I miss you all my midomi friends! huhuhu where are you guys? I wanna know what happened to all of yo
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Age: 27
Hometown: philippines general santos
About me:
i am quite bad in singing but plss listen to my recordings and do leave some comments either good or bad haha i will ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 10/13/2007
Notes: plsss put a comment..
i like
Posted by ces16 on 09/11/2011.
I'm glad you liked it!!
Posted by joshua14 on 09/11/2011.
love it
Posted by tintin17 on 12/01/2010.
i loove it !! great boyy !! :):)
Posted by Leilou175 on 11/06/2009.
really? thanks a lot
Posted by joshua14 on 11/07/2009.
ur voice is wonderful
Posted by seafriend on 03/23/2009.
everyone plz check out my version
Posted by shaloina on 03/18/2009.
totally good!~
Posted by supercry on 02/20/2009.
thanks a lot :)
God bless you :)
Posted by joshua14 on 02/23/2009.
good voice
Posted by shaloina on 01/25/2009.
i love it! you're amazing;D
and thanks for the comment the other
Posted by soley on 09/07/2008.
Would like to hear more when your
Nice voice!
Posted by KenKeeping on 09/04/2008.
Posted by joshua14 on 09/05/2008.
hehee yea:) thanks for the comment :)
yea i have a cough when i was record
tahts one
Posted by joshua14 on 05/09/2008.
hehehehehe really hehe thanks hehe :)
hope so hehehe god blesss u!
Posted by joshua14 on 04/19/2008.
awesome...hope i can have a brother as
good as u to sing..
Posted by ambot on 04/19/2008.
nice voice
Posted by rossella_5 on 04/04/2008.
hey thank you very much ozoneroman
forthhe wonderful comment.. god bless
Posted by joshua14 on 02/26/2008.
great voice, you sound like a pro.
Posted by ozoneroman on 02/26/2008.
thank you playboy
Posted by joshua14 on 02/08/2008.
yo hi nice singing
Posted by PlayBoy95 on 02/08/2008.
thank po.. hehehe
Posted by joshua14 on 01/25/2008.
bagay na bagay sa yo yung ganitong song
Posted by ever2green on 01/25/2008.
thank you very much.... heheheheh :)
Posted by joshua14 on 01/21/2008.
wow so amazing voice!!!!!5 stars:-)
Posted by andy_cz on 01/20/2008.
heheheh thanks lic hehehe. god bless
you.. :)
Posted by joshua14 on 01/12/2008.
waw beautifull!
Posted by LIC on 01/10/2008.
thank po..
Posted by joshua14 on 01/03/2008.
galing ng kanta mo d2.... kya lng ung
lyrics mo nawala..... ok naman rendition
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/03/2008.
thanks tashy..
Posted by joshua14 on 12/08/2007.
great voice but the cough was i little
bit u know p.s learn the words i little
bit more other than that well done !!!!
Posted by tashy101 on 12/08/2007.
thank you again and again to you
watashi. :)
your so nice..
thanks for the wonderful comment..
heheheheh god bless you.. :) ;)
Posted by joshua14 on 11/27/2007.
Nhaa ><" beutifull againn *-*
Posted by Watashii on 11/26/2007.
thank you ule..
di naman maxado heheh..
thnx ha..
Posted by joshua14 on 11/23/2007.
ganda talaga
Posted by yhonhye on 11/21/2007.
thank you ate kamusta
di naman masyadong good...
Posted by joshua14 on 10/30/2007.
omg! very kewl voice ! You sound so
imported! lol!
Posted by imurbabyhu on 10/30/2007.
thank you :)
Posted by joshua14 on 10/29/2007.
wow, you voice is amazing, i love your
rendition <3
Posted by joey.x3 on 10/29/2007.
hey wats up
Posted by Brooklynn1 on 10/27/2007.
hello :)
Posted by joshua14 on 10/27/2007.
are you a beautyful girl
Posted by princesse on 10/27/2007.
Posted by joshua14 on 10/27/2007.
not really but i trusted you.. thank
verry much
Posted by joshua14 on 10/26/2007.
Posted by angelina on 10/26/2007.
thank you mirefel
Posted by joshua14 on 10/24/2007.
incredible, so good
Posted by mirefel on 10/24/2007.
it is sean kingston lyrics..
i didnt memmorize it already.. well
thanks for your comment.. thank you very
Posted by joshua14 on 10/18/2007.
niyaahaha what a grammar..
Posted by joshua14 on 07/19/2010.
Awsome the only thing is you needed to
know the lyrics more but you are really
good you just need to find that one song
you will rock at!
Posted by vicky073 on 10/17/2007.
your online??
Posted by joshua14 on 10/17/2007.
thank you..
Posted by joshua14 on 10/17/2007.
too good!=) luv your voice too..=)
so when we 'll duet?=)=)
Posted by SIMO1988 on 10/17/2007.
thank you...
Posted by joshua14 on 10/13/2007.
Posted by johnlennon on 10/13/2007.
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