Hometown: Mumbai, India
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Recorded: 02/02/2007
BRAVISSIMO! molto bene.
Posted by minerva on 04/12/2008.
Very good Mitzy.
Gonna give you a five.
Posted by fonzie on 11/14/2007.
thanks man really appreciate
Posted by Mitzy on 11/14/2007.
Woooow!!! I love yuou voice!!!
Posted by ilaria on 11/13/2007.
Muyyyyyyyyy bonitoooooooooo.
Posted by K-ArI on 07/23/2007.
kool i like it
Posted by cutevoice on 07/21/2007.
you are good :)
Posted by nikii on 05/07/2007.
Very nice voice!! Please check out my
songs too!!!
Posted by Aiveen on 05/06/2007.
this is soooooooo good! its making me
melt =]
Posted by MJ89 on 05/05/2007.
hey thanks for that wonderfull
wonderfull comment
Posted by Mitzy on 05/05/2007.
I like this - very muchly good in my
Posted by Jay-Kit on 05/03/2007.
hey thanks for the comment
Posted by Mitzy on 05/03/2007.
beautiful voice..good job...
Posted by iguanaaa on 04/24/2007.
Adoro a tua voz!
Posted by mariadejes on 04/21/2007.
Thanks a lot for your wonderful smooth
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/17/2007.
Nice control of your voice...good pitch.
Posted by Naz on 04/17/2007.
Hey thanks for appreciating.
Posted by Mitzy on 04/17/2007.
Nice. You have a good voice.
Posted by HDMC on 03/07/2007.
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