Age: 29
Hometown: Odense, Denmark
About me:
A great dane, who's in love with music and singing :D
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Recorded: 07/10/2007
Dude, you do so well on your songs that
when I clicked this song, before the
song even loaded I gave it 5 stars, you
have an awesome voice and your music
taste is pretty good.
Posted by Flow on 01/11/2008.
Oh my god! I can't thank you enough!
WOW! I'm speachless, really!
Posted by MathiasPDK on 01/12/2008.
I mean, you know it q;
Posted by NadiaHM on 11/15/2007.
What? (:
Posted by MathiasPDK on 11/15/2007.
I know ;b
Posted by NadiaHM on 11/15/2007.
wow youre really good!!!
Posted by nycp10 on 08/24/2007.
Thank you so much! :I
Posted by MathiasPDK on 08/25/2007.
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