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Hometown: Statesville NC
About me:
Just an old dude trying to have some fun The_Singer's good brother!
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Recorded: 01/31/2007
Very good, love johnny
Posted by Mindy-Shea on 08/27/2008.
Excellent job, my friend.I add this song
to my playlist. 5***** (-:. keep on
Posted by rudyjansen on 06/08/2008.
Thanks again!
Posted by flhthemi on 05/08/2008.
GREAT SONG!!!!! 5***** :-)
Posted by llorenzo on 05/07/2008.
you are really good. are you a
professional singer? you sound
professional....5 stars obviously
Posted by rossella_5 on 04/22/2008.
Never recorded a record but I used to
play in a local Country band.
Posted by flhthemi on 04/22/2008.
Wow! I like this too! It sounds real
professional singer!
Posted by girlyroy on 03/31/2008.
Very Very Good!:-))
Grüsse aus Germany,das ist super
Posted by Dandytom on 02/09/2008.
It is light and it is wonderful.
Posted by song_music on 02/01/2008.
Very Good!, one of the best flhthemi...
Posted by Artstone on 01/16/2008.
My favourite song! It´s great!
Posted by juanluke on 10/14/2007.
This is good :D. sounds really
Posted by mushy on 08/16/2007.
Almost as good as JC himslef!
Posted by The_Singer on 02/01/2007.
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