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Recorded: 09/25/2015
Notes: Once I 'fell' on this song by hazard, and I immediately 'felt' it was made for me. I was hoping to find the fitting male voice for a duet, and with a decent guitar play, but...:\ So I decided to transform my frustration in a 'first-take''one-take''only-take' and erase all records after upload. That's what I did. I'm slowly loosing control of my left hand, including for guitar play, and it makes me very sad. Lately I was watching a movie about a guy who was playing on a guitar with a hole on it. When he started singing I recognized this song and so I had to sing it to remember it forever... The advantage of making harmonies with yourself is that when one part of you makes a mistake, the other part feels instinctively how it has to make a 'synchronized' mistake too :) Oh and yes: I know that my version is much much too fast, but I'm still hoping that 'Once...'
Mi hada belga preferida :)
felicidades y abrazo fraterno del sur
del mundo parte occidente
Posted by pagarvi on 12/31/2015.
Hey you! Dear angel-lover!
What has become of you...?
Aircraft did boundaries melt
away...Internet has removed the
boundaries of time and distance.
But you seem to be further than ever...
I miss you! I hope you 're living a good
Your fairy,
Posted by misspronce on 01/04/2016.
o_O Made for you? like a glove my dear!
I just like so much this sweet voice you
have, but you already knew that, and if
you are loosing something, honestly I
can't hear this 'something',
everything's perfect to me! Keep rockin
lovely girl!
Posted by sparchead on 12/25/2015.
My only regret is that I was so nervous
and couldn't really relax, so it became
a speedy song... while in fact the song
deserves peace and serenity. But like I
said at the end of my note: "maybe
once..."? Anyway, your nice comment
helps me to relax, thank you much!
Posted by misspronce on 12/27/2015.
I like the way you have played the song,
like you say "imperfect" but all the
charm is there, you are lovely!
Posted by sparchead on 12/30/2015.
Larinha, it looks like your left hand is
still working miracles, for this is a
very lovely recording to listen to. :) -
Could you pls tell me the title of the
movie that inspired you? I'd love to see
it. :)
Well, I don't know much about you,
amiga, but it seems we both are losing
some important 'functions' of our
bodies, right?
I also have 'stories' to tell,
unfortunately - let's try to remain
strong, alive and kicking, shall we? ;)
Posted by diva-br on 11/30/2015.
I'm just remark now that I started and
ended my 'note' above with the same word
and by coincidence it also happens to
be the title of the movie :) If you
take a look here:
lowly ... than you will find out about
the movie 'Once'.
Mmm...just want to say this: What my
body feels can cause pain, and it
sometimes can be important. What my
spirit & brain feel does not always
causes physical pain, but it hurts much
more and is not less important.
Let's try to be strong together!
Posted by misspronce on 12/10/2015.
One take? Pftt.. That's more than enough
for you to make it perfect. And this is
Posted by simmy on 11/25/2015.
I think this is a good example of how a
perfect song, rendered with all my
personal imperfections still can obtain
a perfect comment from a perfect
'friend' :)
PS: Don't skip the movie if you have
the chance to watch it!
Posted by misspronce on 11/25/2015.
Oi! Ho suonato la chitarra e cantato
allo stesso tempo e registrato allo
stesso tempo in una sola ripresa.
Poi ho aggiunto la mia seconda voce qua
e là, e il gioco è fatto.
Grazie per la vostra visita!
Posted by misspronce on 09/28/2015.
Fantastico. . .i giochi di voci mi
piacciono moltissimo. . .allora scusami
per non aver capito che anche tu come me
fai tutto da sola. . .peccato che le
stelle sono solo 5 perché ne meriti
molto di più. Bravissima Miss e a
presto con altre canzoni. Ciao ciao
Posted by revenge on 09/29/2015.
ciao Lara, mi dispiace ma non conosco la
canzone però devo dire che il duetto di
voci è davvero gradevole all'ascolto,
tra l'altro mi sembra che suonate voi la
chitarra, quindi doppiamente
brave...stelline meritate, ciao a presto
Posted by revenge on 09/27/2015.
oops...Si prega di trovare la mia
risposta sopra...
Posted by misspronce on 09/28/2015.
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