thnx to all who comment + r8
updated 2801 days ago
Age: 30
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Recorded: 03/19/2012
Notes: acapella
Loved it sings very well!
Posted by BarbieGyrl on 03/19/2014.
nice cover, but i think that you could
sing it dirtier :P if you know what i
mean... but you sing really well on
pitch and thats why i give you 5 s ;)
Posted by xyzo on 03/19/2012.
thanks for ur comment :) hehe
Posted by adonia1 on 03/19/2012.
i gave you 5 stars cuz you deserve
beautiful performance!!!
Posted by LKSDiSousa on 03/19/2012.
thnx alot u r very kind :)
Posted by adonia1 on 03/19/2012.
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