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Recorded: 01/25/2007
Hi Keith:
I just joined Midomi and am a Christian
so went directly to hear the only 3
songs of the same they have and heard
your rendition. Very good Keith! Keep it
up! Look forward to your next song! :) I
used to sing in my church choir (no
longer there) for 10 years and this song
has so many meanings for me and you have
such a pure voice! I mean it!
Posted by Spirit117 on 02/15/2007.
Still lost and although a good redition,
not entertainment
Posted by nickinam on 02/01/2007.
Good to hear your voice again, Keith!
Can't wait to hear more songs from
Posted by Val on 01/30/2007.
Nice to meet you Tim's dad.
Posted by Keyvan on 01/25/2007.
Great job on the new site! Everyone
I've been showing it to has gotten
excited and thought of who they wanted
to pass the word along to. Strong viral
marketing potential.
Posted by Keith on 01/26/2007.
Well done, dad! :)
Posted by tim on 01/25/2007.
Wonderful :)
Posted by Keyvan on 01/25/2007.
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