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Hometown: Helena, Montana
About me:
I really love to sing a lot of songs coz that was my passion..I'm not much a singer myself but i enjoyed listening t...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 06/06/2008
Notes: Yeah!! Back again to Brenda Lee's songs!!!
so nice 5 st to u
Posted by gabrifarg on 05/08/2009.
I know you know her and your are only
kidding me! Anyway Thanks very much my
friend Bruno for always there for me!!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/12/2008.
Sorry but who is Brenda
Posted by brusal57 on 06/12/2008.
Great job girlyroy. You are the newest
Brenda Lee! Keep singing those teen
songs, they fit you well. Keep singing.
Well done. 5 real stars. 5*****.
Posted by jjrwaves on 06/07/2008.
Maraming Salamat jjrwaves!! Your so
always supportived to me!! Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/08/2008.
Tu `propio estilo!!! cantas super!!!! me
encantan las canciones que eliges
and stars!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 06/07/2008.
Muchas gracias mi quirido amiga.... Su
tan amables que me ha! Besos!!!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/08/2008.
Wowie! Fantastic singing girlroy! I love
Brenda Lee's song, well done my dear
friend "forever" Keep it all
coming...5***** of course! Big hugs and
Posted by mitchie on 06/07/2008.
Thanks so much my friend forever.. I'm
waiting your new recordings.. Kisses!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/08/2008.
Great! 5 brilliant stars!
Posted by Pentti on 06/06/2008.
Thanks a lot my friend Penti!! Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/06/2008.
Gracias mi quirido amiga!!! poner una
sonrisa en mi cara y mi dia!! Besos!!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/06/2008.
muy bien interpretada tu voz con mucha
personalidad te quedo fantastica un
besito hasta lueguito
Posted by aghatha on 06/06/2008.
Thanks my dear friend Howard for the
nice comment!! Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 06/06/2008.
Brenda could really cry out these sad
songs, couldn't she.
And you, too, Josie.
Well done!
Posted by HowardH on 06/06/2008.
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