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koku(1965)Kisi Ne Jadoo Kiya(Chand Aur Suraj)
Salil Chowdhury
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Recorded: 04/18/2014
Notes: Year:1965 Playback:Mukesh Music:Salil Chowdhury Lyrics: Shailendra Film:Chand Aur Suraj Leading Cast:Ashok Kumar,Nirupa Roy,Dharmendra,Tanuja Meragana#16215
Posted by q123456000 on 07/18/2014.
gud kaushik sir... jadu kiya ji... :)
thats nice of u to share this.. *****
Posted by kodax4 on 04/28/2014.
Kaushik, you are keeping Midomi in
business almost single-handedly!

Keep up the good work!
Posted by HowardH on 04/20/2014.
Listening first time.Good song
Posted by dr.madan on 04/19/2014.
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