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Fallingsta's Notes
"Come away with me and I will write you a song.... Come away with me, and I'll never stop loving you".... **************************************************************** I recorded this song a while ago, way past midnight... almost whisperig in some parts. I simply felt inspired to sing it, so well, here it is! Always wanted to sing some Norah Jones,but didn't feel like I could.. up till now, that I felt up for the challenge..... with some extra push ;) (Thank you "pusher"!! *muaaah* ;)) ************************************************************** MP3 version at http://fallingstar73.blogspot.com/
Ahhh, mi canarita, this is simply... GREAT! :) I sooo wish I
could 'whisper' like you for once in my whole life, lol - but ok,
I have to cope with my 'maaaany' limitations, hahahaha... And
think that I once had a 'pusher' too, suggesting me to try
Nora's, lol, gee... If YOU, the shining star regarded this as a
challenge, how would I regard this?! :O
You're TOPS, errr... have I ever said that, huh?! ;) - And, for
your front page, I want to celebrate with you, oh, yeah,
C|_| |_|D
Sallllllud, amiga! :)))
Eres grande and yo te quiero muchisimo, lo sabes, no?!
Posted by diva-br on 10/23/2010.
definetly my favourite Nora's song .how relaxing and magic
magic is your singing ;) HAT OFF!!!!!! AND RESPECT LADY
Posted by sweetsoni on 09/01/2010.
Mimita! How pretty!
I saw you mentioned this recording at FB. Not knowing anything
about Spanish verb tenses ("hice" is past tense? LOL), I thought
you must have been saying you were GOING to sing this.

But this is six months old. Where was I then? Oh, yeah! I was in
Oregon. (Weren't you in the back seat?)
I wonder what other gems I've missed among your recordings...

Nice mix job, too, Mima.
(mp3 is mine! LOL)
Posted by HowardH on 03/10/2010.
me encanto tu cancion, tienes una voz preciosa mil estrellas.
Posted by fer_car on 09/28/2009.
Muchísimas gracias fer, qué bueno que te gustara!! :D Besos
para tí también! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 10/03/2009.
I just listened to Mike's new one, now this one, you really want
to make me go to bed with the widest smile ^___^
And you picked an incredibly sweet song; God bless your good
mic! I can feel the breath of a couple "wiTH"s on my cheek :D
So beautiful, I really thank you hermanita and the other friends
for making me listen these awesome songs!
Posted by Heracleum on 09/27/2009.
Ohh but you liked it!! :D
Yes, it's a very sweet and lovely song and the lyrics are so
beautiful, it always makes me dream away.....
Hehe if you listen to the MP3, you will feel those WITH's and
some more ! ;)
Thank you hermanillo, I am very happy you like this new Monita's
style! *besitos*
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/28/2009.
BUT....it is YOU on 2nd place today ! Aah good old times coming
back : PROSIT ! with a \_/ of champagne ! ^^
Posted by misspronce on 09/27/2009.
Ahhh Lara, thanks for bringing the glass! ;)) ok I am one day
late but it's never late for a toast with you my dear, thank
you!!! *PROSIT* chin chin!! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/28/2009.
WOOOWW!!! Me dejaste :0 con la boca abierta! jajaja
un cambio de estilo muy bueno :)) te felicito, es una canción
muy bella y tu la interpretas con mucho sentimiento, se ve que te
gusta :)) *****************************************************
y por supuesto P.L. tmbn. archiss!!
Posted by Guillermo_ on 09/25/2009.
Ohh muchas gracias Guillermo!! :)))))) Sí, me gusta mucho esta
canción, y cantarla en el silencio de la media noche, y con la
luz de una vela (y el monitor del PC!) da mucha inspiración
Gracias por tantas estrellas y el playlist!! Archirequetesss!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/25/2009.
Aww thank you Divya!! :))) So nice to see you here hun, and that
you like this one! Blowing lots of kisses your way *mwaaaaaaaaah*
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/26/2009.
:( un día atrasada... Pero QUE FELIZ me haces con tu canto
querida Monita, eres más que fabulosa!!!! esta canción es
mágica...dulce...maravillosa tu voz, mil estrellas y mil más!!
BESOTES!!! y gracias por dar tanto amor con tu cantar
Posted by pagarvi on 09/25/2009.
Patri, no importa el retraso, cariño!!;) Verte por mis
canciones siempre es una alegría inmensa!
Esta canción también me inspira algo de magia, y me hace
soñar... :)) gracias mi niña linda, por estar siempre ahí a mi
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/25/2009.
Dear Moni !

Who on earth could refuse...your voice is so pure, clean, you
are singing flawless, maybe whispering but oh so powerfull
whispering ;) Even eyes closed I would follow ! It makes me think
of the legend of "The Pied Piper of Pamel" :))) Female version !
LOL ! It is beautiful and whoever your pusher might be, let him
push cause he knows what he's doing ! ;)
Posted by misspronce on 09/25/2009.
OH MY! Lara, you should have seen the smile on my face when I
read your comment THANK YOU! :)))))
I shall record more after midnight , that's for sure! ;) Yes,
I think I will keep listening to my "pusher", that certainly
knew something about my voice that I didn't! ehehe
Muchos besos amiga!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/25/2009.
Fallingsta, the real return!!

All of midomi will be coming away with you tonight dear!

Such pure recording, such great voice! I am speechless so

Posted by Mike_P on 09/25/2009.
Ooh Mike, what a comment, you made me blush! *(^_^)* And I am so
very happy you liked this! It's another side of my singing,
but I enjoyed it so much.... and maybe more will come, then?
Thank you my dear friend! *BESOS*
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/25/2009.
Hey! Gonna be the first! GREAT!!! Wonderful singing my friend!
SSTTAARRRSSS! Kisses! Josefina
Posted by girlyroy on 09/24/2009.
Thank you dear Josie, you are the first, so quick!! Thank you
hun , and playlist too! ;) kisses for you too!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/24/2009.
yours performances[and ,,voice,,]always high
Posted by kryspaul on 09/24/2009.
Thank you very much Paolo, wow, you are so kind to me!! :)))
Muchas gracias amigo, besos!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/24/2009.
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