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A Friend So Kind...(song for Howard)
The Choir
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Recorded: 02/22/2015
Notes: This is a song dedicated to you Howard, who brought so many friends and non-friends together here in Midomi. Howie became the golden link of the chain that kept getting weaker ... You always had a positive comment for everyone of us, and several pairs of hands to keep us together. I never could have imagined a virtual friend so real ... so far away but oh so near... This is a call for all friends and no-friends to keep midomi alive and turning, to take over now and spread the optimism and the love and feeling for music that lived in Howard's soul... From Lara, with Love ... ---------------------------------------------------------- http://share.myflare.com/4Qz8H9
Blessing Howard...
<3 <3 <3 I hope you, my dear Howie,
youll be listening each day your friends
who love you <3
Posted by pagarvi on 07/16/2016.
"From Lara, with Love"...

It'd be impossible to start my tour
through your page, skipping this beauty,
<3, <3, <3,,,,,,,,,,
Posted by diva-br on 11/30/2015.
ciao LARA, anch'io mi associo a tutto
ciò che hai detto e ti sono vicino come
lo sono ad Howard...LA MUSICA NON
ED...AMA !!!
Posted by revenge on 07/26/2015.
o_O You are so much right in your note,
so real ... so far away but oh so near,
this is how internet friends feel.. So
far and yet so close. I can hear what
you meant by open-minded. You sang the
song with a freedom of soul and a good
God bless Howard, this song and that
great singing of you Lara
Posted by sparchead on 07/25/2015.
Wow !!!!
What a great voice bombarding into
ears...!!!! Music touches the heart
strings !!!!! you straightly enter in to
the heart !!!
Dot Lara...I am very happy and enjoying
retired life...he he...): a full time
busy person is now relaxing ,,,still
some times heart starts thumping and
bumping,,,some poems written but could
not be recorded...!!!shall keep on
visiting your profile ,,,,!!! Pleaee
Listen some of my latest recordings !!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/06/2015.
Hello again!
Thanks for coming by here, it's my
personal kind of memorial place for a
friend I will never forget, because he
stays alive inside my heart.
Just like there is a difference between
physical health and mental health,
physical and mental relaxation are going
hand in hand... Everyone should listen
to his own needs and try to fulfill
them, I suppose. I will come listening
to your songs soon, can you prepare me a
cup of tea, please :)
Posted by misspronce on 07/09/2015.
Thank you so much Dot Lara for
remembering and keeping me in thy mind.
Please remain in touch because you are
one of those who provide energy to
others like Moon....!!!! My wife Manju
Jain is sick since April 2015...High BP
and Thyroid...now she is
recovering,,,but still complains of leg
and foot pain....Medical treatment is
going on...Thy good wishes are required.

Posted by skjaindoha on 07/09/2015.
and definitly I shall welcome you on the
breakfast.... awaiting eagerly !!!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/09/2015.
Sorry to hear about your wife's health
problems, I hope that she will recover
soon and that the pain is under
control... I wish the best for her, for
both of you.
Posted by misspronce on 07/10/2015.
Thank you very much Dear dot Lara...your
good wishes would make our life happy
and madam Manju Ji shall start
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/10/2015.
Lara, pls, forgive me for using your
page, to kinda sneak into your comments
to say something to uncle Jain... :/

Uncle Jain, from now on, your wife will
be in my prayers. All of my dear friends
and their families already are, but now,
it'll be reinforced.
May God have mercy and bless you both
with health.
Posted by diva-br on 07/15/2015.
Thank you Dear Dot Lara and Dear Mr.
Howard for your precious good
wishes...No doubt your good wishes and
prayers already have started working !!!
Madam Manju ji is better now...medicines
started working...!!!!It's a
Miracle...in 21st century that true good
wishes and prayers work!!!!Toothache
problem will also be solved today...!!!!
Thanks once again my most beloved
friends !!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/16/2015.
Thank you very much Dear Dot Diva-br !!!
Your good wishes and prayers have
started working...Manju ji is much
better now !!!!Thanks to dot Lara and
Howard too !!! you trio have made my
life easier...!!!!Hugs to all !!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/16/2015.
Posted by diva-br on 11/30/2015.
Thanks Dear friend Diva -br...you are
true we are more than three !!!!
He he he...and the good news is that
madam Manju became fit and fine
....medicines worked and your good
wishes worked more than medicines !!!!
We both are enjoying life and going to
visit Dubai to meet Youngest son and
dot-in- law Monisha and her parents on
15th Nov 2015. Loves and Hugs to you all
most beloved friends !!!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 12/01/2015.
I'm sure he would have loved it, but
I'm even more sure he loves it right
now... and if you close your eyes for a
moment and stop crying, I'm sure that
you can feel his arm around your
shoulder, whispering "don't cry for me
darlink, be a brave girl, I'm still
watching you"!
Merci mon amie, big tender hug from
Posted by misspronce on 05/08/2015.
Be a brave girl... I've been trying so
hard to be like that! But, you know
what, amiga? For me, it feels like I've
lost a treasured member of my family.
But I know, it takes time for us to get
used to the absence of such a loved
one... So, one day at a time, and let's
give time to time. I also know I'll miss
him for as long as I live, but only time
will dry these tears and make this
emptiness hurt a bit less.
Obrigada for your words, my dear amiga.
Let's not lose contact, shall we,
Big beijo,
Posted by diva-br on 06/12/2015.
Nothing would make me more happy than
stay in contact as long as we can, I
Btw, be back soon to continue...*
Posted by misspronce on 06/13/2015.
Amiga, I finally have a new monitor for
my desktop, it arrived today. What I did
first? I came here, to continue what I
had started, with you and sparchead. :)
Comments and replies. I 'called' you in
a reply on his page, about MiDoMi...
This place just can't 'stop existing'...
Years of memories are here - songs,
comments, joking, fun among ourselves...
I don't know if it's possible to save it
all for ourselves, to keep for future
listening/reading... Some of you, my
treasured friends, I have either on
Facebook or at Youtube, but the history
in here is priceless, too priceless to
be lost. :*(
Oh, my, I don't even know what to say.
Posted by diva-br on 06/23/2015.
I understand what you mean... because I
feel the same. But you know, even if we
could "technically" make a copy/paste of
our entire life, I guess that, the more
our life has been rich and full, the
more we will be too old to "re-read/
re-live/ re-sing" our life... There
are many ways to help each other to keep
our memory activated and healthy, I"m
sure...;) And we don't need to be on FB
for that :P
Posted by misspronce on 06/23/2015.
I see... However, I'd love if there was
a possibility to keep everything sung,
commented, replied here, to myself. :) -
After so many years with you all, I
don't consider you as mere
'internet-friends', in my head and
heart, you're real friends, regardless
the fact that almost all of us have
never met in person. That doesn't really
matter to me - what really counts, is
the relationship we've had so far, and I
remember the songs, the comments, the
laughter shared, but I'd love to have it
recorded for myself, in case my memory
fails someday. ;)
Well, let's "Let The River Run" and see
what is awaiting for us. :/
Posted by diva-br on 06/25/2015.
Héhé, don't be sad... because at least
a lot of songs can be saved, you just
have to download the mp3! (but not the
links of 'fileden' which does not exist
anymore) I remember how I listened to
the songs of my friends while driving
the car, and it gave me the feeling as
if they were just sitting next to me :)
Now concerning the comments mmm... I
made up a golden rule for myself:
If your memory brings you back good
souvenirs of discussions, let it flow
but don't force it, if details are lost,
remembering the 'atmosphere' could be
enough to feel happy. And in case you
really don't remember anything, in case
your memory fails completely...well you
can not miss or regret the things that
you can not remember anymore eheh...
Ok, maybe I'm a bit rude here, but I
understand what you feel and wanted to
give you some pep-ups solutions that
work fine for me when I feel sad.
Posted by misspronce on 06/25/2015.
I agree with you on everything you said.
I only wanted to have access to some
priceless moments, partly written,
partly recorded, for example, in some
songs, just like 'Boys Don't Cry', 'If I
said you Have a Beautiful Body', and a
few others, where I got some real
English lessons, concerning
pronunciation and so on, lol.
But it's ok, I'll try to save the most
songs I can, while midomi still works,
because... Have you seen? Today, when I
loaded the page, not even the '3 midomi
stars' were there... :*(
Posted by diva-br on 07/02/2015.
Ah, and I forgot to mention the song
'Cover You In Kisses', where Howie was
trying to teach me the right
pronunciation of 'cover', because he
told me he'd heard about three or four
different pronunciations during the
song, lol
Posted by diva-br on 07/02/2015.
"There's no quality more Divine than to
be a friend so kind..."

No words to say, but lots of tears to
keep rolling down.

He'd have loved it, amiga.

Posted by diva-br on 05/08/2015.
I definitely need a re-education about
the reply button hmm...
Posted by misspronce on 05/08/2015.
;) never mind.
Posted by diva-br on 06/12/2015.
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