, that small child above me is my 10 year old son Grant. You
may not want to listen to his songs I was the one who has 7 other
recordings. By the way I just listened to some of your songs and
they're good!

Keep singing!

Posted by kristyv on 05/17/2007.
Well, I tried to fix my mic, it's only 11years old!
This version of the song was done on American Idol, so it's yet
to be released.
I like your rendition, it has a soft sweet quality.
Thanks for your feed back!

Posted by kristyv on 03/30/2007.
Wow that is some powerful voice you have there ............ you
need a volume warning on this song! I liked it, you sang it
really well, wish you had sung the whole song. I did a version
this, I'd appreciate your comments on it - it's under I (Who Have
Nothing) by Shirley Bassey.

Happy singing and listening, and welcome to Midomi.
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/29/2007.
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