Hometown: Genova - Italy
About me:
I begun singing when I was a little child, and I never give up. I think it has therapeutic properties: if I feel down...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 02/08/2007
Beautiful! I totally believed in every
word! ;) You have an amazing voice, soft
and strong at the same time. I'm
amazed.. <3
Posted by kandre3 on 09/15/2007.
nice one! more power!
Posted by thekneelaw on 08/16/2007.
This was very good, I cant find any
fault with this one, it really suits
your voice well, another 5 from me, plus
a favourite add. Keep it up bro, you got
talent so dont waste it.
Posted by playboy on 08/03/2007.
great rendition!
Posted by drillerist on 06/11/2007.
your voice is wonderful i hope you keep
going with it!!!!

Posted by lolchica on 03/09/2007.
Mmmmmm.......So gorgeous and rich
sounding! Good job sweets! I really love
your warm comforting voice!
Posted by jashaunte on 02/27/2007.
very nice
Posted by lisamarie on 02/11/2007.
Grazie Ilaria, sei la mia prima fan!!!!
Sono Genovese, puoi parlare in Italiano.
Ah, però gli altri magari non

Thanks Ilaria, you're my first fan!!!!
Thank you for the rating! I'm going to
see your files...
Posted by GausS on 02/08/2007.
Great!!! :-)
Posted by ilaria on 02/08/2007.
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