wants to sing his own songs!
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Age: 37
Hometown: Naples, ITALY
About me:
www.myspace.com/puramnesia www.youtube.com/puramnesia
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Recorded: 08/21/2008
Notes: ...e l'alleria se ne va... ma tu ce crire? :)
wow wow ... my dear song...you are
incredible...I love your voice..your
soul..you ..with all your sensitivity
and emotions.*.*
Posted by mirefel on 10/02/2008.
:) thank you!!
Posted by puramnesia on 10/02/2008.
Nooooooooo!!!Anche senza
bellissima!!!L'emozione la trasmetti
tuttaaa!!! Resto in religioso
silenzio!!! U_U
Posted by fania on 08/22/2008.
Bravo!!!!Bravissimo!!!Bella canzone
Posted by Rayo on 08/21/2008.
Thank you :)
Posted by puramnesia on 08/21/2008.
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