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Hometown: Kingston, ON
About me:
19 years old. I love music, body mods, writing and gaming. I have a bunch of recordings on my profile from up to si...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 11/08/2009
hoooooo hooooo so much fun ican feel it
lovely lovely duet you much so much
i love so much amazing rendition you
both hoooooo woooooooooow bravo i love
love love love
***************** KISSES KISSES
Posted by sweetsoni on 12/11/2009.
haha , actually he's my best friend :)
and he's gay, so I don't think it that
would ever work out between us, lol
i lvoe him to death though, and thanks
for the comment !
Posted by -hearttzu on 12/09/2009.
weeeeeeel done..that`s so cute...don`t
tell me that`s ur bf lol !
Posted by farawlaya on 12/05/2009.
Aw, thank you (:

and this was for fun, we love this song
, haha ^^

Posted by -hearttzu on 11/23/2009.
Wow, your voice is...
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. The voice of your
friend is cool too.
Posted by motrediz on 11/23/2009.
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