says hello to all midomites - is happy to be back after 4 months :-))
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About me:
Just someone who loves to sing .. and listen to other people singing :-))
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Recorded: 09/14/2008
Notes: the same zorro song, sung as a duet with axie - who was poking fun at my english diction thru the song !! hopefully this sounds better than my earlier solo attempt - comments welcome :-))
Very beautiful song, Pola, and I did
enjoy my listening here, you two sound
really good together. Stars for the both
of you, and kissesssss too,
Posted by diva-br on 09/18/2008.
thank you, diva! glad you liked it - we
do try to some singing together once in
a while - but difficult for us to match
time and mood for it - both have our own
work/college priorities :-))

take care ... luv, pola

Posted by vvalopa on 09/21/2008.
he he .. we almost did, in the end (axie
claims i said "vant" instead of "want"
in the last para, which made her fall
over laughing after the song was done

(on a re-listen, it does sound like
"vant" - LOL !!)
Posted by vvalopa on 09/15/2008.
You two!
You sound so good together.
Great stuff.

And congratulations on making it all
the way through without breaking up
laughing. (I actually kept hoping you
wouldn't make it.)(^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 09/14/2008.
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