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kpramod's Notes
A masterpiece of RD...from film Anamika
very good ...........keepit
Posted by indrasab on 01/24/2013.
Excellent singing, one of my favorites.
Posted by Jolly.S on 12/15/2012.
Thanks Jolly....& welcome to midomi....look forward to your
postings too!
Posted by kpramod on 12/15/2012.
beautful song pramod ji ...sung with so much perfection as song
require..great ..
Posted by kberry on 12/15/2012.
Thanks Kamleshji...it was really tough singing a female song...i
think you will be able to do better justice to this song!
Posted by kpramod on 12/15/2012.
excellent singing pramod ji
Posted by sk.sikar on 12/14/2012.
Thanks doc.....nice to see you here....will try to be more
Posted by kpramod on 12/14/2012.
very well done pramod sir
Posted by dr.pravin on 12/13/2012.
Thank you so much doctor...not heard from you for quite some
time....await your posting...!!
Posted by kpramod on 12/14/2012.
very sweet & melodious singing pramod saaheb..keep sharing
Posted by janabezia on 12/11/2012.
Thanks a lot Ziabhai.....singing female songs is real
challenging...but one just can't resist....await a better version
from our lady midomians..:))!
Posted by kpramod on 12/14/2012.
Indeed a masterpiece of Panchamda and you've rendered perfectly
Pramodji, Good voice control and captured the mood of the
song..keep it up
Posted by moses123 on 12/11/2012.
Thank you very much Mosesbhai.....Panchamda was a genius like his
father and majority of his songs are worth listening again and
Posted by kpramod on 12/11/2012.
Very nicely done...Excellent rendition with the softnes, that the
song deserves....
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/11/2012.
Thanks a lot Jaideep.....and I am really delighted to listen to
your recordings.....!!...Keep sharing!
Posted by kpramod on 12/11/2012.
khoobsurat khoobsurat khoobsurat!!!waaah pramod ji ek female gana
itne ache se nibhana bada mushkil hai ...aapne start se end takk
gaane ki har ek lafaz ko bahut feelingfully gaya..bahut hi soft
voice ke sath..this is really great singing!!!
Posted by glowworm on 12/10/2012.
Thanks Varindar.....RD was a genius.....it shows in each of his
songs....thanks for your appreciation!
Posted by kpramod on 12/10/2012.
bahot mast gaya pramod bhai.very nice song choice too.
Posted by DOSTI on 12/10/2012.
Thank you so much Dost....this movie was a hit more for it;s
music....thanks for listening and appreciating the beauty of
Posted by kpramod on 12/10/2012.
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