is looking for songs to sing
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Age: 25
Hometown: Christchurch
About me:
I love to act, and I love Twilight and Jack's Mannequin. I'm Fourteen, but soon to be Fifteen in May. I love music an...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 02/09/2009
Notes: Only a TINY bit of the song. Didn't warm up properly as well. Bah, ohwell lolol.
You have very beautiful voice, best
regards from Adam
Posted by ADAMB on 03/30/2009.
you are very good , talented and
Amazingly beautiful it Is not a
compliment. forward Lauren Kate
Posted by ahmedems on 02/27/2009.
oooooh u r very big singer
Posted by mahmoudmok on 02/24/2009.
faaaaaaaark, this is GREAT!!!
Posted by Delz on 02/09/2009.
Fanks, Demelza.
It means alot.
Posted by LaurenKate on 02/09/2009.
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