It Sucks To Be Me
Avenue Q
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Recorded: 06/30/2015
Notes: This is real life! - Who else thinks they should live on Avenue Q? I'm totally moving there...
infatti ricordavo bene, sei unica nel
tuo genere, credo proprio che tu sia
fatta per il palcoscenico,
non tanto per la canzone quanto per
l'attrice che c'è in te, non hai
cantato...hai recitato !!! grande
davvero, vai così SIMMY, a presto, ciao
Posted by revenge on 07/15/2015.
Grazie mille :) a volte mi piace
scegliere queste canzoni da musical che
richiedono non solo canto ma anche
immedesimazione e impersonificazione,
così posso sbizzarrirmi un po' anche a
fare voci strane o pianti a caso :P
Posted by simmy on 07/15/2015.
se non ricordo male mi sembra che tu
abbia cantato che ta già fa che ta già
di "CELENTANO - MINA...o sbaglio ???
Posted by revenge on 07/15/2015.
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/09/2015.
Thanks a lot :)
Posted by simmy on 07/09/2015.
you'r welcome !!! Why not visiting and
listening my recordings ): I request you
to listen and comment in your voice
!!! a few lines shall cheer me !!!!!
I shall translate for you !!!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 07/10/2015.
Ladies and gentleman, this is nobody
less than Simmy!!! :D
She's TOP, she's a must listen, she
deserves to be known by the whole world,
because here, everyone can find genuine
talent! :D
Amiga, parabéns, mais uma vez - você
é 'D+', na gíria daqui, significa
'super'. :)
Posted by diva-br on 07/02/2015.
Ehhhhh... so much flattering in just one
comment! :D
Ladies and gentlemen, this is nobody
less than Diva, the personification of
kindness :) ahaha.
Thank you SO MUCH! And I mean... SO
MUCH!!! ahah :)
Posted by simmy on 07/03/2015.
Hi Sim!
Although this is not really my
'domain', I really think you did a
wonderful job again here! (I think I
told you before that you would be great
in dubbing as a professional)
If someone would tell me " It sucks to
be me' I would give him/her the advice
to become someone else haha...but in
this case: please stay yourself Sim,
because you are doing great!
Posted by misspronce on 07/02/2015.
Eh, I try to be someone else, but I
always end up being someone else that is
very similar to myself ahahah.
Jokes aside, thanks! Although I
wouldn't really engage myself in
dubbing, cause I have a terrible
terrible Italian diction :P and I'm the
kind of person that's too lazy to start
things sloooowwwly from the beginning
(same reason why I never took singing
lessons: too much theory before I can
get to the practice, and I just want to
sing ahah). But still, I believe that
everyone who sings is a bit of an actor,
including you. Songs do require emotions
and personifications of some kind, so I
would say.. this can still be your
domain :P try it out! Ahah..
Posted by simmy on 07/03/2015.
Okay so you wanna live on an Avenue with
people having sex issues, drinking, and
surfing the web for porn! :)
No seriously, you are very good with
these musical comedies my dear simmy, in
2 words: Honestly amazing. All stars my
The puppets remind me the Sesame Street
Posted by sparchead on 06/30/2015.
Ahahahaha wellll... mine was more on the
side of "That's the place for loosers
failing at life" (ok, that sounds really
depressing when I say it like that :P
hahahah), but I think what I mean is...
who doesn't have their own bad luck and
everyday problems nowadays, right? And
after all, the world is nothing but a
huge Avenue Q, because *this is real
life!* :D haha.
I never watched Sesame Street, but I've
read somewhere that these puppets are
based on that.

Thanks a bunch for the compliments! And
come visit me sometimes on Avenue Q :P
Posted by simmy on 07/01/2015.
Hehe I know :) I looked at the lyrics,
this is real life for sure, it sucks to
be ours..
The comment in my previous post is
coming from the Avenue Q web site, where
they warn parents about childs access..
I couldn't resist teasing you :P
By listening again at your rendition, I
still can't imagine how you were able to
make all the voices, it requires a lot
of timing/emotions deployed at the same
time.. and you did it all by yourself!!
I don't know how it is to be you, but I
know how it is to be me listening at a
very talented actress/singer.. I swear
it's true! Even at Avenue Q! ^^
Posted by sparchead on 07/02/2015.
Ahhh... I thought you had seen the
musical (or have you? If not, do watch
it, it's right there in YouTube :D lots
of fun)

Yeah doing all the characters was a
huge task (especially for the big
presence of male characters with low
notes ahah)... but I did enjoy it a lot.
And it's a really fun song, I HAD to try
it after watching the musical ahaha.
Posted by simmy on 07/03/2015.
Yes I have! That's why I think you are
amazing.. You did all the vocal parts
perfectly, even the chinese girl! Sucka
Sucka Sucka Sucka......... :P and when
you scream -> Yo Gary!! Hehe I like when
you take your big low voice, in fact I
love all of the characters in your

Okay I'm gonna stop throwing your
flowers before you become with an
inflated egos ;)
Posted by sparchead on 07/05/2015.
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