haven't been on in 1499 days and I think I'll come and record something!! :) Excited!!!
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Age: 32
Hometown: North Carolina
About me:
I'm a FULL TIME college student in N.C. Music is my 1st LOVE! I enjoy singing....ALL THE TIME! I sing, dance, model a...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 06/10/2007
Notes: I got a little tired of singing it this time so I let it go...I recorded it 3 times and I didnt like either of them so I'll record it again another time!
dolcissima voce, brava, ma sono convinto
che con la musica sotto saresti davvero
fantastica, comunque stelle
meritatissime, ciao ciao Tony
Posted by revenge on 08/13/2015.
wow! Beautiful voice!
Posted by Decanter on 07/30/2015.
Your voice it's beautiful!
Posted by Rafe on 08/09/2014.
i like it. Congrats
Posted by milkarelis on 04/17/2014.
This is really the only song I've heard
in the midomi Stars that actually sounds
good. :) Great job.
Posted by Rayhinon on 03/15/2014.
you have a wonderfull voice
Posted by mileytipto on 03/10/2014.
Posted by mileytipto on 03/10/2014.
Your voice is so so beautiful...!
congratulations 5 starts :)
Posted by dulce16 on 03/03/2014.
Genial!!! pasate x mis grabaciones y
comenta ! cantas muy bien
Posted by SOLCHUu on 01/31/2014.
Your voice is (as the Brazilian say) D+
Posted by Veneficaae on 06/26/2013.
Posted by vv10021348 on 05/16/2013.
your voice is so beautiful!
Posted by nemoemore on 05/12/2013.
Posted by tianne1 on 05/09/2013.
you sounded just like her good job
Posted by alexlion05 on 05/01/2013.
c'est super reussi
bravo a toi
Posted by lilia14317 on 04/23/2013.
You're really good! It's fun to listen
to, too! :) The chorus has a little room
for improvement, but the verses were
very good!!! Overall it was great!!

Posted by ashley8401 on 04/23/2013.
Posted by lacris on 04/18/2013.
Honestly, singing is just a piece of
cake to you ,the thing you just need to
improve just the skill if you wana get a
higher level. But it's really perfect to
my ears.;]
Posted by WinterHaw on 04/04/2013.
Posted by AYALLA1414 on 03/31/2013.
Compliments for your beautiful voice ;)
Posted by TemporaNig on 03/26/2013.
That is just AMAZING!!
Posted by AliaaZaki on 03/22/2013.
Man if you don't know who is Rihanna ---
are you from our Earth ?
Posted by ariana132 on 03/16/2013.
Who is Rihanna?... I think that you are
Rihanna *-* Nice Voice!
Posted by MattPoveda on 03/10/2013.
amazing :c
Posted by bruninho4e on 03/05/2013.
You have a nice control over your voice
and a sweet pitch, would just love to
hear a bit more personality (which was
probably lacking as you were tired),
Good job, keep singing! x
Posted by abbey707 on 03/05/2013.
Posted by sbx123 on 02/28/2013.
Posted by sbx123 on 02/28/2013.
Uau! Very Nice! I love it! You're voice
are similar at Rihanna! Congrats! Visit
my profite and give me your opinion
please! :)
Posted by Ninaav on 02/25/2013.
like it!
Posted by Sun_Dianka on 10/16/2012.
It give me a different feel!
Posted by Kuromiyaya on 04/30/2012.
Rihana voice and you´re voice are
Posted by Chrisly on 12/11/2008.
I love it!
Posted by Tiamia on 10/24/2008.
Posted by agut on 08/05/2008.
youv got a great voice wow would you
rate my singing and leane me a comment
Posted by snowy102 on 08/01/2008.
wow !!! great great great voice :)
Posted by joshua14 on 07/25/2008.
good :) really good
Posted by Zukiiinka on 08/24/2007.
Nice voice!
Posted by renato on 06/30/2007.
Posted by kazzmin678 on 06/11/2007.
Posted by kazzmin678 on 06/11/2007.
loud D:
Posted by alexlion05 on 05/01/2013.
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