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Recorded: 11/07/2007
Yes, you are right John! EXCELLENT
singing! I love this song. It's so
happy! Make me want to dance around the
house! You sound so professional hun! 5
Stars! hugs and kisses to you. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/13/2008.
bellissima...i remember my young
years,thank you!!!
Posted by luisello on 10/30/2008.
thank you very much Pentti :)
Posted by johnlennon on 05/17/2008.
Great! 5 brilliant stars!
Posted by Pentti on 05/17/2008.
super cool 5 star i love it
Posted by yokoceline on 02/10/2008.
Wow! This fantastic is for
remebering!Lets live one more time our
Posted by normar on 02/10/2008.
hahahahah sure
thank Normar
Posted by johnlennon on 02/10/2008.
bravo john cest super belle chanson
Posted by cristal_bl on 01/18/2008.
man .. this made me all nostalgic - used
to listen to this ages ago (in junior
school!) .. great singing!
Posted by vvalopa on 11/17/2007.
thank vvlopa him not sure of the end
i do by memorie and ye it long time ago
Posted by johnlennon on 11/17/2007.
Well done and youre welcome
Posted by rudyjansen on 11/15/2007.
Love it really !!!J'adore !
Posted by Blufuel on 11/12/2007.
Posted by Diana2007 on 11/11/2007.
Posted by johnlennon on 11/11/2007.
I Love it!!!(≧▽≦)
Posted by ayu777 on 11/10/2007.
;)thank Ayu777 ;)
Posted by johnlennon on 11/11/2007.
Wow! it's great! John... :) I can't
stop dancing...hehe! You're the best!!!
Posted by mitchie on 11/10/2007.
thank you very much
Mitchie ;)
Posted by johnlennon on 11/11/2007.
I haven't heard the original but it
sounds really melodic. Cool!
Posted by udz on 11/08/2007.
thank UDz i try to do my best on this
Posted by johnlennon on 11/09/2007.
so nice song, so good rendition my
friend. I love it
Posted by mirefel on 11/08/2007.
i wase sure you gone love!!! and him
honour ;)
Posted by johnlennon on 11/08/2007.
what a lovely song...i really like it
sooo much! thanks for singing john!
Posted by joceljoy23 on 11/08/2007.
the litle bird John thake is flight and
turn aroud in the sky and sing :)
Posted by johnlennon on 11/08/2007.
Wow good job my friend!!!!
This is one of my mom's favourites song
and she keep to sing it in every moment
of day!!!!!
Posted by Deca on 11/07/2007.
thank Deca if she can hear tell her i
dedicate to her coz it her favourites
song :)
Posted by johnlennon on 11/07/2007.
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