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Hometown: bikaner
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music lover turned into pediatrician.ENJOY THE LIFE
main to har mod par
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Recorded: 08/21/2012
Another lovely rendition, Your voice is
mesmerizing, very lovely tone and
effortless singing. very smooth flow in
your voice and that is a mark of a good
Posted by Jaiideep on 01/10/2013.
excellent performance pravin bhai.mukesh
ji ka bahut hi pyara geet chuna aur
nibhaya hai aapne.
Posted by sanjayagra on 09/14/2012.
badiya...badiya...you r a versetile
Posted by DOSTI on 08/27/2012.
your voice is amazing
5 stars
Posted by AliceDegon on 08/26/2012.
a great rendition full of tempo pitch
and feel and expressions.
nice one.
Posted by mks2208 on 08/25/2012.
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