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Spend My Life With You
Eric Benet
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Recorded: 12/13/2007
Notes: A little shorty clip. Hope yall like it. Much love!! DEE
nice one.. put a smile on my face after
a hectic day..:)
thanks! :)
Posted by bluelotus on 04/15/2012.
very good people
Posted by luciita on 04/02/2012.
Really good voice!!!!
Posted by Salii_ on 02/22/2012.
youre amazing! record more songs, you
have to (:
Posted by lllullulu on 11/25/2011.
Thanks =)
Posted by DeeRock on 12/05/2011.
yes please record more :)
Posted by bubumalala on 03/24/2012.
MUCH!Nothing else I can say:)
Posted by BlackRiver on 11/03/2011.
Much love BlackRiver!
Posted by DeeRock on 12/05/2011.
Posted by anadyomene on 10/30/2011.
Wow... I love your voice :)
Posted by hallodri on 10/27/2011.
wow you are really good !
Posted by tefyta on 10/16/2011.
Amazing, great voice :)
Posted by Cleiya on 10/11/2011.
Great voice... :)
Posted by GaiaGinger on 10/10/2011.
You're really amazing(:
Posted by briit3nii on 10/03/2011.
You got the talent!It soundes great
Posted by Edward0514 on 09/20/2011.
You sound good and it's such a sweet
Posted by d1l9s on 09/14/2011.
good voice ,great
feeling。——from China。
Posted by njuztt on 07/18/2011.
Posted by erikaj96 on 07/17/2011.
wow ............
Posted by sstar on 07/01/2011.
beautiful voice~!
Posted by sleepy_cat on 07/01/2011.
muitooo lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,
Posted by Liaaaaaaaa on 06/15/2011.
An undiscovered talent. Keep it up
Posted by klickshop on 05/21/2011.
ppppppppppppppplease put more songs
Posted by 162DBOW10 on 03/27/2011.
Ur great!!
Posted by elkipy27 on 03/27/2011.
love it :)
Posted by Ch0coBo on 03/24/2011.
Man....Have thought to give a try at
american idol?
Posted by echelon777 on 02/04/2011.
wow keep it up your really good
Posted by 162DBOW10 on 01/26/2011.
WOW i like it 超級喜歡
Posted by Mc_s1won on 01/26/2011.
great !
Posted by yellowhpl on 11/22/2010.
Very good voice !
Posted by tvfan on 08/23/2010.
best wishes!
Posted by sqp213 on 08/21/2010.
wooooonderful! full of talent! im your
fan, congratulations!
Posted by katydiva on 07/31/2010.
Wow !! great vocals ***********
Posted by ananya67 on 07/30/2010.
Great singing! 5*****
Posted by adisha on 07/16/2010.
good voice, thanks for sharing
Posted by coladisney on 07/03/2010.
fantastic...great voice...i really love
that kind of style... :-)
Posted by purpleblot on 07/01/2010.
fantasticoooooooo ameiiiii
Posted by SuGianini on 06/06/2010.
i fall on your profile by chance lol :)
i'm not decieved
woooooooooooooooooooooooow you've got
excellent voice i love the quality best
regards :) sweetsoni wish you'll get
soon back among your midomi's friends :)
Posted by sweetsoni on 05/13/2010.
Posted by Lipi115 on 05/01/2010.
WOW!! :D what a great voice ^^ one of
the best I've ever heard
Posted by marika_199 on 04/29/2010.
wow u have the most amazing voice ever.
keep up the good work :)
Posted by xx-lulu-xx on 04/20/2010.
Posted by huanglu on 04/21/2010.
nice...... you could really sing.... :))
keep it up
-dawn- _peace out_
Posted by dawnie7 on 04/14/2010.
Posted by paulyluv on 04/10/2010.
heared here anything better than
this))!!!!!!!!and i doubt that i
will...well,maybe exept your other
Posted by Tane4ka on 04/01/2010.
Thanks so much!!
Posted by DeeRock on 04/12/2010.
Posted by w0225 on 03/25/2010.
That was great! Wow! You are so
Posted by kaeleyacc on 03/23/2010.
恩 真不错 good..
Posted by K.momo on 03/07/2010.
Posted by jenny1230 on 02/10/2010.
Posted by JACKION on 10/15/2009.
Posted by dr.cris on 10/14/2009.
Posted by dr.cris on 10/14/2009.
Oh my god! Marry me! :') amazing and so
Posted by NadiaHM on 10/07/2009.
Ur funny! Thanks!
Posted by DeeRock on 04/12/2010.
WOW ur amazing!
Posted by xx-lulu-xx on 09/30/2009.
wow! now, i really don't know what to
say...5***** is not enough for a very
good performer like you...! woW!!!
Posted by dremariz on 09/30/2009.
nice voice!You can make records,I'll buy
Posted by JoyDoDo on 09/29/2009.
nice rendition...5 stars for me too!
Posted by enaj75 on 09/26/2009.
5 stars! ;)
Posted by NaNa18000 on 09/24/2009.
you have a really pretty voice! WOW!!!
Posted by NaNa18000 on 09/24/2009.
woah,great performer very nice sing,i
like that.....5st.
Posted by kryspaul on 09/11/2009.
nice ;)
Posted by Tresoro on 08/25/2009.
ur voice is incredible u should make ur
own cd
Posted by starblast on 08/10/2009.
you have an amazing voice!!!
i love it..keep up the talent!!GOOD
please listen to my recording when you
have time...
Posted by rockon123 on 07/27/2009.
Posted by shark85 on 07/23/2009.
beautiful voice... you're very good!!
Posted by NipO on 07/21/2009.
it's just .... WOOW
Posted by julika on 07/21/2009.
Cool!! you're good, my friend!! it's a
beautiful voice...

Posted by gi_lawless on 07/20/2009.
its cool
Posted by MorticiaA on 07/18/2009.
Beautiful voice, man! Congratulations!
Posted by shark85 on 07/05/2009.
i like your voice
Posted by Tina_Lee on 07/03/2009.
try out more RNB
i like your voice
Posted by tfusion on 06/22/2009.
Posted by daniel0720 on 06/21/2009.
Really love love love your singing~
Posted by Emmybabe on 05/26/2009.
you have a great voice
Posted by sofisabel6 on 04/30/2009.
STARS``very sweet +++++
Posted by silbaril on 03/22/2009.
nice man
Posted by jackychan on 03/19/2009.
check my Eric Benet song please..
was my song is bad?
Posted by 1stan on 03/15/2009.
damn you have such a beautiful voice
Posted by 1stan on 03/15/2009.
Posted by drish on 03/15/2009.
wtgggggggggggg........... keep up the
best work... smile
Posted by jhazm on 03/05/2009.
i love listening to this again and
Posted by ada_07 on 03/04/2009.
Posted by silbaril on 02/20/2009.
ow!! I am Asking for a tutorial in
singing and you can use Youtube plsss
i am very interested :)
Posted by joshua14 on 01/24/2009.
wow that was so nice.
Posted by P4KI5TAR on 01/12/2009.
Posted by CIEL. on 12/12/2008.
yeah man, finally there is someone that
can actually sing on this site! 5 stars
mate, listen to some of my recordings.
Original c.
Posted by originalc on 12/09/2008.
Its really perfect!!! I really love this
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/07/2008.
Posted by mandizs2 on 12/06/2008.
OMG,U could be a true recording artist
I suppose!
Posted by MaxRox on 12/06/2008.
Wow your voice is so beautiful, so warm,
you're really good!!!! Il like so
Posted by Ladystyle on 12/04/2008.
hi DeeRock amazingly you singing
so perfectly....i like your voice
Posted by nooranoora on 12/02/2008.
Posted by lidongming on 11/23/2008.
wow i really love listening to your
voice!! can u sing angels brought me
here please!!!!
Posted by ihuiyh on 11/20/2008.
Awsome voice ho men you have to
recording one cd.I Am your fã.
Posted by joao27 on 11/18/2008.
nice voice,i love it
Posted by zhangpei on 11/14/2008.
fresh voice:-)
Posted by kareen25 on 11/13/2008.
Ur awsome, ur voice is amazing i love it
Posted by xx-lulu-xx on 10/24/2008.
Posted by FLUFFYKAT on 10/10/2008.
You have such a nice quality to your
voice. It's reminiscent of the old days
when singing was pure and wasn't as
modified/synsethized as it today. 5
Posted by DV8 on 10/09/2008.
nice singing
Posted by nellynels on 10/08/2008.
lololo,i love ur voice~
Posted by moon2437 on 10/08/2008.
wooowwwwwww.....a beautiful voice....
Posted by Gretasweet on 10/06/2008.
WOOW, cute :D
Posted by SoiSing on 09/28/2008.
Posted by qqjfm on 09/27/2008.
好棒啊,so grear
Posted by bond758057 on 09/17/2008.
Posted by seemusic on 09/09/2008.
mmmm mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm Okay
!..damnnnnnnnn boi you NEED to record
more !!!! * deep breath* hehehe if you
ever decide to record a album *in the
near future i hope* hehehe I'D SOOOOO
GET MY HANDS ON IT !!! lol ...totally
feelin your singing DEE ..xoxoxox Keep
doing your thang , nothing but greatness
and success is ahead of you .... bless!
Posted by caliente82 on 09/07/2008.
alang kwenta!!!!
Posted by red_23 on 09/07/2008.
Very Good !!! *-* PERFECT
Posted by nizerff on 09/06/2008.
This is beautiful:)
Posted by emi1987 on 09/01/2008.
yeah,sexy voice~
Posted by Yqian on 08/28/2008.
Very sexy voice. I like you! Keep on
singing! Request song I'll make love to
you! Thank you!
Posted by florances on 08/27/2008.
love it
Posted by Mindy-Shea on 08/26/2008.
slt bravo tu as une vois magnifik j'ai
beau me répéter mais c'est
vrai!!!!very gongratulation!!!
Posted by sabydu427 on 08/26/2008.
Posted by strangeroo on 08/21/2008.
wonderful voice!
Posted by GYneL on 08/21/2008.
Posted by cherrywang on 08/21/2008.
Well, I love your voice
Posted by nickenzyme on 08/21/2008.
wow u r too good
Posted by ini9141 on 08/20/2008.
Wow what an amazing voice you have . . .
a voice you could fall in love with!
Posted by kabullard on 08/20/2008.
better than me.
Posted by eosoh on 08/20/2008.
Posted by christinao on 08/19/2008.
why aren't you famous??
Posted by Cocoliche on 08/19/2008.
good voice
Posted by zyy871105 on 08/17/2008.
Posted by tangtangll on 08/16/2008.
Posted by caojing on 08/16/2008.
great voice
Posted by vitamin_ni on 08/14/2008.
it's realy awesome .. like it .. *-*
Posted by kaozchen on 08/11/2008.
Posted by lingyu on 08/08/2008.
awesome singing...
Posted by Zaarajb on 08/03/2008.
great voice *-*
Posted by frensis on 07/30/2008.
omg u rock!!
Posted by luve2sing1 on 07/24/2008.
You should not be recording songs
here... It should be with some major
recording label because you can SING
man. And you did all this madness for
your voice with only 4 recordings! That
is some achievement. Post us up if you
get through the recording mainstream.
Hell yeah!
Posted by nowben on 07/06/2008.
me encanta^^ ..u have a fantastic voice
:) ^^
Posted by mabemo on 07/02/2008.
Fantastic voice hope you make it you
Posted by adles99 on 06/29/2008.
FANTASTIC!!!!! Holy Cow that was GREAT!
You can just flat out sing. lol :)
Posted by Neano on 06/25/2008.
hola, soy mardulce, sabes de casualidad
abrió la pagina y no me arrepiento de
oirte cantas muy bonito, tienes una voz,
melódica y tu interpretación tambien
es muy buena. saludos desde LIMA PERÚ.
Posted by mardulce on 06/24/2008.
what a nice voice you shud be made up an
excellent vocal talent you shud send
some demos of becos you have a real raw
talent well done you kep it up emax xxx
Posted by emax on 06/19/2008.
your voice is nice and awesome,,i
totally like it..^_^

keept it up..^_^
Posted by brylle on 06/15/2008.
Posted by FiSh...FaT on 06/08/2008.
I LOVE the sound of your voice, seems
like you already are a singer!
Posted by Annekee on 06/06/2008.
you voice is fantastic.
Posted by FREYA on 06/06/2008.
well done mate, you sing a little like
Guy Sebatian, it's ashame the song was
only short and sweet. anyway good work
and cheers.
Posted by colin1945 on 06/06/2008.
Wow! You have an amazing voiceee!!!
Posted by xLiZx on 06/02/2008.
Posted by lovely-gir on 05/30/2008.
my god you are a fantastic singer, are
you a pro ???
Posted by hotbaby on 05/15/2008.
oi tudo bem com vc
Posted by angelarafa on 06/02/2008.
Posted by heiam on 05/12/2008.

I truly appreciate that very, very

I sure look forward to your album :o)

God Bless friend!
Posted by gammy on 05/11/2008.
great dude!
Posted by dimi23 on 05/11/2008.
awesome! you have a great voice!
Posted by kchen0428 on 05/11/2008.
good job....
Posted by seanchw930 on 05/10/2008.
Tu as vraiment une voix magnifique !
Good job ^^
Posted by Leila-Idel on 05/07/2008.
GREAT VOICE............
Posted by cammcasa77 on 05/07/2008.
Posted by trycinha on 05/06/2008.
WoW keep it up, you have a great voice,
I REALLY like your singing.
Posted by 11bianca on 05/04/2008.
u have a wonderful great voice...i like
ur voice...:)
Posted by micca2507 on 05/04/2008.
Wow. Your great, amazing pitch, tempo
and color to your sound. Seriously, get
an agent man! ^_^
Posted by danijazz on 05/03/2008.
hi,..can u add me as your friend?u gotta
good voice..
Posted by jessa_mae on 04/30/2008.
your voice is very like this xD
Posted by _nessa-lok on 04/30/2008.
Wow... ! Can't say anything!
Please let me know if you have lauched
your first album!
Promise, I'll buy it!
Amazing, Dee!
Posted by uthet on 04/27/2008.
you hello, hello.

what can i say?
are you coming yet in our country??

you really have a great voice.
Posted by tyra16 on 04/25/2008.
i really love your voice! :) keep
Posted by ada_07 on 04/24/2008.
wow wow wow.. you should be the next
IDOL.. AMazing...
Posted by kellverona on 04/22/2008.
pretty good
Posted by alexisrox on 04/19/2008.
5 stars for a star!!
Posted by Bebrayne on 04/19/2008.
Omgosh , that was amazing (=
You have such a soft voice , this is a
great song for you too
Posted by -hearttzu on 04/18/2008.
espectacular!!!! stars!!!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 04/15/2008.
Posted by themen2007 on 04/14/2008.
Posted by fania on 04/14/2008.
Absolutely Gammy =) Every chance I get I
post individual notes on the personal
pages of those who posted comment. I
unfortunately cannot get back to
everyone as I would like to, but a big
shot out of love to everybody here! I've
been tirelessly working on an album to
show my appreciation and I hope yall
like it.

One Love,
Posted by DeeRock on 04/14/2008.
DEEROCK! Just wondering. Do you ever
respond to your fans on here?

Like thank us or anything??? Would be
nice to have a thank you for our LOVELY

I love your voice, does the personality
fit as well?
Posted by gammy on 04/14/2008.

100 stars!

Posted by gammy on 04/14/2008.
wow love your voice so much...
Posted by Gopukz on 04/13/2008.
Wonderful voice. Can I sing with you
Posted by zcarter on 04/12/2008.
nice voice
Posted by shmoo on 04/09/2008.
Great Voice! Made me melt! Awesome!!!
Posted by xgalvis on 04/09/2008.
oh good! what a voice!! beautiful...
i like it! so much!
i like the way u sing
Posted by megica on 04/05/2008.
Posted by mr_wow702 on 04/01/2008.
dang you are so good
Posted by katiecute on 04/01/2008.
you ought to be handpicked by singing
companies :D
Posted by Estara on 03/30/2008.
You've got TALENT!! Nice Nice Nice

I would like to invite you to my

Feel free to comment or post pics....
hope to hear from you!
Posted by neikei on 03/18/2008.
great voice dude...!!
Posted by Ether2802 on 03/16/2008.
Posted by yalei on 03/15/2008.
dats gud
Posted by ashleylov on 03/13/2008.
you rock dude!! extremely good voice
Posted by indrani on 03/11/2008.
hey dee.much love my bay area folks! u
got mad vocals.
Posted by sw33tl8dy on 03/03/2008.
So soulful. Luv the smoothness of ur
voice. Old school with a modern twist.
Great bruv. x
Posted by loubougal on 03/03/2008.
Dude your the best...
Posted by cell5480 on 02/25/2008.
your voice is amazing!wow!
Posted by hiadie on 02/21/2008.
Posted by shikei on 02/15/2008.
gongratulation i french tu as une voix
superbe bravo
Posted by sabydu427 on 02/14/2008.
mmm really nice voice:)
Posted by Raxalana on 02/05/2008.
You are amazing i love you keep going
i;m backing you all the way :)
Posted by oliver1212 on 02/04/2008.
awesome buddy
Posted by saurabh002 on 02/03/2008.
gd 1:)
Posted by debanjan on 02/03/2008.
nothing to say
ur voice is fantastic!! ^^
Posted by Tartuca on 02/03/2008.
its really really very very beautiful !!
keep it up :D..i luv ur voice !!
Posted by mjrokz on 02/02/2008.
really like your voice,
sound really good.
Posted by Gabbs. on 02/02/2008.
your amazing! 8P
Posted by codyluver on 01/31/2008.
omgg, ur lyk really guud
u should sighn up for a record deal or
ur the next chris brown:):)
Posted by katrina15h on 01/30/2008.
i mean Angel
Posted by clyoung95 on 01/29/2008.
U'r like angle
Posted by clyoung95 on 01/29/2008.
Posted by mariapires on 01/28/2008.
Oh my God!! You are great!! I really
like you, your voice especially..
absolutely amazing.. kiss..
Posted by dacy_serb on 01/27/2008.
wow ur really great at singing u Have
TOO go on amarican idol or however u
spell it lol i would vote for u even tho
i live in canada ull probly get a record
deal ur voice is better than Neo or
however u spell his name to lol keep it
up ill see u on american idol next year
or this year im dont know when ever GO N
Posted by Roxxie on 01/27/2008.
MY ENGLISH. i ADD YOU. you're really
good friend. i'd like you listen my
songs. add meeee ajajaj. kisses
Posted by argen2005 on 01/27/2008.
worth listening
Posted by kayak on 01/26/2008.
Posted by kfcwangjia on 01/26/2008.
love ur voice i luv 2 sing and it seems
u do 2 but it sounded sooo good i showed
it 2 all of my friends
Posted by pyletomboy on 01/25/2008.
perfect voice,sing it to God.
Posted by d_cutiest_ on 01/24/2008.
you have a awsome voice. that was so
Posted by Neano on 01/24/2008.
i jus heard your song and i
have 2 say
i admit that i am impressed
Posted by xtiarrahx on 01/24/2008.
wow u sound so pro! nice work u rly shud
submit smth to record labels u cud make
a fortune buddy! =D
Posted by marklung on 01/24/2008.
You really should be in the business.
Posted by vizzavi on 01/23/2008.
wooo man you gotta rep more on here!
just 4 recordings and you're one of the
most popular users. just don't let the
SF life eat you up too much!
Posted by slurpee on 01/23/2008.
Posted by SANOWA on 01/23/2008.
Posted by ryoki on 01/23/2008.
i know he rocks, but no need to sear!!
lol. luff ya voice. keep up the really
really really really good work! and you
hit the notes perfect. luff ya. comment
my song pretty please
Posted by sambafan on 01/22/2008.
shittttt ur voice rocks!!! u can really
sing dude! shuld be discovered
m gona be ur fan

check out my recordings :)
Posted by ursulaeb on 01/21/2008.
Totally amazing!! I've heart it over and
over again, and I'll never get tired of
your voice!! Your song makes me wanna
"spend my life with you" :P
Posted by kandre3 on 01/20/2008.
WOW!!!! Ez KIRÁLY! (Ez magyarul volt!)
Posted by karateri on 01/20/2008.
wow.. u bLow me away man! sweet..
Posted by dontje on 01/19/2008.
Love this song, and love you singing it!
Great job.
Posted by lahela on 01/18/2008.
i think you should try a rock song it
could be very interesting with your
voice. your a very good singer
Posted by cduffy on 01/18/2008.
it's fantastic!
Posted by YAMANZ on 01/18/2008.
You are very good!!! I like your
I want to sing with you :-))
Posted by incrit on 01/14/2008.
Good job. You've got the song and rhythm
down great. Keep up the good work!
Posted by rosemasque on 01/14/2008.
Posted by summer309 on 01/14/2008.
Dee to be able to sing a cappella is
such a great accomplishment but to do
it well is a whole other level . Well
Done Sir, you have a fantastic voice. I
am sure you melt all the hearts in SF
and elsewhere with that talent. Amazing
pitch perfect. lets hear my please sing
U Got it bad for me.
Posted by summer309 on 01/14/2008.
wow wow wow amazing
Posted by moonlight6 on 01/12/2008.
amazing voice:)i feel it with all my
heart.u are really good.i am agree with
you stay true to yourself.pls right me
more about you-
Posted by elenita_an on 01/11/2008.
very cool.... you should try out for
american idol, im sure you're gonna make
it... 5 stars for you!!!!
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/03/2008.
It's soooooo gooooood!!!!
Posted by mikiju on 01/03/2008.
hi im from philliphines im ria alvarez
add me to youre friendster ..
[email protected] i love youre
Posted by iyang on 12/31/2007.
Posted by Zhilly on 12/22/2007.
wow, you are good, keep on singing okay?
Posted by rudyjansen on 12/21/2007.
Yay!! You're back :) Good job! Hope
all is well with u & Lish. God Bless
Posted by SFbeLL on 12/20/2007.
bru this is the way to do this song...ur

big ups to u man.
Posted by hadebester on 12/18/2007.
very very good!^_^
Posted by SIMO1988 on 12/18/2007.
WOW!!!! The best voice EVER...
Posted by jeanne85 on 12/18/2007.
omg is so good!!!! I love
Posted by mikiju on 12/18/2007.
Posted by carry43 on 12/17/2007.
Great voice! dude
Posted by divk on 12/17/2007.
So beautifull.....
Posted by Empuske on 12/18/2007.
Posted by TerrieMac on 12/17/2007.
Great voice! Awesome!
Posted by margerette on 12/16/2007.
you sound exactly like the actual
version..... but maybe better...
Posted by _--BOB--_ on 12/16/2007.
incredible voice!
Posted by soffio on 12/16/2007.
we are all glad of your come back man,
like you did before your doing a good
Posted by big on 12/16/2007.
I'm glad you come back! You are
amazingly great!!
Posted by hiroko on 12/16/2007.
Posted by sayako on 12/16/2007.
Posted by KittyCat26 on 12/16/2007.
You got that perfectly done!
Well done mate!
Posted by Scalawag on 12/15/2007.
That's terrific! Great voice.
Posted by trice123 on 12/15/2007.
beautiful!! finally someone who can. hit
me up keep
in touch!!
Posted by Raychelle on 12/15/2007.
A natural!
Posted by fonzie on 12/14/2007.
Great voice, great singing,
great futur!
Posted by ORUS on 12/14/2007.
Welcome back Dee, your voice is
amazing.... keep singing!!!! ;)
Posted by Deca on 12/14/2007.
Very happy to listen you again!!!! What
a great voice!!!!!! 5555555555
Posted by vincentvl on 12/14/2007.
so smooth! so sweet! great vocal work,
great pacing.
Posted by slurpee on 12/14/2007.
Great singing!
Posted by rico on 12/13/2007.
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