loves singing a capella after so long
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Age: 27
Hometown: India
About me:
Hey! I want to first thank everyone who had taken the time to listen, comment, rate or add me since without you guys ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 03/14/2008
Notes: bah..........ive lost practise.......havent sung in a month
nice song!!
your voice is still very nice, even
though one can hear youre a little out
of practise. But still great!!
lotsa luv :D
Posted by Aiveen on 04/01/2008.
Posted by prirox on 04/03/2008.
np ^^
Posted by Aiveen on 04/03/2008.
nice going keep it up
Posted by ninetales on 03/25/2008.
thanksss XD
Posted by prirox on 04/03/2008.
thanksss XD
Posted by prirox on 04/03/2008.
i love this music! marie digby is
Posted by Lullana on 03/20/2008.
ya she is and thank u XD
Posted by prirox on 04/03/2008.
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