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Marija Serifovic
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Recorded: 06/16/2008
Notes: ...Mmmm not really convinced about this one but never mind! ^^
cooolll great job, it's really nice to
hear soo many people singing this song

great job !!!
Posted by yashiii on 06/22/2008.
Wowowow! The 2007 ESC's winning song!
Wow, I've listened to you in English,
French, Italian, now, this in Serbian
definitely goes straight to my playlist,
with a loud CHEERS to the World Music -
congratulations, my friend! :D
Thanks for sharing and manyyy hugssss,
Posted by diva-br on 06/19/2008.
Hehe You must be the only one to know
this song around here! xD
Thanks a lot for adding it to your
playlist! =D
Posted by Marushkaya on 06/20/2008.
Due to my passion for World Music, I try
to be updated with it... ;)
Oh, pls, do not thank me for adding it
to my playlist, it's simply great, and
it's me who thank you instead, for
sharing this. :D
Posted by diva-br on 06/24/2008.
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