It's been a while, hehe~ お久しぶりですね!
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Hometown: SP - Brasil
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Recorded: 07/02/2011
Notes: O_O" / Thank you for listen to my rendition =D I hope you enjoy it! And please, comment! ^^

Merry Christmas !

Posted by Chabi-co on 12/24/2013.
Hey look
You have a good voice
so I'm just saying this site will get
you no where cause people who check it
are very little
and you only have 28 when ur suppose to
be one of the stars on this thing
so how ever
am just recommending a site that can
help you more and more people are going
to listen to you
soundcloud or spreaker
will so help you in this thing
best wishes!
Posted by zyyhexp on 10/24/2013.
Oh man.... I like it =)
Posted by Sun_Dianka on 10/14/2012.
Hey Patricio this is so very nice! A
great performance, no doubt about it....
I really enjoyed watching you "live" ;)
this is somehow one of your "styles"
cause I think you have many hehe ;)
great tribute to a great star too,
congratulations and stars! :))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/10/2012.
Aw, thank you so much, Fallingsta!!!
I didnt like that 'live', but its ok!!
I'm happy you like that =DD
Many styles? That sounds cool!
Thank you!!
Posted by Watashii on 02/16/2012.
it's nice..I believe i am listening it
first time..but this is amazing ..
Posted by koku on 08/13/2011.
Thank you so much, koku!!! ^^
Posted by Watashii on 08/14/2011.
Atrasadinha, pra variar... :( - Me
perdoe, amiguinho-san, mas eu chego,
você sabe, né?! ;)

Mas... Eu tive que checar pra ver se
não estava na página errada, hahaha...
Estava procurando por aquele 'garoto'
inseguro quanto à sua voz, quanto à
sua interpretação e... Me deparo com
esse arrasooo!!! :O - Queria que a Lú
estivesse aqui pra ouvir! :D
Oxeee, inverteram-se os papéis agora,
hein? Eu é que vou começar a pedir sua
opinião daqui pra frentre, hahaha...
Ficou muuuito massa, muito mesmo, que
surpresa boa, eu vibro por você! :))) -
E que bom que tem mais uma pra eu ouvir,
woohooo!!! :D
Hagu e takusan no kisu, my amiguinho
Posted by diva-br on 07/31/2011.
Ahhh, Muuuito Obrigaaaado, Diva-san!!!
To muito feliz, mesmo, que tenhas
gostado! =D
Hahahahahah, obrigado pelos elogios
também =DDD!!! Não é todo dia que
alguém fala tão bem assim da gente
né? Hahahahah ~
Queria que a Lu estivesse aqui
Papéis invertidos? Hahahahah!
De qualquer forma, muito obrigado por
ter vindo. Sabes que a opinião dos meus
amigos é importante!! ^_^
Obrigaaaaaado diva-san!!
Hagu e takusan no kissu ^^
Posted by Watashii on 08/02/2011.
I start my tour with you today Jose.
And I did well,
joining Howie: This is amazing man,

Posted by Mike_P on 07/22/2011.
Thank you so much, Mike_P! I'm really
happy you liked it.
Posted by Watashii on 07/24/2011.
Here I am :D I have to say this is a
great version from you! Really nice sung
^^ Congrats! and lots of stars =D
Posted by SIMO1988 on 07/12/2011.
Thank you so much, Simo! =D
Posted by Watashii on 07/16/2011.
Allow me to express myself in
Posted by Geraiin on 07/05/2011.
Heh! Even not understanding a word,
thank you so much!!!! =D
Posted by Watashii on 07/05/2011.
Posted by daria521 on 07/06/2011.
Haha, Thank you very much for the
translate, daria!! ^_^
Posted by Watashii on 07/07/2011.
song a-1,singing a-1,you are my one of
the oldest frn on midomi.....you hae
very good voice quality ....overall mast
mast rendition .......understand
...bahut badhiya gaya hai yaar
Posted by dr.pravin on 07/06/2011.
Thanks dr. pravin! =D
Posted by Watashii on 07/07/2011.
Its simply amazing Jose........ and I
must say - you have an impressive voice
*******Loved it!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 07/04/2011.
Thank you very much Sarita!!! I'm glad
you liked it!!! Thank you for commenting
as well ^^
Posted by Watashii on 07/04/2011.
Posted by mks2208 on 07/04/2011.
Thanks you so much! I'm really happy you
liked it =D!!!
Posted by Watashii on 07/04/2011.
Oh, what a great voice! I like it! ;)
Stars ***** for you!
Posted by minigoma on 07/03/2011.
Thank you so much minigoma! =D
Posted by Watashii on 07/03/2011.
BRAVO, 5*****.
Posted by saverio on 07/03/2011.
Thank you soooo much saverio!
I'm really happy you think so! Ciao =DD
Posted by Watashii on 07/03/2011.
Watashi ♪
ステキな歌を とどけてくれて
どうもありがとう ♪
Posted by Chabi-co on 07/03/2011.
Posted by Watashii on 07/03/2011.
happy ear you Josè now in a great
performance.....so lovely
**************and hugs,luis
Posted by luisello on 07/02/2011.
Thank you so much luisello!! I'm really
happy you liked it! =D
Hugs from Brazil !! =D
Posted by Watashii on 07/02/2011.
Uauuuuuu! Patrício-san...com certeza,
essa é sua melhor
Amiguinho, você simplesmente


O que??? Só posso dar 5 míseras
estrelinhass??? ahhhhh, nãoooooooo!
Você merece muito maisssssssss!


Ah!!!!! E playlist tbm,né? Clarooooo!

Posted by Rayo on 07/02/2011.
Ahh, muuuuitissimo obrigado Rayo-san!!!
Muito fofa você *O**
Brigaaaadooooooo !! Beijoss!
Posted by Watashii on 07/02/2011.
Rayo ou Rayane, sou eu hehehehe!

Ouvindo, shiiii d-.-b
Posted by Rayo on 07/02/2011.
Posted by Watashii on 07/02/2011.
Pagarvi o Patricia, soy yo jeje ^^
José, Patricio o Watashii?? jaja ^^
Querido José, espectacular tu
interpretación, tu voz más que
hermosa, excelente!!
Mil estrellas**********
Posted by pagarvi on 07/02/2011.
Hahaha, Muchas Gracias pagarvi ^^!
Pode me chamar do que quiser hahahah!
Muitissimo obrigado meeeeesmo! =D
Posted by Watashii on 07/02/2011.
This is just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
Posted by starfire on 07/03/2011.
Thank you so much!!!
Posted by Watashii on 07/03/2011.
Very good singing! You have a pretty
good voice! I've noticed your hesitating
'handclap' at the end (3.35), or maybe
it was an impuls ...but it could give a
good effect when accentuating the rythme
of the song! Don't hesitate =)
Posted by misspronce on 07/03/2011.
Thank you so much misspronce! I`m happy
you liked it!
About the handclap, ok then. Next time
I wont hesitate =D
Thank you! ^__^
Posted by Watashii on 07/03/2011.
Gee, José. This is amazing!
10-stars, 20-stars, 50-stars!
So good. Never better.
Posted by HowardH on 07/02/2011.
Hey!! =D Thank you sooo much
Howard-san!!! I'm reeeeeeeeeaally happy
you liked it! =DD *-*
Posted by Watashii on 07/02/2011.
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