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Hometown: Milan (Italy)
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Recorded: 07/05/2008
Notes: Dedicate to a special girl :)
very good! nice voice
Posted by Alisson1 on 08/22/2016.
great sound
Posted by corvette19 on 11/24/2014.
Posted by whoasheis on 11/21/2014.
Posted by whoasheis on 11/21/2014.
Of course this one should be
Beautiful voice :D
Posted by MahoCamui on 11/21/2014.
you guys should check my accoount
Posted by jessss on 11/19/2014.
yo también la cante :) aun que no creo
que tan bien como tu!!!
Posted by Eli.Diana on 11/01/2014.
Excellent voice and lyrics.
Posted by punter on 10/30/2014.
you sound greaaattt..
Posted by septem2080 on 12/27/2010.
wow, really good, very good voice, I
like how you did it :)
Posted by Lec3CT on 09/09/2009.
Wow its very sweet!! Great job!
Posted by Squee369 on 09/01/2009.
Love this song!!! u do it so

congratulations 5 stars*****
Posted by sandy_ar on 08/31/2009.
let's vote Nd82..wonderful
Posted by kentA on 08/24/2009.
wow,wonderful!I like your voice and your
perfect performence.
Posted by Viviencq on 08/11/2009.
wow........excellent......nice voice and
ur passion was shown in da
song........how nice if i could perform
that well........haiz!!!!!!!!
Posted by choon89 on 05/04/2009.
Nice job!
Posted by colavshcky on 03/12/2009.
veramente straordinaria, bella
interpetrazione, massimo delle stelle e
Posted by claudio63 on 01/28/2009.
waoooooooooo!! really nice ..I envy
your voice!
Posted by liujinxin on 12/20/2008.
Better than original :) I really enjoyed
listening this song.
Very well sung:)
5stars for ya
and comment some of my songs too..ill
be happy :)
with love Lucy
and Marry Xmas:)
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/10/2008.
Hello Andrea! Nice listening you again,
my friend! This song is one of my favs
and you sang it so wonderful!!! You're a
great star! In my playlist.
Posted by Rayo on 12/05/2008.
Oh..la..la..Let's move body a bit!!!
***^_^***...100* for you nd82 dear...I
never forget your voice
Posted by kentA on 12/04/2008.
excellent rendition! dare i say i may
actually like it better (or as much) as
the original!
Posted by cognetta on 11/12/2008.
You definitely sing great..so close to
the original. I love your
voice...perfectly sung. 5*****
Posted by kunidanif on 09/19/2008.
thank you again friend ;)
Posted by nd82 on 09/20/2008.
Hi! :) thank you Merry ;)
Posted by nd82 on 09/16/2008.
your very good..you have a very cute
accent...please listen to my song..:D
Posted by audur123 on 09/10/2008.
Thank you ^_^ yes sure ;) bye
Posted by nd82 on 09/10/2008.
Bravoooooo!!! ;)
non solo per questa canzone..anche per
le altre :)
Posted by sarangel on 09/09/2008.
ciao sara :) ti ringrazio molto ^^
Posted by nd82 on 09/09/2008.
Not much left to say, you're AWESOME,
boy! :D
I'll be listening to mooore of you as
soon as I can. :D
Posted by diva-br on 08/10/2008.
Hi Diva thank you very much :)))
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.

Posted by pel04 on 07/28/2008.
I love it too ;)
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
Thank you for your listen
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
Bella! Ma hai trovato la base? La voglio
anche io ti prego!!!
Posted by sphera90 on 07/18/2008.
ciao sphera, grazie, no la base
purtroppo per ora non si trova.. l'ho
fatta io :)
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
Andrea è molto
bella...complimenti...sei stato
bravissimo come al tuo solito...***** a
Posted by fania on 07/18/2008.
Grazie Stefy, e tu molto gentile come al
tuo solito ;)
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
bella sta canzone!! l'hai cantata molto
bene bravo!
Posted by nikko on 07/08/2008.
ciao nikko ti ringrazio molto :)
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
omg your voice is AMAZING and you are
HOT too!i wish there was more men like
you where i live hahaha! listen to my
songs when you get the time. Man this
microphone you got is awesome the echo
is nice! makes it sound so professional
Posted by methodgirl on 07/06/2008.
Thank you for your comment methodgirl ;)
eh eh eh
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
Helllo Andrea! We missed You!!!Welcome
back!!!!!And now one more wonderful
Posted by Rayo on 07/05/2008.
Hi my friend thank you!! :))
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
waw!!! my angel , you are here now. What
a song , and what a voice, I miss that
realy. Un bacio amico mio :)
Posted by mirefel on 07/05/2008.
Grazie Mirela :))) now I'm really
back... maybe ;)
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
Heey Andrea, welcome back! :) I've been
listening to Mraz this week a lot , and
you came up with this rendition now ;)
and what a great job you did !! This
song suits your voice a lot, I loved
it!! Bacioooo! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/05/2008.
Thank you Monica it was the song of my
summer :))))
Posted by nd82 on 08/27/2008.
Hey.. stavo ascoltando proprio questa
canzone un'oretta fa su Mtv e tra
l'altro per la prima volta! :)
Bella voce, fresca, stabile e
professionale =) adattissima al pezzo!
Ciao ND!
Posted by Heracleum on 07/05/2008.
Grazie Hera :) è fantastica sta
canzone! inoltre mi sono cimentato anche
nella costruzione della base perchè su
internet non la trovo ancora :)) più
difficile = più bello.. grazie per i
complimenti :)
Posted by nd82 on 07/05/2008.
AH! ecco infatti mi chiedevo.. oh ma
già girano le tracce strumentali?? :)
Posted by Heracleum on 07/05/2008.
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