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Recorded: 08/01/2007
Notes: A not so known Lata song of the 70's
It is nice to hear such a sweet and
delicate voice. You sung really nice and
that too without music. Better if you
would have music help.
Posted by rajparu200 on 08/16/2009.
nice.... singing
Posted by kodax4 on 07/18/2009.
hi ur voice is sooo sweet.main to mst ho
gayee aapka gana sun kar
Posted by anuu on 09/13/2008.
hi anu - thanks so much for listening,
and your sweet comment :-)) - really
appreciate it!
Posted by vvalopa on 09/27/2008.
Thanks for remembering and singing this
beautiful composition by LP from film
Abhinetri, Lyric by Anand Bakshi and
picturized on no one else but Dream Girl
Hema Malini.
Posted by koku on 08/20/2008.
so glad you liked this - its such a nice
song, but rarely heard!

take care, and keep singing / listening
Posted by vvalopa on 09/27/2008.
Suggest you lataji's songs from film
Naya Zamana. If you have access to
lyrics and tune.Thanks for
Posted by koku on 09/27/2008.
kaushik-ji - i have sung one song from
Naya Zamana (Rama rama ghajab hui) - but
have not been able to get the lyrics for
the other one (Kitne din aankhen
tarsenge) - if you know where i can get
this, let me know

thanks for listening!
Posted by vvalopa on 10/05/2008.
Let you know after a little research.
Thanks for taking interest.
Posted by koku on 10/05/2008.
Más linda!!!!!stars!!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 04/27/2008.
really nice voice!!!
Posted by Oceana on 04/20/2008.
thank you!
Posted by vvalopa on 04/22/2008.
Posted by aru_datta on 03/17/2008.
Long forgotten song. Very well sung -
thanks for reviving it.
Posted by alpie on 10/23/2007.
Its from a movie called Abhinetri (1970,
I think)
Posted by vvalopa on 08/03/2007.
Dont think I've heard the original, but
this sounds very nice!
Posted by axie on 08/03/2007.
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