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MikeRamone performs
What I've Done
Linkin Park
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Posted by dk35543216 on 04/10/2015.
Oh myy .....
Posted by Enma on 08/26/2012.
Posted by thiagoPere on 08/06/2012.
What a good voice of you!
I love it so much!
Posted by Kuromiyaya on 04/30/2012.
it's awesome
Posted by tengmac on 12/26/2011.
Nice Guitar
Posted by ddgworry00 on 11/13/2011.
Posted by tohidtnt on 09/18/2011.
i like your voice
Posted by junjun5742 on 09/04/2011.
awsome but you kinda cracked a lil in your voice practice makes
perfect your awesome
Posted by JustBnMe on 08/14/2011.
Posted by wooofy on 06/11/2011.
Very nice cover and very good voice =)
Posted by sylke on 05/12/2011.
Ooh, I love this version on the song! Good job man!
Posted by Sephina on 04/28/2011.
nice !!!
Posted by wyfbi911 on 04/24/2011.
I like the music of linkin park
Posted by Singis32 on 12/15/2009.
i love your voice 真的不错
Posted by Asplin on 09/18/2009.
Woo,Ur voice is very nice.
Posted by bottle_ on 05/04/2009.
I really love this song, and you sang even better than Linkin
Park ,since you gave me a different feeling. your voice is
special ,wonderful
Posted by ostrich on 04/26/2009.
Posted by ostrich on 04/26/2009.
VERY nice voice , very nice song ..
I love that .
Posted by markeee on 04/26/2009.
ohh i love your voice timbre it's really impressive!! i'm
Posted by kikuko1990 on 04/19/2009.
Posted by victor911 on 04/19/2009.
omg that style of singing when you sing chorus is perfect, i
would like to knew it, in compare with this is my song trash
Posted by xyzo on 04/13/2009.
I thought it was good, you obviously have a natural talent, but I
think what you need to do is nurture that, get some voice
lessons, and you will be brilliant!
Posted by streether on 04/13/2009.
your voice is stunning
very beautiful
Posted by TwinFools on 04/11/2009.
nice voice....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Posted by romar_28 on 04/10/2009.
Just great!!! Wordless...
You deserve to record a CD!
Posted by MahoCamui on 04/10/2009.
absolutely amazing!!! speechless
Posted by goth_moonF on 04/10/2009.
Posted by adirazer on 04/02/2009.
good voice just a little drift
Posted by oasis8912 on 04/04/2009.
Thanks a lot for the comment.
I am not a native english speaker.

That was an impromptu.

Will come out with something more decent . Just for you. :)
Posted by adirazer on 04/07/2009.
it was really nasaly. u need coaching but it was still good :D
Posted by CALEY77 on 03/28/2009.
Te sale igual que el chico de linkin park!
Posted by Delicate on 03/26/2009.
wow amazing!
Posted by jhato200x on 03/21/2009.
Posted by skelig on 02/24/2009.
This is insanely good! I would say that I preferred it to the
original, but you've added such a different sound to it that it
wouldn't be an accurate statement. First song added to my
playlist. :)
Posted by Tangent on 02/17/2009.
It is ok
Posted by Eillion on 12/10/2008.
Posted by XMAXX on 11/10/2008.
Posted by louvei on 10/24/2008.
Posted by louvei on 10/24/2008.
I like the guitar, but your voice sounds interesting...
Posted by Joanofark on 10/14/2008.
O my dear gOd
Posted by adamjiang on 09/21/2008.
u were really nice
Posted by mufiz on 08/30/2008.
hey that was good expecily on a computer mic good job
Posted by ABTIS on 08/23/2008.
i love the guitar part and the chorus \m/ '_' \m/ nice rendition
Posted by CHADANNE on 08/21/2008.
Fantastic stuff! Perfect!
Very talented! Great song too!
Posted by Cocoliche on 08/20/2008.
Posted by luobobin on 08/20/2008.
you're great!
Posted by evansblue on 08/19/2008.
i`m linkinpark fan~^^
i`m Chinese^^
i like play the guitar and sing!^^ English songs ~~~
Posted by coolsphinx on 08/19/2008.
wow amazing job
best cover ive heard in a while
Posted by pandy4ever on 08/18/2008.
love your voice!
your good..
Posted by vitaliad on 08/18/2008.
Very Good ( :
Posted by aoibheann on 08/18/2008.
wow. perfect.
Posted by Leilla on 08/18/2008.
hah like chaster~
Posted by Jo.R.CHN on 08/17/2008.
your voice is full of power and you can control it very
Posted by hamvin on 08/17/2008.
very good
Posted by 506898523 on 08/17/2008.
not bad
Posted by zyy871105 on 08/17/2008.
Did you play the guitar by yourself?
Posted by lpoasis on 08/16/2008.
not bad
Posted by jinian on 08/16/2008.
yeah, i play my guitar on all songs I think =)
Posted by MikeRamone on 08/16/2008.
Posted by gayly on 08/16/2008.
Hello. d:

You're really good. :D
- And it's a nice song.

//Thea. <3
Posted by Tiah_14 on 08/16/2008.
oh my god
you're amazing!
Posted by hippop1117 on 08/16/2008.
Amazing I love your voice
Posted by milanwewe on 08/15/2008.
Posted by marsChina on 08/15/2008.
Good play!
Posted by lyx3922 on 08/15/2008.
Very nice.It sounds relaxed.In my opinion,for people from
differdnt countries with different cultures there is not much
difference in appreciation of music.Best wishes.
Posted by viviice on 08/15/2008.
relax??how?are u kidding me?
Posted by gao_yuan on 08/15/2008.
Actually,no.That was right for me,the only reason.There is
music for the heart.Just my feeling.
Posted by viviice on 10/19/2008.
Posted by wenbb041 on 08/14/2008.
not bad , but compared to Chest,you still got a lot work to
Posted by my_rule on 08/14/2008.
You play guitar very well...So cool.
Posted by sosoya on 08/14/2008.
wow so great I love your voice and youre good at playing the
guitar... keep it up.. goodluck to your career i love this one!
Posted by flecher on 08/13/2008.
It´s it´s so so so so so fantastic.
Posted by Chrisly on 07/30/2008.
Posted by sawyerjoe on 06/29/2008.
WOW! Just Perfect!
Really nice!
Posted by Maaay_ on 06/29/2008.
your voice is very beltiful, and you play guitar very well!
Posted by AmandaH on 06/29/2008.
Wow, very impressive in the way you sing...I love that voice and
the guitar play....
Posted by kunidanif on 06/29/2008.
Nice :) :)
Posted by arc196 on 06/28/2008.
Oh my godness! O_O, Awesome
Posted by Ismelito on 06/25/2008.
linkin park is ma life n its part of ma soul i love u linkin park
Posted by chintustud on 06/24/2008.
very good!!!
Posted by tfz-8977 on 06/22/2008.
i wish i had a voice like this! so great!
Posted by vashe on 06/11/2008.
wow its good
Posted by austorior on 05/16/2008.
Very good dude i like it
Posted by blackcool7 on 05/02/2008.
Wow....really good
Posted by shyra37 on 04/30/2008.
nice check my tunes
Posted by shmoo on 04/10/2008.
i love it!! so, good 2 listen!! i like ur voive!
Posted by OpHaLyN on 04/10/2008.
GREAT!!!!!!! 5*****
Posted by llorenzo on 04/10/2008.
Whoah, damn good cover! Man it sounds like you got distracted and
applied overdrive on you voice instead of your guitar! :D Really
good job! Five stars
Posted by Heracleum on 04/09/2008.
wow its great!! I like your renditions of the songs of Linkin
Posted by Liljanaukr on 04/08/2008.
You wrote exactly what was thinking about Mike ^^
Posted by D-Press on 04/24/2008.
OMG =x
really good.
I'm your fan ^^
Posted by Fuuka on 04/06/2008.
awesome cover!!
Posted by Dudasky on 04/05/2008.
damn boy you is good i mean i love rock and i think that is the
best i think i have ever heard for now since i just got on this
thing and i am new

Posted by katiecute on 04/01/2008.
Posted by zupayne on 03/13/2008.
well, what's your band's name, eh? 'cause that's a kind of show.
and not only this song. great work
Posted by starfire on 03/03/2008.
You have an awesome rocker voice...so neat =)
Posted by rogue78 on 01/23/2008.
wow good work
Posted by divk on 01/07/2008.
simply great!!!!! i really envy you!!! *_*
Posted by arkanoid on 01/03/2008.
wow,you're great!!!it's wonderful
Posted by andy_cz on 12/30/2007.
Posted by orlandoola on 12/13/2007.
you are nice bro
Posted by donavan on 12/04/2007.
my great singer!
Posted by xintaiyy on 11/16/2007.
Posted by ababa on 10/25/2007.
respect,u got talent
Posted by ababa on 10/25/2007.
very well done!=)=)
Posted by SIMO1988 on 10/19/2007.
u sung this one also awesome
keep it up dude!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by vhyom94 on 10/16/2007.
gr8 voice dude!!keep it up!!
Posted by kratik on 10/04/2007.
Amazing voice
Posted by Dhimz on 10/03/2007.
Unbelievable!Your voice is so great!
Posted by CoCoDoll on 10/01/2007.
yes...verry well done sir...kudos to you
Posted by JoseRamon on 09/28/2007.
wow!Nothing I can say more. superb...!
Posted by redtakius on 09/19/2007.
Posted by sherwood on 08/29/2007.
very cool brother
Posted by sherwood on 08/29/2007.
very nice!! COOL!!!!
Posted by Oxy on 08/15/2007.
WoOoOoOow gr8:D:D I luv this song.....=))
Posted by Dajan4e on 08/13/2007.
F*cking great!
Posted by SickLullab on 08/05/2007.
very good!!!!!!!
Posted by Gerior on 08/05/2007.
That´s very good wow *thumbs up*
Posted by Texran on 07/31/2007.
very goood
Posted by aleja30 on 07/29/2007.
Posted by aleja30 on 07/29/2007.
Posted by scarecrow on 07/26/2007.
Almost better than the original... VERY VERY GOOD!!! ;-)
Posted by dJnIk0 on 07/25/2007.
Posted by SHIVANI on 07/18/2007.
i dont no this song but ilike the way you singit great voice
Posted by johnlennon on 07/12/2007.
good voice !
Posted by Symen on 07/12/2007.
HATE the song but your voice is AMAZING..
Posted by rufus on 07/12/2007.
very nice voice. id buy your cd if you had one!
Posted by ash-lee on 07/11/2007.
well done
Posted by acura2 on 07/11/2007.
man you have an awesome voice! i love your pitch too! good job
keep up the good work! be sure to check out my new rendition of
ordinary people by john legend
Posted by Jtoonice4u on 07/11/2007.
You have a amazing voice, dude.

Very nice
Posted by fantastiq on 07/11/2007.
i love it :)
Posted by LouiseWahl on 07/11/2007.
great voice! 牛人!
Posted by XuXin on 07/09/2007.
Wow. I love your voice! Det var rigtig godt!
Posted by 3M1L13 on 07/09/2007.
please comment my recordings!! i would really like to hear all
your opinions!
Posted by bella_baby on 07/09/2007.
it is amazing. you have great voice!!
Posted by nikii on 07/09/2007.
Posted by paliin91 on 07/09/2007.
oooo very good !!!
Posted by kotatko on 07/08/2007.
great job, im in the transformers movie mentioned above and i
was glad this song was selected
Posted by mooseface on 07/08/2007.
your the best,,, im avid fun of linkin park and you sounds like
chester!!! you rock my world....!!!
Posted by jho on 07/07/2007.
OMG I've never heard something like that! YOU'RE GREAT!!!!
That gives me the creeps, because it's so fuckin good!!!

Posted by Escapology on 07/06/2007.
I just saw "Transformers" on Tuesday (somewhat of a letdown by
the way), but this song from the end credits is AWESOME and you
did it perfectly. You continually impress me!
Posted by edawgg34 on 07/05/2007.
I keep listening to it, n maybe if i do, i'll get as gd as yhoo!
Posted by Elizibongo on 07/03/2007.
WoW, another brilliant recording from Mr. Mike Ramone!
Posted by MathiasPDK on 06/30/2007.
wow.. amazing again.. you're absolutelly the best singer (and a
guitar player) at this site.. =o)
Posted by Katcha on 06/29/2007.
OMG! Your great at the guitar, and you sing so well! I only play
cornet and play the piano a bit, i'd love to play guitar as well
as you! I sang this song but its no where near as good as this!

Keep singing!


Posted by Elizibongo on 06/29/2007.
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