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Recorded: 02/14/2011
Notes: This goes to and for my Angel, my AG: "There must have been an angel by my side, something heavenly lead me to you.. look at the sky, is the colour of love" ****************************************************** I am a big fan of Sade, and this album in particular, I like it so much. And from all her songs, this one I have a very special feeling about, never thought I would sing it one day, but I just had to.. and I was lucky enough to find the back (and from the long album version! The song is 6 minutes long so I had to cut it for midomi pusposes. *****************************************************MP3 link with the full version: oh my, my mistake, I put the wrong link before, with the cut version instead of the long one! here is the correct link :www.fileden.com/files/2009/4/5/2392410/KOL.mp3
SADE è una delle mie preferite in
assoluto, fantastica interpretazione di
questo brano, i miei complimenti anche
per la timbrica molto simile
all'originale e per i falsetti davvero
azzeccati, brava, stelle per te, ciao
Posted by revenge on 08/07/2014.
Woohoooo, in Up and Coming, angelita,
after a year. :D
Tops, tops, tops! :)))
Posted by diva-br on 02/08/2013.
Cheeers my friend!! A bit late ( as
usual LOL) but you know I was faaar
faaar away, right? ;) beijos!!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/28/2013.
I'm not skilled to comment a PRO. :P But
I can hit the 'like' button five times,
can't I?! ;)
Besitos, mi canarita,
Posted by diva-br on 01/28/2013.
Ohhh thanks my sweet!! but haha pro....
in the shower maybe? :-P it's always so
nice to see you around, abrazos!! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/28/2013.
Pues hoy que me levanté escuchando a
Sade, recordé esta canción en tu voz,
y pues a escucharla de nuevo! aqui
estoy! like. like like!! besos!! :)
Posted by Guillermo_ on 12/07/2012.
Aaahh siiiiii ? :-P Bueno, yo no tengo
la voz de Sade ni me parezco en nada a
ella, jaja pero esta canción ya sabes
es muy especial, y qué bueno que
regresaste a visitarla de nuevo :):):):)
Muchas gracias cielo, muchos muchos
besotototes! :D:D:D
Posted by Fallingsta on 12/07/2012.
Thats great!! I really liked it! Your
renditions are just like.. PRO! Or
should I say.. YOU are PRO =D!~
Posted by Watashii on 07/03/2011.
Thank you so much Patricio!! :)))) So
glad you liked it! Abrazo, amigo!
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/10/2012.
I too am a fan of Sade F.
This rendition is going straight to my
Posted by fonzie on 04/12/2011.
Hola f! Glad to meet another Sade fan ;)
maybe some more coming soon... hehehe
Thank you my friend!
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/10/2012.
Eccezionale come al solito.
Bella base e voce inconfondibile.

Brava veramente.
Posted by peam on 03/02/2011.
Grazie, mio caro amico Pippo! :) Sono
molto felice che ti è piaciuto la mia
versione, un
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/02/2011.
please, come on Howie, keep them coming,
they really are so funny!! Aguila
gruñona? Astronauta guapo?? JAJAJAJAJA
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/28/2011.
¿Qué? ¿No es "alma gemela"?
Ay! Estoy muy decepcionado.

Quiero decir:
Soy decepcionado a tu lado.
(^_^) Jaja!

Hmmm... A.G....
Abogado generoso?
Posted by HowardH on 02/28/2011.
LOOOL I never said it wasn't "alma
gemela".... but then again I didn't say
it was either ;)))) any more guesses?
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/02/2011.
Lindaaaaaa! Perfeita e muito
Posted by Rayo on 02/26/2011.
Hola mi Rayito de sol!! :D :D muchas
gracias amiga, sí, es una canción
muuuuuuy romántica, muitos beijooooosss
! :)))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/28/2011.
Esto es un sueño*******hecho realidad
con tu voz querida Monita*****cada día
You are an ANGEL********BESOTES*******
Posted by pagarvi on 02/22/2011.
Muchas muuuuuchas gracias Patty!!
(^____^) es que me dices cada cosa tan
bonita que me dejas sin palabras para
contestarte... ufff.. sabes que me das
un alegron cada vez que me visitas y que
siempre te mando muchos besotes y
abrazos, hermanita!! :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/24/2011.
How good can your voice be???? Just
wonderful... :)
Posted by simmy on 02/19/2011.
muchas gracias Simmy!!! your visit
always makes me yrev yppah!! :D:D
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/19/2011.
:D Hahaha..
Posted by simmy on 02/19/2011.
Houu yayaya jaja...! Brilliant Moni!
My idea is that this song comes out of
a "brand NEW" vault héhé.... too much
quality to make us believe it is an old
recording ;)
Kizzz of ....
Posted by misspronce on 02/20/2011.
hehe, well this song was actually from
the vault, miss! :) Maybe it was there
for a long time, but I felt it was time
to take the dust off it, and believe me,
I am very very happy that you liked it!
gracias Lara!
jajajaj kizz of zzzzzz ? ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/21/2011.
btw, have you noticed? That midomi bug
wasn't fixed.... your comment slided
btween Simmy's and Guillermo's LOOL
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/21/2011.
Hermosa cancion Moni...
como siempre...interpretada
excelentemente, un buen regalo para
nuestros oidos, yo soy un fan de Sade,
pero como tú, a mi modo de ver éste
album fue de los mejores, creo que hay
un nuevo album, escuché algunas de sus
canciones pero creo no se compara ...
estrellas muchas para ti... :)
Posted by Guillermo_ on 02/18/2011.
:)))) Sí, recuerdo que me dijiste que
te gustaba mucho Sade ;) y coincido
completamente contigo, para mí el album
nuevo me suena un tanto repetitivo,
mientras que de este, practicamente
todas las canciones me encantan! Gracias
Guillermo por pasarte a escucharme y por
el PL y las estrellitas!! Besotes y
abrazos muchos para tí ;)))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
Oh my....
sounds so good to hear you singing
And I particularly love your new
picture with the moon...
Sorry not being here earlier,
midomi maintenance...
This is an immediate download!!
5* & playlist
Posted by Mike_P on 02/18/2011.
Thank you Mike!
=) I seem to remember you also liked
this album? This song is such a good
one, and I don't really know how I
managed to find the back for the long
version, uff..
Don't worry for the delay, its good to
see you here anytime :)) and the moon..
it seems brighter and more beautiful
lately, I feel like dancing under the
moonlight.. remember, the same moon for
you and me!
A million thanks my dear! :))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
Hermanitaaa out of the vault :)
(and now.. one from the vault! eheh)
Yes now setting a status message is the
only way to notify new stuff, and what a
great song choice, you really want to
spoil and pamper our ears! Total relax!
I hope this effect will last for the
whole day eheh
**with a quick action, hermanito pull
her on a corner of the room, shut the
vault door, lock it and throw the key
out the window ;)**
Posted by Heracleum on 02/15/2011.
Hermanitoooooo!! But.. what did you do??
what key?? *scratches her head* didn't
you remember that vaults only have a
locking combination and not a key?
LOOOOOL You were quick, thats true,
but now I can't find the car keys??
hahahaha ^_^

Aaah so glad you liked it, very
relaxing and calming song, hope you
managed to make it last the whole day
long... anyway, come back any time you
like, you're always welcome,
fratellincillo! ;)) *hugsetes*
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
oh, and the mp3 link has been updated...
wrong one before! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
Aww noo! (°,°)
oops wrong keysss! =)
just as you were singing..
the.. "Keyss of life" LOL
Posted by Heracleum on 02/19/2011.
"you've thrown out the keys of
car...keys of caaaaar"
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/19/2011.
Well my sky is grey my dear friend and i
can't imagine that it is the color of
love...haha angels .. yes ...low flying
on the waves of your fantastic song
almost catch't one but than i saw it was
Gabriel so i let him go.....As always
you are a super singer my dear
Monica....BS long time no
Posted by rosamusic on 02/14/2011.
Ah my dear Gegé, I hope the colour of
your sky changes soon enough! Thanks my
friend for your lovely comment and so
many stars, hugs! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
A great Valentine's Day selection, Moni.
Lovely. It's so good to hear you
singing. Muchos estrellas para ti.
Thanks for the link to the MP3.

Gee, it's hard to keep up at MiDoMi
these days! I would have missed this new
song posting if not for being able to
follow the comments of Gege & Hera.
Thanks, guys!
Posted by HowardH on 02/15/2011.
Gracias Howie! Estoy muy feliz de que te
gustara esta canción, very romantic one
indeed (^_^) Actually its my favourite
from this album.
Btw, the mp3 link was wrong LOL it was
for the short midomi version. I have
updated it to the 6 min version, hope
you enjoy the "nayaaanayaaanaa" ;)

About midomi bugs, maybe they fixed
that one at least (and at last LOL) ?
That was some serious maintenance indeed
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
Moni, you made an error in the link. I'm
sure you meant just "../KOL.mp3", not
"../KOL.mp3/KISSOL.mp3" But I got there!
(^_^) I'm listening now to a 5 m 58 sec
Yeah, I like. (^_^)

Mmm, that life-giving kiss!!!

Are you gonna tell us what "AG" stands
for? Or are you gonna make us guess?
Posted by HowardH on 02/18/2011.
haha yes I should have noticed that link
was longer than usual lol thank you
Howie, I've fixed it now (^_^)

AG? :))) Well... I would be very
surprised if anyone could guess it
right, but yeah why not, try! :-P
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/18/2011.
OK, my second guess is:
"Ángel de Guarda".

Am I getting closer?
¿Di en el blanco?
¿Cerca del centro del blanco?
Posted by HowardH on 02/22/2011.
Hahaha no, esa no es la respuesta
correcta! (^_^) Although it's somehow
true (I knew you would come up with that
one LOL)
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/22/2011.
Okay, guessing again.
How's this?
Amoroso galán.

I should ask you first, Mima, am I
looking for an English phrase or a
Spanish phrase?

You know, you can STOP me any time by
simply telling us what it stands for.

I just realized: This recording of
yours goes beyond 5 minutes!! Midomi
used to be so hard-nosed about stopping
before 5:01. But you managed to make a
longer recording, Mima. I wonder if
there is a new, longer length possible
at Midomi these days.
...6 minutes?
...7 minutes?
Posted by HowardH on 02/22/2011.
"Amoroso Galán"?? LOOOL I have to give
it to you, Howie, you are really trying
hard (^_^)
But no, AG doesn't stand for that, lo
sientooo! ;)

It is a spanish phrase, and yes I know
I could stop you anytime, but that would
be way too easy and its so much fun to
see all the things you're coming up with

Yes, more than 5 minutes, tell me about
it! I left midomi recording the song
while I was doing something else,
trusting that it would stop at 5
minutes.. but noooo,it had to last 5:09,
so the song started all over again LOOOL
did you notice Howie?
But anyway, that happened to me a
couple of times in the past, so who
Moni Sherlock investigates again! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/24/2011.
Alma gemela?
This MUST be it!
I'm very confident.
Posted by HowardH on 02/24/2011.
Man! If that's not right, Mima, I'm
gonna have to keep guessing. Okay, here

Astronauta guapo?

Águila gruñona?

Posted by HowardH on 02/25/2011.
Silly me, jejeje look, my reply is up up
up there! ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/28/2011.
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