is looking for some good pitch songs to sing!
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I'm a very happy, go lucky girl. I'm a mom of a fantastic 16 year old.
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Recorded: 12/06/2007
Notes: One of my most favorite songs!!! I love Amy Grant. Good CHRISTMAS song!!! Notice I said, "CHRIST" mas. I refuse to use XMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! It is about Christ!!! So therefore, I leave Christ in Christmas!!!
i haven't heard this song in so long!
you did a marvelous job with it!!
Posted by lei11388 on 07/12/2008.
Thank you so very much Lei!!!
Wow...sorry for getting back to you so
late. I only came back to this cause
it's close to Christmas!! Thank You so
much for your wonderful compliment!!

I wish I had music to go with it!!! :o(

Glad you liked !!
Posted by gammy on 11/15/2008.
Thank you so very much Mirefel!!! I
can't wait to sing some more. I have to
wait til my vocals heal. I have lost my
voice for now, but pray it will come
Posted by gammy on 03/25/2008.
so nice, you use your voice very well to
express yourself. 5*
Posted by mirefel on 03/25/2008.
So this is what you've been doing while
i was away? Is it me, or you sound
beautifully? Realy nice girl! Kiss
Posted by jazzgirl on 01/13/2008.
Jazzgirl....where have you been bud???

Thanks for the beautiful comment :o)

Your such a sweetie!!!
Posted by gammy on 01/13/2008.
Great!!very beauty!!
Posted by Shanya on 12/13/2007.
TO YOU !!!!
Posted by gammy on 12/13/2007.
merry christmas too Gammy...
very nice voice...^_^
and congrats for been featured..=D=D
Posted by SIMO1988 on 12/11/2007.
Merry Christmas SIMO :o)
Thanks for the Sweet comment !! HUGS
for Christmas!!!
Posted by gammy on 12/11/2007.
mee to I love Christmas, grat gammy!
Thanks for singing with such sweetness
for us!!
5 stars for you!
Posted by ilaria on 12/10/2007.
Ahhhh Ilaria...HUGS!! I have missed you
As always....Thank you for the Warm
comment from your heart. XO
Posted by gammy on 12/11/2007.
I love christmas :o)
Posted by gammy on 12/10/2007.
Nice performance!
Posted by Amir on 12/10/2007.
Well Thank you Amir.....:o) Glad you all

Posted by gammy on 12/10/2007.
Good job!
Posted by Naz on 12/10/2007.
Why thanks Naz :o)
Posted by gammy on 12/10/2007.
You have a beautiful tone in your voice
in this song - lovely!

Look - we got featured together, isn't
that fab!
Posted by w00fdawg on 12/10/2007.
Very cool woofie :o)

Posted by gammy on 12/10/2007.
nice Gammy
i vase dont kno this song thank to sing
Posted by johnlennon on 12/07/2007.
It's been awhile since we chatted!!!
How are things with you?
Posted by gammy on 07/12/2008.
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