Age: 30
About me:
I'd like to call myself a musician... i love music, it heals me. i can play various intruments. im love to travel ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 01/12/2010
Posted by presentclo on 06/15/2016.
semplicemente fantastica, specie la tua
presenza di voce chiara e decisa, brava
!!! ciao Tony
Posted by revenge on 08/13/2015.
Perfect <3 *-*
Posted by xjuh on 08/11/2015.
Posted by DeadHambe on 06/08/2014.
Posted by DeadHambe on 06/08/2014.
Posted by leviosa17 on 04/27/2014.
Posted by dulce16 on 03/01/2014.
Posted by Vxlentinx on 11/22/2013.
Perfect! :D
Posted by ClaraSousa on 09/21/2013.
:) awesome
Posted by areej on 03/12/2012.
Great voice (:
Posted by drunkiex on 12/13/2011.
Posted by jade_666 on 06/06/2011.
Me too =)
Posted by Stern.96 on 12/04/2011.
i loved it!
Posted by AlineLimao on 04/03/2011.
really clear voice i like it:-)
Posted by BrokenLulu on 08/07/2010.
Really great!! Awesome job!
Posted by PsychoMe on 08/06/2010.
pretty cool!
Posted by avolare on 03/27/2010.
Nice! you have a great voice!
Posted by elkipy27 on 02/14/2010.
嗯 唱得很好
Posted by jiangdan on 02/06/2010.
Really very singing, best regards from
Posted by ADAMB on 02/04/2010.
hello, very good work! I did this one
with my guitar, you are welcome to
listen. Cheerss!
Posted by sparchead on 02/04/2010.
this is awesome! i loved your version of
sum41! it was sooooo good! :)
Posted by albaaa_09 on 01/31/2010.
Nice man.. wow, you'r great, Check my
reg! Thanks :D
Good job and good luck in the future!
Posted by bbcszone on 01/28/2010.
i love how natural your music is, and i
know what you mean, singing makes me
happy 2:)
Posted by floawuah on 01/23/2010.
very nice
keep singing :))
Posted by iNspire93 on 01/23/2010.
thank you ^_^ makes me happy hehe
Posted by toxmax on 01/19/2010.
Very good singing, best regards from
Posted by ADAMB on 01/18/2010.
i love your voice~!!!!!!!!
Posted by pejoy on 01/16/2010.
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