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Age: 58
Hometown: São Paulo, S.P. - BR
About me:
I'm just another music lover, with a 'crush' for WORLD Music... ;) - I'm a thunder-voiced-oldie, who sings completely...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 05/28/2008
Notes: Kool & The Gang, 'Celebration' - This is for my friend Lú (Lu2007), celebrating with her the well-deserved first page for her rendition of 'Catedral', and still thankful for the gift received from her, the wonderful 'Escrito Nas Estrelas'. *Lú, pls forgive me, but, with this voice I couldn't do any better on this one... :/ ---<--<-{@
Andy Powlak Tema Mermaids
Posted by MarceloGal on 11/21/2015.
I'll check your page...
Posted by diva-br on 11/30/2015.
Did not know you had done this one my
sweet lady!
Fonzie is dancing here!!!!
Posted by fonzie on 07/02/2011.
Awww, gee! I've been missing out on all
this fun here. For 2 years! (Well, my
favorite saying can be used in a case
like this: Mais vale tarde do que
What a fun rendition! *****

(Diva dahlink, I hope you've been
learning to love your singing the way I
do. ...The way so many of us do!)

And now, oh! I'm reminded of Lusi's
'Catedral' and her 'Escrito Nas
Estrelas'. I sure miss that gal! Has
anyone heard from her recently?
Posted by HowardH on 04/24/2011.
Me too, meu fofo... :(
I miss seeing her so often on the front
page, with those awesome renditions of
The last time I had news from her, she
seemed to be very busy, working
full-time and so on... I'll try to get
in touch with her. :)

Ohh, Howie... I sing for fun, only for
fun, and my opinion concerning my voice
hasn't changed, lol - no matter if I try
a sad or a dance tune, they all sound
just the same. :*( You listen to one,
you've listened to all, LOLOL
But I looooove Music in general, and
neeed to sing to have some
entertainment, so, stubborn as I can be,
I'll go on, LOL...

Obrigada for being here too. ETA
muuuito. ;)
Posted by diva-br on 05/01/2011.
Lost from 2008 ????
Yo estoy bailando*****
celebration por esta re activación
musical de mis queridos amigos *****
Querida Diva...EU ADORO VOCE*****Mil
( y sigo bailando :O)
Posted by pagarvi on 04/19/2011.
Sísísí, mi favinho de mel, bailemos!
Tentei fazer com que parecesse mais
'dançante', mas com essa voz não deu,
hahaha... Mas bailemos mesmo assim,
yah-whooo! ;)
Bjbjbjbjbjbjbj, cariño,
Posted by diva-br on 05/01/2011.
Solo 4 voti ???????????????? E'
................ I AM DANCING WITH YOU
Posted by brusal57 on 04/19/2011.
Following Bruno here.... greatttt
rendition!!!!! :) :) Let me celebrate
with you :D

Bru, ma solo a me la parte iniziale
ricorda la sigla di "Torna A Casa
Lessie"???? hahaha..
Posted by simmy on 04/22/2011.
ahahahahah ahahahahaha ahahahahaha
ahahahahahah ahahahahahahahSONO FUORI
Posted by brusal57 on 04/22/2011.
ahahaahahahahaha................ ma sei
fuoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D :D
:D :D :D :D
Posted by simmy on 04/22/2011.
Posted by brusal57 on 04/22/2011.
adesso la registro su faccialibro ma
origgggginale però ahahahaha ahahahaha
ajhahahaahahahah ..................
Posted by brusal57 on 04/22/2011.
Come noooooooo hahahaha...

Confrontiamo -->
Posted by simmy on 04/22/2011.
le note sono solo 7 miiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
corrispondenze hai voglia di trovarne
ahahahahaha comunque si sono simili
Posted by brusal57 on 04/22/2011.
Ahh, yes, when you play the two intros
right next to each other, I can see how
the one reminded you of the other.
Posted by HowardH on 04/24/2011.
Hahahahahahaha, true, Howie!

Grazie molto, Bruno and Simmy! :)))
Having you on my page is always a gift
for me. :D
Also, thank you for the fun, hahaha...

Posted by diva-br on 05/01/2011.
Posted by toby75uk on 07/30/2008.
Thanks for listening toby :)
Posted by diva-br on 08/17/2008.
OOOHHH!! This is also a happy and groovy
song that made my foot tappin!! You did
it so great! Another 5 srtasrs for you
my dear friend!! Kisses!
Posted by girlyroy on 07/11/2008.
Oh Josie, here I am again, so very happy
with your visit and such a kind comment,
but so ashamed for having delayed so
much to reply, I'm sorry, my friend.
Thank you very very much for being such
a good friend to me. :)))
A biiig hug going your way,
Posted by diva-br on 08/17/2008.
muy bien eschuchan mi version por favor
Posted by shmoo on 05/29/2008.
Ok, shmoo, I will. ;)
Thank you bunches for the visit. :)
Posted by diva-br on 06/02/2008.
LOLOL, Lú, você é um barato, amiga!
Que bom que você gostou... :D Puxa, eu
queria que tivesse ficado melhor, mas
não deu... :( Mas é que eu tinha que
celebrar de alguma outra forma sua
primeira página, porque é sempre com o
meu 'cheeeers', hahahahaha... Vou
continuar tentando, quem sabe algum dia
haverá alguma que realmente mereça
estar na sua playlist e na da Rayito...
Um beijãããããããão,
Posted by diva-br on 06/02/2008.
Just enchanted...
Posted by Rayo on 05/28/2008.
Hahahaha, bem... Pode não parecer, ou
'soar', com esta voz... mas eu cantei
dançando, também! :D - Obrigada,
Rayito, você sempre presente, né
amiga! ;)
Posted by diva-br on 06/02/2008.
Estou dançando...
moving sound...
shake the body...
just dancing now...
Posted by Rayo on 05/28/2008.
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