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Hometown: Naples,Italy,Europe
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Recorded: 03/18/2007
pretty good~
Posted by weinie on 08/16/2008.
do you feel nervous when you sing this
Posted by chenai on 08/14/2008.
great singing bro!!
Posted by asssagar on 06/30/2008.
ur good at singing!!! wow u blew my
away!!!!!!!!!!!! good job dude!!!
Posted by Hsmfan on 02/14/2008.
thaaaaaank you dacy!..

You've embarassed me ^_^
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/28/2008.
gReAt!! I rEaLLy tHiNk sO..GoD gAvE yoU
gREat voIce, aNd cHarMinG fAce.. kisses
from Serbia..
Posted by dacy_serb on 01/27/2008.
thank u so much!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/12/2008.
good ^^you have a very nice voice
Posted by sousana on 01/11/2008.
Good ^^
Posted by BTeAE on 01/11/2008.
Thank you Dear!! :D
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/12/2008.
thank you..

it isn't echo,it's can
have it from all music mix softwares..
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/06/2008.
how u do the echo ting..i love this
song..and uve done total justice!! (^_^)
Posted by cutevoice on 01/06/2008.

thanks Summer ;)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 12/09/2007.
You and MikeRamone do such a fine job on
this song ..its really a toss up on whom
is better<3
Posted by summer309 on 12/09/2007.
Posted by Milord_Gi on 10/05/2007.
i really say THANK YOU..! ^_^
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/14/2007.
i really don't give comments just for
fun...i really mean what i say!!!
Posted by szszgerda on 09/14/2007.
thanks szszgerda.. :)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/14/2007.
finally, someone who can sing this
Posted by szszgerda on 09/14/2007.
:P It's true
Posted by LuciaDrave on 08/06/2007.
yes great:o)
Posted by LuciaDrave on 08/04/2007.
^_^ Thanks a lot..
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/05/2007.
thank you ssruhan..
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/01/2007.
it's great~~
Posted by sssruhan1 on 07/31/2007.
Una delle mie canzoni preferite...
Complimenti, bella voce! ^.^

Se ti va, vieni a sentire le mie song!
A presto! kia.
Posted by shaky86 on 06/15/2007.
grazie mille Shaky!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/01/2007.
solo ora ti hoscoperto e devo dire che
sei tra quelli che riescono ad
emozionarmi BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by minerva on 05/20/2007.
Minerva dovevi scoprirmi prima...
Grazie mille, è bellissimo sentirsi
dire che si riesce addirittura ad

Posted by Milord_Gi on 05/21/2007.
thank you nikii :)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 05/06/2007.
nice :)
Posted by nikii on 05/06/2007.
In teoria dovrebbe dire "Tha bad man"

XD o mi sta sfottendo xke' lo pronuncio
male, o vuole sentire così

^^ ebbene sì, mi avete scoperto sono
BATMAN!!.. heheheheh

gVazie caVissima U_U
Posted by Milord_Gi on 05/01/2007.
uhm...the batman?
ma nn dic bad man?
t hanno eletto pure supereroe
bella rendition caVo BvAvo BvaVo!=)
Posted by SIMO1988 on 05/01/2007.
Hi Franky.. Thank you..
Anyway.. you can always sing this
song.. why not? ;)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 05/01/2007.
Very nice!! I like the way you sing it,
with the echo! I forgot about that song!
otherwise I would have record it ! :)
Posted by Franky on 04/30/2007.

I'm comin', Wait For MeeeeE!!

Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/30/2007.
To beee the batmaaan
you are my batman xD so rescue me xD
Posted by BrokenLulu on 04/30/2007.
Grazie Mille ^_^
Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/14/2007.
GRANDE<! grazie anche x i commenti sulle
mie canzoni... mi piace molto il tuo
stile... complimenti!
Posted by jt_kriss on 04/04/2007.
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