Age: 37
Hometown: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
About me:
Just love to sing!
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Recorded: 06/02/2007
Notes: Don't know if this is any good... tried to sing it like Nina; a bit angry, but what you really hear is that I've got sort of a cold... what do you think?
good voice and good eyes
Posted by emee on 06/29/2008.
Thank you so much!
Posted by Vesper on 03/28/2008.
great rendition!
Posted by ben4444 on 09/12/2007.
you stink sorry
Posted by haley on 07/05/2007.
Lovely voice Vesper ! Congratulations
Nevertheless, there was a back noise
at the
record, It's a shame!.
Posted by arteeduar on 07/02/2007.
Thanks Jazzgirl, you're right; I don't
need a defense lawyer, but it was nice
all the same... :D
Posted by Vesper on 06/30/2007.
Curious about why was it dumb to pick
this one... Maybe Nina's not a favourite
singer? Vesper's voice? The song itself?
Usualy we fundament opinions with

Oh happy me that love it all, Nina, the
song and your amazing voice dear i know you dont need a
defense lawyer, just wanted to say
Posted by jazzgirl on 06/28/2007.
Why thank you for taking the time to
comment anyway... but as you didn't
record anything at all I don't think you
have the right to judge what other
people choose to sing...
Posted by Vesper on 06/28/2007.
Very dumb song to pick
Posted by Lindsayfan on 06/28/2007.
Really enjoy hearing the depth of your
Posted by dimplemonk on 06/19/2007.
Got to love it! But have to say that
your live version this past
saturday.....well let's say, that was
very special too.

Hey K. ! Gevonden dus! Zal als ik wat
tijd heb wat meer door je playlist heen
lopen om te horen wat je zaterdag
allemaal bedoelde.

x Ronald
Posted by ronald.s on 06/11/2007.
Thanks Don... well, it's from hair...
but Nina had a nr. 1 hit with this song
here in Holland in the 60's... I wasn't
around back then, but guess that's why I
did hers... :)
Posted by Vesper on 06/03/2007.
wow.. very nice ;) we have to decide if
this song is by Nina Simone or from
Posted by donvito on 06/03/2007.
Thank you Jazzgirl and Woofdawg :) Got
up this morning thinking 'I'm gonna
delete this one', but I won't now :)
Posted by Vesper on 06/03/2007.
Well I loved it Vesper - I love Nina
Simone and her quirky choice of material
and I think you did a great rendition.
Thank you :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/02/2007.
Lol your cold only gives you a sexier
tone:) Nina Simone, another great
choice, funny, just watched "before
sunrise" and you sing this, lovely.
Posted by jazzgirl on 06/02/2007.
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