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Age: 29
Hometown: Muntinlupa, Philippines
About me:
I love to sing and have been doing so since I was 5 but I've only finished my first year of vocal training...I love b...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 12/13/2007
Notes: Just me sing to American Tail's Somewhere Out There.
thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you, adiboo! :D
Posted by ever2green on 03/09/2008.
glad you liked it.
Posted by ever2green on 12/21/2007.
lovely song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by tashy101 on 12/20/2007.
Posted by pinkykate on 12/18/2007.
thanks, pinkykate! you've made my day :)
Posted by ever2green on 12/18/2007.
Lovely voice!
Posted by fonzie on 12/16/2007.
Wow, thanks for saying so.
Posted by ever2green on 12/16/2007.
oh my gosh-
an american tail was an awesome movie!
you did a good job singing somewhere
out there. kudos!
Posted by Jen0688 on 12/14/2007.
thanks so much. i love american tail too
Posted by ever2green on 12/16/2007.
Wow! Your voice is fantastic!
I like it =)
Posted by Thalie on 12/14/2007.
Glad you liked the rendition. :)
Posted by ever2green on 12/16/2007.
Thank you to everyone of you who
commented! You guys are great. ^_^
Posted by ever2green on 12/14/2007.
wow! that was really good!...ever...5*
for you, I like it!
Posted by mitchie on 12/13/2007.
You did an amazing job with this
classic. Will you sing more please?
Posted by joel on 12/13/2007.
thats a good song,
and thats a good rendition :)
Posted by punk_kitty on 12/13/2007.
That was wonderful!
Posted by edawgg34 on 12/13/2007.
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