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Recorded: 04/04/2016
Notes: Yes, it's back! I started working on it when I was still fixated with Brother Bear's songs, but then I got lazy.... yeah..... - doesn't it cheer you up just listening to it? Such a happy song ^-^
Yeah, this is a song for you Simmy. I'm
happy you get over your lazyness, it was
worth it!
I was just missing some more
imagination like you, putting your fist
in your mouth (keeping on singing or
mumming) and changing voice into little
bear's voice hihihi... but I'm almost
sure that you can do it but it was just
a bit of resting
Ok, I'm joking Simmy: You made a
perfect song again and the many comments
are proving it!!! Ciao!
Posted by misspronce on 04/26/2016.
I doubt my mouth is big enough to fit my
fist in it :)) but there is actually a
scene in the movie where the other bear
tries to stop the little bear from
singing and puts his paw on the cub's
mouth while he's still singing... the
fist would have helped with that effect,
but then I thought... it's Midomi...
nobody will watch the scene and
understand what's going on.. so I gave
up on that idea hahah..
Thanks for the kind comment, as usual
Posted by simmy on 04/27/2016.
People inside, fist in the mouth.. Did I
miss something else here? Oh yeah..
you're a man .. a man.. yeah YMCA ^^
Posted by sparchead on 04/27/2016.
Sempre number one Simmy!
5 stelle. ;) Ciao!
Posted by ZEROS on 04/19/2016.
Grazie mille! :)
Posted by simmy on 04/21/2016.
Ciao Linda :)
piogia de stelle!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 04/18/2016.
Chi è Linda? :P hahah
Grazie Patricia :) è un po' che non ci
sentiamo :) fa sempre piacere ricevere i
tuoi commenti :)
Posted by simmy on 04/18/2016.
Linda is the pretty inside you :)
Posted by sparchead on 04/22/2016.
I have another person inside of me?!?
Posted by simmy on 04/24/2016.
Posted by sparchead on 04/25/2016.
Ottima, come sempre del resto. 5*****!
Complimenti Simmy!
Posted by Decanter on 04/16/2016.
Troppo gentile, come sempre, del resto
;) haha
Grazie :)
Posted by simmy on 04/18/2016.
Posted by koku on 04/14/2016.
Happy Voice, happy Sing, Happy Singer,
Happy I am listen to it..Catchy!! Thanks
for sharing it..God bless..Respect n
Posted by koku on 04/14/2016.
Thank you sir :) and thank you too for
sharing these great clips :) even spoken
parts? That's interesting heheh :)
Posted by simmy on 04/14/2016.
Very beautiful simmy !!
Posted by MaruBihag on 04/08/2016.
Hey Divya! What a surprise! It's been
ages :) really nice to hear from you,
and thank you for the comment :)
Posted by simmy on 04/10/2016.
God bless You..
Posted by koku on 04/14/2016.
Wov. Simply Simple but touching. u r
awsome da.
Posted by mks2208 on 04/07/2016.
Mahendra! Long time no see :)
Thanks for the comment :) I'm glad you
liked it :)
Posted by simmy on 04/07/2016.
Posted by koku on 04/14/2016.

You teddy lazy sister who brings
happyness to life, very good work. I
like the softly part at 1:48.. Is it you
I hear whistle? The stars are on your
way! :)
Posted by sparchead on 04/06/2016.
Ehh nope... I was never able to whistle
properly haha... it was in the karaoke.

Hey nice drawing; are you an artist? ;)
Posted by simmy on 04/06/2016.
Oh yes whiltle is almost a skill of its
own, me too I'm no able to do that,
well.. I do but I can't call it
harmonious lol

Hey my bear is cute huh! :p That's what
we did (the good old time) on IRC
networks, at the beginning when the
internet was too slow for images.
Posted by sparchead on 04/06/2016.
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