Redemption Song
Bob Marley & The Wailers
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Recorded: 01/29/2007
very well done
Posted by sexy4suga on 02/28/2008.
Great rendition, lets hear some more.
I've been a fan of Bob Marley for
Posted by fonzie on 12/28/2007.
Congratulations! You have a wonderful
Posted by SuperPinga on 07/28/2007.
hey i jus join the site love yah
voice.look out for mine comin soon
Posted by nickann on 07/27/2007.
Hey, nice rendition, you look like a
Jamaican girl i know. Anyway, i glad to
see some reggae on this site, i plan to
put some "Hot Wuk" and "Dutty Wine" in
my recordings soon. Keep doing your
thing, you sound really good.
Posted by playboy on 07/25/2007.
Waw-waw-wee-waw!! That was hot!
Posted by edawgg34 on 07/25/2007.
I want your CD
Posted by gammy on 07/25/2007.
DAMN!!!!! PERFECT !!!!!!
Posted by gammy on 07/25/2007.
girl u gave me chills....mmmm
Posted by retro on 06/15/2007.
So good...I like so much Bob Marley and
this song!=)
Posted by SIMO1988 on 06/13/2007.
Very pretty! I love it! Grrrreat job!
Posted by toast on 04/20/2007.
I just heard Rhianna sing this song the
other day and wow did you blow her out
of the water bob marly would be proud to
hear you sing his song!!!!!!!!!
Posted by lilgurl on 03/25/2007.
OMG....u r amazing!!!!! can u record
some more??????????!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDD
Posted by prirox on 02/27/2007.
Absolutely aewsome. Faboulous. Terrific.
Posted by singer on 02/25/2007.
Awesome, great voice.
Posted by bLiNdLuCk on 02/25/2007.
Jah Rule! Mucho Bueno! I well
deserving applause for a great
Posted by Blankshot on 02/24/2007.
lol. great ob. sounds really great
Posted by bella_baby on 02/23/2007.
lovelyyyyyy voice =)
Posted by nyr42 on 02/22/2007.
i know you have a pretty voice but
honestly.....i didnt expect this! im
speechless............ your voice gives
me goose bumps!
Posted by HappyJuice on 02/22/2007.
oh my goodness! so much better than
Posted by Innyn on 02/14/2007.
Posted by mzmelodie on 02/05/2007.
yeah u really do have such a pretty and
gentel voice..
Posted by jazzbella on 02/05/2007.
Your voice is so beautiful! I love this
song! Wonderful job!!
Posted by loveillumin8 on 02/03/2007.
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