my first bhajan album is released
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Hometown: Raigarh (chhattisgarh)
About me:
I like simplicity
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Recorded: 03/18/2010
Notes: Great romantic lyrics from DIL KA KYA KASOOR movie
Excuse Sanju Bhai..I am too late due to
time short.Very beautiful lyrics..i
liked almost all songs and refreshing
music from this movie.Aap ne bahut hi
achha gaya..aur expressions kabile
tareef Dost.Bahut dil se awaz nikali
hai..aur very remarkable on hich notes.
You deserve so much respect for helping
every friend on Midomi and Special
regards from Me..Pl take good care Sir!!
Posted by koku on 03/25/2010.
Yaar yeh geet to mein paheli baar sun
raha hoon par bahut hi mazaa
aayaa..simply superb singing sanjay bhai
and your expressions/feelings are
absolutely remarkable...aap awaaz ke
dhanwaan to hai hi aur dil ke
Posted by moses123 on 03/18/2010.
superb.....................your best ab
tak..thats wat i think ............shabd
nahib-n hain
Posted by indrasab on 03/18/2010.
kya baat hai sanjay bhai..a very
beautiful wordings and utna hi
khoobsuratee se pooree tarha
professional recording ke saath .. a
very beautiful and heart touching
singing.. beech mee jo kumar shanu ki
tarha jo exact soft movements
aaye..those are so superb that i have no
words... great sanjay bhai.
Posted by mks2208 on 03/18/2010.
Beautiful song and Sanjay you have sung
it superbly with full
dedication......this is one of your the
best songs.........very impressive!!!!
*********************************sim ply
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/18/2010.
***************************** for this
song from me.
Posted by rampalss7 on 03/18/2010.
aaj bhut din ke baad apka song suna bhut
aacha laga you sung it very well with
gr8 dedication
Posted by balludolly on 03/19/2010.
very expressive singing sanjay, you have
a beautiful voice and this song is a
treat to listen to in your voice.
Posted by ananya67 on 03/18/2010.
gud wrk sanjayji... a dif song frm
rafi's style :) keep up the gud wrk....
nice gud emotions :) gud wrk **********
Posted by kodax4 on 03/18/2010.
sanjay bhai, aapne bahut achi feelings
ke saath gaaya hai, aapne bilkul dil se
kaha hai ke kissi ko chahte rahna koi
khata nahi, mind blowing singing sanjay
bhai, keep it up, god bless u.
Posted by rampalss7 on 03/18/2010.
Sanjay u came again with very good
singing ,Sounds good full of emotion
,,keep coming ,,very perfect diction
Sanjay ,,Mashallah
Posted by mahmoodhaf on 03/18/2010.
wow !!!! my midomi Son !!!
What a superb song selection and
simialrly excellent music and recording
!!!!A great artist was hidden in you
!!!! and it is our Good luck that the
Hidden talent in you have come openly
infront of us !!!!
Wonderful singing !!!!
Whole universe ********* and Galaxies
donated as reward to you !!!!
Jain Uncle Salutes to you !!!!! May
almighty render you all the good things
whatever you wish !!!!
Mujhe naaz hai apne suputra par !!!!!I
think and wish it should touch the top
of midomi pages !!!!!It is so Delicious
Marvellous !!!!!! Honey is poured in
the ears of we midomians !!!!!! Great
Hugs and Blessings !!!!!
Chirayu bhav !!!!Srajansheel bhav !!!!
Papa ji
Posted by skjaindoha on 03/18/2010.
not heard this song b4 but sounds
good.well done sanjay
Posted by janabezia on 03/18/2010.
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